Quiz – What do your Favorite Words say about you?

And here’s Thursday with a new personality quiz. This is a theme quiz (what is a theme quiz?) that will reveal what your Favorite Words say about you. The requirements are the same as with the quizzes before: read the question, then the possible choices, and make your decision within the first 5 seconds after you have registered what each choice means. Do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice, and be completely honest. Full honesty (you’re alone with yourself when making the choice, so no point being anything but honest) is a Must for a correct assessment. And most of all, enjoy!


Which of the following selection of words suits you best?

1. Thankful; 2. Fighter; 3. Lover; 4. Listener; 5. Hardcore.


  1. Thankful – you appreciate people, and that makes you generally well-liked; you’re sweet and understanding; you’re empathic and caring, easy to love; you’re loyal and a real friend.
  2. Fighter – you’re a go-getter; sometimes a leader and a pioneer, you inspire people; you also have enemies, and this is no secret to you; you have stamina and strength.
  3. Lover – you’re a sensual creature; you feel most comfortable in a relationship, but you need the new; faithfulness is probably not your forte; you have a talent for seduction.
  4. Listener – you’re gracious and graceful; you’re genuinely interested in your fellow-humans, but you sometimes aim to sting too; a keen observer, your silence can become dangerous to some.
  5. Hardcore – you’re often unscrupulous; to you, scruples are for the weak; you’re hard, tough and sometimes rough; you most probably have lots of haters, but admirers too.

Enjoyed this quiz? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other quizzes in the Quizzes section on this site, and please share your feelings in a comment. I’m always happy to read from you.

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27 thoughts on “Quiz – What do your Favorite Words say about you?

    1. These are words that actually go well together 🙂 This means you care about other people, you’re altruistic and pure at heart, which makes you very lovable. The abilities of being grateful and listening to other people also go together with wisdom.

    1. It means you are a well-liked person as one of your main traits – judging by your previous choices to the quizzes. Please, keep doing the quizzes. Soon we’ll oberve a pattern in your choices and we’ll be able to determine your strengths and most prominent traits 🙂

  1. I had to think for a moment. There is the history of me and then there is the Current Me. They aren’t the same. So I chose Current Me. The Listener. Although I don’t think I’ve ever offered evidence that I’m a listener, it is my preferred mode of operation 😀

      1. Honestly, the first microsecond of recognition would be fighter. I gave half my life to the warrior ethos. If I wasn’t a fighter, I wouldn’t be here to make a choice. But, truly, those days are over.

      1. I had thought of picking #3. Lover.

        But that only goes for my Fantasy life.

        In the real world, I suppose I’m more of a Listener.

        Of course, I can always keep my fingers crossed that someday my fantasy will become my reality. 😀

      2. Again, we track like Siamese twins. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too and hoping they don’t freeze that way. It’s very hard to blog with one’s fingers crossed.

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