28 thoughts on “QUIZ – One Key Word. What does it say about you?

    1. You respect the unknown, and don’t presume to know ahead what it holds. You’re attracted to the new, and value it 🙂 You are most probably an inherently respectful person.

    1. At heart, dear muse, you are a very sharp person. You strip the details and reach straight to the essential. You can enjoy an adornment, but will never mistake it for the core 🙂

      1. Hyperion

        Thank you Ana! I believe you nailed it. That is always how I look at things that require me to get to a root cause or effect. 😀

    1. You have rich fantasy and can make good use of it. People might like to hear you tell stories, and you may like to entertain. You have secrets buried in your past, and you’ve learned well from them.

    1. It means that you have a well-defined purpose in life, and truly have the ability to feel happy when you attain it – believe it or not, the fewest of us are capable of that. You’re not afraid of the unknown, you’re brave and focused.

    1. Kate, this means that you are actually optimistic by nature. You feel recharged by fantasy. You’re mentally and emotionally healthy, which is a great plus in our modern world.

    1. This means, dear Glee, that you wish to believe anything is possible. You want to believe in magic. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but you have a secret crush that you’re ashamed to talk about. You hope a miracle will happen and they will respond. Okay, I’ll stop here 🙂

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