Personality Test – What do your Elements say about you?

Welcome to the Saturday Personality Test – What do your Elements say about you? This is a new kind of personality test. The rules are very much the same as until now, even though this personality test is more visual than the ones before. You’re still required to make your decision within the first 5 seconds, with the greatest sincerity. Please do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. Ready whenever you are.


Which of the following pictures resonates with you most?

  1. Candle – you’re intense, but also cultivated; you’re elegant in self-expression and often romantic; you’re introspective and hard to know; you don’t offer yourself on a silver plate – who wants to know you needs to work; a scholar, refined but hot; often fascinating to the opposite sex.
  2. Fire – you’re fireworks and sparks; your passion bursts and rustles, and it can become dangerous for whomever stands too close; you’re a fighter and dazzler, often physically active, attractive to the opposite sex not only through looks, but also a personality; competitive and often combative.
  3. Dripping branches – you’re majestic and demanding; an artistic soul, but you can do well in business as well; sociable, you make an impression; you often stand out, and you take style seriously; you’re interesting and often cunning, intelligent and creative; your effect on the opposite sex is often obvious.
  4. Water bubble – you’re profound and calm, but turmoil can reign under the surface; you’re empathic and caring; you have a way of seeing the whole picture, and not get blinded by details; you’re recharged by water and cherish emotion, have vivid dreams and are strongly spiritual; you are capable of the most profound kind of love.
  5. Lightning – you’re a leader and a doer; often an inspiration to others, even though you can be impulsive and aggressive; there’s a power in you that’s hard to define but impossible to miss; you can be fearsome, and you’re relentless in your pursuit of your purposes; as a kid you may have often been referred to as the one with “great potential”.

Enjoyed this personality test? Plenty more where it came from. Check out the other quizzes on this site, and tell us your feelings in a comment.

As promised, tomorrow I’ll post the schedule for next week (personality tests and stories). Since CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, I’m preparing a promotion of my novel The Executioner – a review of which will be posted on Rosie Amber blog on the 8th of December, in just a couple of days. I was very honored that Rosie enjoyed the book and posted such a positive opinion of it on both Amazon and Goodreads. But that’s not all.

The suspense stories released in episodes until now – and which I’ll be posting more of next week – will become a Christmas Story Book for Adults, that will be relased within two weeks max. Stay tuned for the cover reveal next week, and many more gift goodies. Enjoy!

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19 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Elements say about you?

    1. Which picture were you most drawn to the very first milisecond? Do you remember – I know it’s no easy task. But that can help pull the blanket on one side, at least a bit of it 🙂

      1. It means it’s the main line, even though there are others that can be almost as strong, and the difference between them is very small. There will be more quizzes, and you’ll be able to make a pattern and discover more about yourself :*

  1. I went for the candle because of the sumbolism of candles in my life but really have a hard time with visuals because so many things catch my attention in each photo. Excellent quiz, Ana! And, always so accurate. 😀

  2. In those 5 seconds, I was torn between the candle and the dripping branches.

    I finally chose the dripping branches because they are so beautiful.

    Although reading the analysis, the candle seems closer to my personality since in my opinion, I am not very good in business at all.

    1. I think you’re represented by a combination between the two indeed. With the dripping branches, being good in business is not a must. But the potential is there! You should probably trust yourself more. If candle drew your attention first (the brain makes the decision in half a second, between us 🙂 it means it represents you more.

  3. I got #3. There is something so beautiful about the water dripping from the branches. 🙂 I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description! I am not very outgoing, but I can be when I want something. 😉 Great quiz!! I really enjoy these.

      1. Will do, ma’am 😊 I think this result to this one goes well with your quiz choices from before, now that I chew on it. Looking forward to your visits 🙂

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