Personality Test – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain?

Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain? To find out, answer the five questions below – write your answer on a sheet of paper – and then compare with the results at the end of this post. Do not read the results before you answer the questions sincerely. You don’t want the answers to influence you, and spoil the true result. Choose your answers based on your own impression of yourself, not on what others say or think of you.

  1. Are you good-looking? On a scale No Average I guess I get aroundVery, where are you placed?
  2. What’s your favorite element? Water – Fire – Air – Earth?
  3. How’s your temper? Where do you place yourself on a scale PatientGenerally nice but I can sometimes burstFlammableHighly flammable?
  4. How do you generally feel about people of the same sex? Where do you place yourself on a scale Totally like themWe get alongMostly enviousHate their gutsI’m gay.
  5. How do you feel most of the time? How do you place yourself on a scale ShittyI get through my daysGoodEcstatic?

Got it all on paper? Great! Now here is how you evaluate your answers:

  1. No = Hero/ine; Average = Hero/ine; I guess I get around = Equal chance Hero/ine or VillainVery = Villain or Overconfident Brat with Potential for Hero/ine.
  2. Water = Hero/ine; Fire = Villain; Air = Villain; Earth = Hero/ine.
  3. Patient = Hero/ine; Generally nice but I can sometimes burst = Hero/ine; Flammable = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Highly Flammable = Villain;
  4. Totaly like them = Hero/ine; We get along = Hero/ine; Mostly envious = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Hate their guts = Villain; I’m gay = Hero/ine;
  5. Shitty = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; I get through my days = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Good = Hero/ine; Ecstatic = Hero/ine.

If you have a higher number of Hero/ine answers, then congratulations! You’d make a novel’s main good character spring to life. And if you got most points on the villain side, congratulations again! You could inspire a novel’s badass. Now, why do you think certain questions and certain answers place you in a certain category? Share your thoughts in a comment. You can pick just one question and the answer you chose for it, then explain why you think it mirrors one of the two categories. The best answers will earn a free in-depth personal profile.

Stay tuned in a few days to find out what kind of hero/ine or what kind of villain you are (sweet and charming, hot blooded and sexy, fairy-like or powerful boss, etc.) in a soon-to-come personality test. Meanwhile, if you’re in for a cup of hot tea and a good book, enjoy your free reads here. Happy Friday Evening!

20 thoughts on “Personality Test – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain?

  1. Are you good-looking? Quite (According to other people) >.<
    What’s your favorite element? Earth
    How’s your temper? Generally nice but I can sometimes burst
    How do you generally feel about people of the same sex? We get along
    How do you feel most of the time? Bipolar (Can be super shitty or amazing)

    It sounds like I am a hero who might be a little bit of a brat with a few mild evil qualities. 😛
    Great quiz once again! Very interesting. <3

    1. Bipolar condition is no joke. Having had a hospital for a baby-sitter with a doctor mother I happen to understand that very well. I hope they are taking good care of you . . .

      1. You are very right. It’s a very serious condition. I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I have sought help, but they only wanted to medicate me and they gave me a timed therapy program. I mostly handle it on my own, and it’s writing that keeps me going, and my family. I realize this can be dangerous, but I feel that so far, no medical professional I’ve spoken to can really help. But I realize I should probably keep trying. It’s strange to go from suicidal to euphoric in a matter of two days. (Sorry for the TMI). Thank you for your care, and I hope that all is going well for you and your mother. <3

      2. The hospital “raised” me because Mom didn’t have a baby-sitter, so she took me with her all the time, but I didn’t have a problem. Seeing surgeries live was also fascinating, so nothing to be pitied for. But I understand how serious these conditions are and don’t take it lightly. Writing is a form of therapy, but I understand it’s best used when under guidance from a therapist. Medication re-balances the body chemistry in a way that therapy can’t, that’s why they insist on medication.

      3. I admire your courage, really. I’ve read some of your stories, and I liked them very much. I’m sure you can be just as creative without the pain, because of this one experience I had with someone who wrote very well, and Borderline was a help. They actually were in a very advanced stage, and said at a certain point that Borderline keeps them creative. Their therapist could work very well with that, they focused on that in therapy, and now the woman is fully cured and writes even better than before, has become published.

      4. You make a good point. A little melancholy can help a writer, but full on depression definitely doesn’t help at all. You’re right. Interesting about Borderline! I will have to think more about this… and I am happy to hear that this woman was cured and writes better than before. 🙂 I am very interested in this now.

      5. Oh my gosh you must think I’m insane. I just realized that you meant the woman had borderline personality disorder. I thought for a moment that was a treatment method. Oops! >.< But it's good that her therapist was able to work along with it. The manic phases of bipolar are certainly my most creative and productive times.

      6. I’ve heard that about the manic phases, and my mother even mentioned once that she knows some patients that were productive on them. BUT, the most interesting thing was, when she got them on therapy with the promise that they would maintain their creativity and be as prolific, it worked very well. It seemed this was a sensitive point for them, they didn’t want to lose their creativity. Which is there because it’s there, it has notnhing to do with the condition except that the condition made them lose inhibitions. That can be arranged without the condition, the patients discovered, according to my Mom.

  2. It seems to me you are a heroine very much in touch with her darker side. Resents false modesty and all that is phony, I’d dare say very intelligent, which centuries ago would’ve gotten you branded a witch. 😊

  3. I too am balanced in this one, which amuses me because balance is something I sorely lack. This might explain why I’ve heard folks say that I seem like, “two different people,” at times. 🙂

      1. Okay, wanna play? Very attractive, fire resonates but drawn to water, patient, but will burst upon occasion, same sex – totally like to get along with, most days I’m getting through to good, but I roam all over the place on this one.

  4. Hm. That is very interesting.

    I got two answers that make me a hero.

    Two answers that make me a villain.

    And the other answer that makes me equally chance hero or villain.

    Gosh, this certainly explains why I feel such intense inner conflict.

      1. LOL. I have to laugh now, you must be thinking, “Sure, Ana, I really needed YOU to tell me that” 🙂 But really, such result is rare for this quiz.

  5. Another fun quiz, Ana. I got 5 for 5 Hero. Never saw that coming, really. I liked number 4. I think this is a very true measure of one’s potential to be a hero/ine or villain. A real hero is someone that works well in a competitive peer group and values those people. A villain is someone that values themselves above peers and is the first to abandon friends for a perceived personal gain. Just my two cents 😉

    1. You are perfectly right! The Villain believes that the goal excuses any means, and secretly thinks the others owe him something, but then again, a Villain is not always a Villain 🙂

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