What does your type of Romance say about you as a lover?

Did you know that the type of romance you prefer (whether in fiction or in your own fantasy) says a whole lot about you? Read on and discover how much a simple preference can reveal. You don’t have to be an avid romance reader in order to take this test; it’s enough to make your pick by comparison. All you have to do is read the five choices below, and decide which one entices you more. After you’ve made your decision – as always, try to go with your gut, not your conscious mind – go on to the interpretations. You might be surprised what you’ll find . . .

Which of these taglines would you feel more attracted to if you saw them on a book?

  1. Forbidden fruit romance
  2. Bad Boy/girl next door (or) Bad Girl/boy next door romance
  3. Friends to lovers romance (romantic comedy)
  4. Protector romance
  5. Enemies to lovers romance


  1. You’re capable of the deepest passion. Probably Scorpionic in nature, you’re fascinating and compelling, but you pull your lover in like quicksand. There’s a flip side to the emotional highs that you offer – you’re obsessive, possessive, and demanding. Jealousy may be an issue.
  2. Your love is nurturing and healing, and you’re capable of the deepest sacrifice. While you’re a real balm for a lover, soothing and sweet, you’re in danger of making a martyr of yourself. You may need to nurture your self-esteem more.
  3. Your love is real fuel; engaging, optimistic and fun, you’re a wonderful lover to freedom-loving spirits; not many people are capable of the trust you offer, which makes you a comfortable partner even for the most difficult personalities. Beware of taking things too lightly, though.
  4. You’re delicate and sometimes fragile; your vulnerability is often attractive and pulls in the “savior” kind of partners; you’re profound and interesting, but you must beware of attracting predators; abusers often disguise themselves as over-protectors.
  5. You have a strong personality, are probably opinionated, and you may often polarize; maybe you haven’t always had the best of luck in love. But once unlocked, your passion is true fire, Mars on steroids. Your love is rewarding. Beware of becoming a drama queen now and then, though.

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20 thoughts on “What does your type of Romance say about you as a lover?

  1. I like it friendly! I really like to read the path of a character changing from a confortable relationship to a romance. The struggle to keep their feelings hidden in order to protect the friendship and the sparks flying between the couple until they finally surrender to their love!
    And it’s pretty crazy, because my boyfriend was (and still is) my best friends!
    Loved the quizz and I’ll surely try the ther ones!

  2. Ah, 3 for me. I enjoyed getting to know the one I love and finding a bond through friendship first. Passion and sensuality are wonderful and shared with giggles, playfulness, and a glint in the eyes of a lover who is also the best friend is a timeless love that lasts through the seasons of life. Friends first, love always. At least for me.

    1. Seems boys like the friends to lovers scenario more than girls, I notice. Maybe it’s just the boys and gals in my group of friends here. Feel free to ask others too, does the same apply in your group?

      1. That’s very curious. In my group of friends, everyone had a period of dating and enjoying sports and hobbies together before tying the knot. They still share those mutual interests. Were they friends first? Possibly. I suppose a relationship can form even though the attraction was different for each person.

      1. I’m not sure I’m well balanced lol
        That’s very sweet of you to say… I’m not sure.
        I can imagine you’re wonderful, you have such empathy and feeling. I can see you being very passionate 😍

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