Personality Test – What Talents were you born with? Are you a born Artist, Craftsman, Scientist, Intellectual or Entrepreneur?

In a world fixed in economical patterns that won’t leave any room for individuality, discovering your calling may prove a real challenge. The matter was treated in a previous article, where we scratched the surface a bit.

This assessment is based on five main personality categories that I consider most relevant after long and meticulous research, each of them with their own talents and inclinations. Mind you that these categories are only the starting point. To understand yet more of what’s special about you, check out the first two Quizzes – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain, and What Fantasy Character are You.

So, are you an Artist, a Craftsman, an Entrepreneur, an Intellectual or a Scientist?

While this may seem general, it is the starting point towards discovering what’s unique about yourself. Future personality tests and information will function as follow-ups to this one, and the answers combined will uncover more and more of your special traits. Please take into account that the answer choices aren’t obvious, there won’t be a choice such as “Hammer” for a “Craftsman”. So let instinct lead your choice, not your mind.

That being said, let us get started. Read the questions below and write your answers on a  sheet of paper. Don’t look at the interpretations in the lower part of this article before you have them on paper. Try not think more than 5 – 10 seconds before you decide on each answer.

  1. From a tray with the following objects, which one would you grab first: a) the Pen; b) the Handkerchief; c) the Old Pipe; d) the Rusted Ring; d) the Old Cell phone.
  2. Which of these colors (hues) do you prefer? (It doesn’t have to be your favorite color, just decide in 3 seconds max): a) Blood-Red; b) Parchment-yellow; c) Mouse-Grey; d) Dove-White; e) Mud-Dark.
  3. How do you imagine the perfect Christmas? (Be reminded, let instinct decide, forget what is expected of you): a) a family dinner, with all loved ones from gramps to kids’ kids; b) with a loved one at a romantic cottage in the mountains; c) with a book by a colorful tree, dog in lap, hoping to surprise Santa; d) somewhere warm, partying on a yacht; e) With like-minded people, a brandy and a cigar, main thing is engaging conversation.
  4. What movies do you prefer?: a) Thriller; b) Documentary; c) Horror; d) Romance; e) Historical.
  5. How do you let off steam after a hard day: a) Sleeping; b) Chatting; c) Drinking; d) Tinkering; e) Daydreaming.
  6. Which sport do you prefer?: a) Swimming; b) Football; c) Golf; d) Chess; e) Tennis.
  7. If you were to subscribe to an online magazine, which title would attract you?: a) Color Fairy; b) Lord of Domes; c) Spotlight; d) Roots and Wings; e) Faded Pages.

Now, remember you are NOT supposed to peek at the interpretations until you’re done writing down the answers. The explanations are in key-word style to speed-express the essential, so don’t take them literally. Here we go:

  1. a) Entrepreneur – he chooses the Pen because he can delegate and coordinate; b) Artist – he chooses the handkerchief because it makes him think of tears, emotion and, therefore, art; c) Intellectual – he chooses the Old Pipe because of the feel, the atmosphere, plunging into the right state of mind; d) Scientist – he chooses the Rusted Ring because he’s interested in its composition; e) Craftsman – he chooses the Old Cell phone because he can tear it apart and then put it back together just for the fun of it.
  2. a) Entrepreneur – he chooses Blood-Red because he is courageous and a bit megalomaniac; b) Intellectual – he chooses Parchment-Yellow because of the value of parchment and the knowledge it conveys; c) Craftsman – he chooses Mouse-Grey because it’s utilitarian, and there’s nothing he values more than utility; d) Scientist – he chooses Dove-White because he wishes to reach the purest essence of things; e) Artist – he chooses Mud-Dark because he feeds his art from the darkest corners of the soul.
  3. a) Craftsman – he is of the family, his needs are simple and personal, and so is his happiness; b) Artist – romantic and needing absolute intimacy and dedication; c) Intellectual – because he’s solitary, often happy with himself in his own mind, and sometimes a bit wacked; d) Entrepreneur – because he is unconventional and adventurous; e) Scientist – because he needs to exchange ideas with similar minds, with whom he feels he forms a caste.
  4. a) Craftsman – he goes for easy entertainment to put his mind to rest; b) Scientist –   documentaries feed his mind; c) Entrepreneur – he is daring and needs strong stimulation; d) Artist – he never ceases to learn from romance; e) Intellectual – he knows the value of history to build a future.
  5. a) Scientist – he sleeps to put his mind to rest, disconnect and recharge; b) Artist – he shares himself with others; c) Craftsman – to ease the exhaustion; d) Entrepreneur – uses his hands to get new ideas, when his hands move his mind does also; e) Intellectual – creating new ideas.
  6. a) Artist – a personality of the water; b) Craftsman – competition and team spirit, the closest thing there is to war; c) Entrepreneur – where he meets new people, possible business partners; d) Intellectual – always training his mind; e) Scientist – the ball from one partner to another stimulates collaboration and exchange of ideas.
  7. a) Artist – attracted to colors because of the artistic possibilities they represent; b) Entrepreneur – makes him feel like a Lord on top of the world; c) Craftsman – relaxing, not thinking, easy entertainment to ease the physical tiredness; d) Scientist – the idea of exploring roots of plants and wings of animals; e) Intellectual – relationship between history and books, the very definition of value.

In a  following article I’ll sum up five main traits of each personality type, which will help you determine what your strengths are and what to focus on. If you want to go deeper with this, leave your answers to these questions in a comment below, and I’ll get back at you with a broader interpretation of your answers. If you want to go yet deeper, contact me for a personal profile – more info here.

Stay tuned for further personality tests that will help you discover what’s unique about yourself next week. In the meanwhile, help yourself to all the entertainment the site has to offer, from personality tests to short stories for the coffee breaks that will continue in episodes the following weeks and that will be released in a Story Book for Adults on the 18th of December, to a whole suspense novel, “The Executioner” Part I.

Looking forward to you!

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    1. It takes us in a direction 🙂 Usually I interpret based on the results to more quizzes, and based on the fact that you got “witch” on the last one, I would say you’re going in the direction intellectual-scientist 🙂 Feel free to take more quizzes, I’ll be happy to assist with the interpretation a bit.

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  2. Hi Ana! I enjoyed this quiz. As usual, I’m all over the place 😀 I got acbeeae. I like how the answers don’t lead one to a preconceived idea of themselves and the answers are easily visualized to help select the one that most resonates without having to know a lot about the subject. It makes it very intuitive.

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