Personality Test – What Fantasy Character are You?

Are you a Warrior, King, Queen, Knight, Nymph, Elf, Magician or Witch? To find out, take a sheet of paper and write the answers to the following questions. Discover today a bit more of who you are and find the interpretations of your answers lower in this post. Do not look at the answers before honestly answering the questions. You don’t want them to influence you and spoil your results. That being said, here we go:

1. If lined before you, which of these objects would you choose:

a) The Mirror; b) The Dagger; c) The Scepter; d) The Urn; e) The Shield; f) The Book; g) The Crystal; h) The Paintbrush.

2. Which of these pictures represents you more:

a) The Beach; b) The Woods; c) Forested Mountains; d) Bald Mountains; e) Vast Plains; f) The Medieval City; g) The Village; h) The Old Church.

3. Which of these mythological figures do you feel closer to:

a) Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty; b) Zeus Master of Olympus; c) Ares the God of War; d) Thor God of Lightning; e) Achilles the Invincible Soldier; f) Hephaistos God of Crafts; g) Spirit of the River; h) Gaia Mother Earth.

4. Which of these raw materials do you feel most connected with:

a) Steel; b) Gold; c) Silver; d) Pearl; e) Iron; f) Wood; g) Ivory; h) Stone.

5. Which of these scents appeals to you most:

a) Lilac; b) Incense; c) Roses; d) Burnt wood; e) Salty sea; f) Fresh leaves; g) Moist earth; h) Musk.

Everything set? Wonderful! Here is how to interpret your answers:

  1. a) The Mirror = Queen; b) The Dagger = Warrior; c) The Scepter = King (yes, females can be King-types too); d) The Urn = Nymph; e) The Shield = Knight; f) The Book = Magician; g) The Crystal = Witch; h) The Paintbrush = Elf.
  2. a) The Beach = Nymph; b) The Woods = Warrior; c) Forested Mountains = Elf; d) Bald Mountains = Queen; e) Vast Plains = King; f) The Medieval City = Knight; g) The Village = Magician; h) The Old Church = Witch.
  3. a) Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty = Queen; b) Zeus Master of Olympus = King; c) Ares the God of War = Knight; d) Thor God of Lighning = Elf; e) Achilles the Invincible Soldier = Warrior; f) Hephaistos God of Crafts = Magician; g) Spirit of the River = Nymph; h) Gaia Mother Earth = Witch.
  4. a) Steel = Knight; b) Gold = King; c) Silver = Queen; d) Pearl = Witch; e) Iron = Warrior; f) Wood = Magician; g) Ivory = Nymph; h) Stone = Elf.
  5. a) Lilac = Magician; b) Incense = Witch; c) Roses = Queen; d) Burnt wood = Warrior; e) Salty sea = Nymph; f) Fresh leaves = Elf; g) Moist Earth = Knight; h) Musk = King.

Should one of these types be particularly strong in you, you should have at least two answers that identify you as such. If not, it means that you are a combination of all five types you got. If you want to know which one is predominant, all you have to do is leave a comment with your life motto (e.g. “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” – that’s mine) and with your results below this post. I’ll gladly analyze and priritize them, indentifying which is predominant, then reply to your comment within twenty-four hours.

Stay tuned for the next post, in which the main traits of all these types – and thereby your main traits – will be revealed. It’ll help you identify your strengths, and uncover on what you can build your approach to your work, relationships and life.

As always, I’m here for you guys. In for a good read during your break? Here is “The Executioner” first 50 pages for you, and the whole book is available here if you have a day off you plan to spend relaxing with a story. Have a great day with Toptopiks!

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24 thoughts on “Personality Test – What Fantasy Character are You?

  1. Hi Ana! I recently have undergone transformations due to my acceptance of a new way of life and new attitudes. I retook the test and got magician three times along with elf and nymph. The elf and nymph seemed cool since nymph is Greek mythology which I love and also Elf fits my new exploration with my Norse roots as well. Probably means something else but there you have it.

  2. Stella Tavares

    Oh my…Nymph twice, Warrior, Witch, King
    My motto: “You must love in such a way that the other person you love feels free” – Thich Nhat Hanh

  3. Revella D Conway

    Love the Quiz, will be checking out the other quiz site you posted.
    For the Fantasy Character I got 2 Kings, Witch, Elf and Magician
    I identify with the last 3, but the Kings really surprised me but I’m Ok with it.

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  5. Kiki

    Cool quiz! It was fun! I got witch twice, nymph once, warrior once, and knight once! I guess that means I’m a witch! Super cool!

    1. Hi, Kiki! Glad you liked it. Yes, it means you’re a witch 🙂 There was a post a while back with in-depth interpretation of each Character. I’ll locate it and send you the link in the reply. Feel free to roam the site for more quizzes 🙂

  6. I got magician twice, queen once, nymph once, and then knight once. Cool! I am mostly magician, but there’s a bit of heroism in there, too. Just a wee bit. 🙂 Really great quiz! It sort of makes me wonder if I might be a villain or something in another life. 😉

  7. Hm, I have two answers that identify me with Magician.

    One I was both magician and knight because I identified strongly with two answers to one question.

    That’s interesting.

    I’ve never really thought of myself as a Magician type before.

  8. Ana dear,

    Here my answers: shield-nymph-witch-queen-magician which translates in knight-nymph-witch-queen-magician. I’d say witch and magician are pretty close so I guess that’s the predominant trait. As you know I presently don’t have a life motto anymore, going through a phase of . . .rediscovery 😉

  9. I got two Knights. That must be it then. Just to make sure, my choices were b,c,c,a,a. My motto is; Who dares wins. I look forward to finding out what you interpret from this.

    1. Great! I’ll work the profile and let you know in a couple of days. What e-mail can I send it to? Mine is: I’d need your birth data (date, time and place), which helps me look in depth, but I can work with just this. Looking forward to your profile!

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