MONDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the new entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you? These personality tests make daily posts, with the exception of Sundays, days on which Stories for Coffee Breaks are published and, of course, special editions with surprises and goodies for you to enjoy. So here we go with


Which of these clothing/fashion items (for yourself) draws your attention most? It’s highly important that you make your decision within the first five seconds after you understand the meaning of each choice. Complete honesty is of utmost importance for a correct assessment. Please don’t look at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your answer.

Choices for gentlemen:

a) Hat; b) Tie; c) Leather; d) Cloak; e) Shoes.

Choices for ladies:

a) Scarf; b) Necklace; c) Corset; d) Hood; e) Jimmy Choo.


a) Hat/Scarf – you have an elegant style; you like making a neat impression, but you’re not overly concerned with your appearance; you’re expressive and impressive through personality rather than looks, or that’s what you play on; you might be witty or particularly entertaining, which attracts people to you.

b) Tie/Necklace – you have a particular interest in style; you’re attractive, and you aim at turning heads; you may be the flirty type, but you know when to draw the line; you may have a strong career, and you dress up accordingly; you have a sense for fashion, and you may sometimes play on seduction to attain your goals.

c) Leather/Corset – you’re the strong and sexy type; you’re the epitome of Mars and Venus on steroids; you’re sensual and seductive, you place value on physical strength and basic instincts; you’re magnetic and hypnotic, and often compellingly attractive.

d) Cloak/Hood – you’re the serious and mysterious type; profound and often cultivated; you rarely judge a book by its cover; you strongly believe what you see is never what is seems; you’re private and complex, often intransigent and might toss political correctness in the trash bin; you have few but good friends; you might have a special liking for history.

e) Shoes/Jimmy Choo – you’re all about style and image; you’re label-aware; you like civilization, gatherings and don’t fear competition; you’re confident and very good at what you do; you’re daring and might like a good challenge; but here’s the most interesting thing about you: you place great value on your own image, but you don’t always judge others by theirs; it may be that, with you, opposites attract.

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15 thoughts on “MONDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. Ooooo … interesting!
    I am a cloak/hood person!
    Love to hide inside the hood when I go to the woods, hide my face and revealing my eyes only.
    Scares some people passing by and said, “Boo!” to them … LOL
    Ok! Leave out the boo – I do that only at home to my kids! hehehe …

    But what if a man wears corset? Benedict Cumberbatch done that before! Simply sexy!

    1. Sherrie, you made me laugh so hard, imagining Cumberbatch (I always say Cucumber, cause his name is so pretentious) in a corset LOL. He’s not even a delicate kinda boy hahahaaaa

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, dear Maria. Check out the other quizzes on the site, if you like, and there’s a new one coming up this evening. I truly appreciate your feedback.

      1. LOL !

        Whenever I watch Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes, it’s like watching my own personality at work.

        I just wish I had a Joan Watson/Lucy Liu here with me to make my life complete. 😀

  2. Really love your quizzes!!! This one surprised me a lot, Ana. I wouldn’t describe myself this way. I immediately chose leather because I have several leather jackets and I like leather a lot. I even do leather work as a hobby. So…I was surprised at the reveal of what that meant. But, I have to admit, it’s nice to think about. 😀

      1. It’s a very nice thought to think anyone could see that in me. Certainly, I prefer that over many other attributes that we male bipedal hominids can possess. 😊

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