Christmas Special Personality Test – What is Your Calling?

A Christmas Special personality test of the series What is Your Calling, y’all! You’ve most probably been asked quite a few times by now what you’d like for Christmas, so this question shouldn’t have you pondering for too long. So here it is:

Which of the following presents would you prefer that Santa placed under your tree?

  1. The classical perfume or body care products
  2. A new-technology gadget
  3. A bottle of valuable old wine
  4. A rare artifact from a faraway land
  5. Something to wear, a suit or a dress


  1. You’re aware of the importance of image; a job where you take the front line, where you deal with people and the limelight would suit you well; PR, marketing, events or entertainment are for you.
  2. There’s no question you understand the value of progress; you’re one to try and be ahead of the competition at all times; you might make a good entrepreneur; in any case, you’d do well in business; of course, inclination towards science goes without saying.
  3. You see the value of the inner world, and you appreciate quality and finesse; you could make a good teacher, philosopher, writer; you find your comfort in the depths of the mind, and you might do well sharing them.
  4. You appreciate the past, diversity, secrets and myths; you might discover that you have a passion for archeology, research, museum-related jobs or journalism; you’re braver than you give yourself credit for.
  5. You might be a born actor or actress; what you wear affects your mood and enhances certain parts of you; you could be pretty much anything you decide to, but taking on different roles at different times is what you’re most comfortable with; you might do well in Arts or Language.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as the previous tests. Wait? You don’t know about the previous ones? Check out the Personality Tests section above as well as Older Posts at the bottom of the page to find a whole world of personality tests that will help you discover the still unknown depths of your inner self. For more goodies follow me on Twitter or Facebook and be sure that I’ll be there to answer any question you might have. In fact, I’m always thrilled to hear from you. Wish you a Merry Christmas, wonderful days and magical nights and, most of all, a tremendously generous Santa!

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27 thoughts on “Christmas Special Personality Test – What is Your Calling?

  1. I was immediately drawn to 3 and 4 as I enjoy wine and am fascinated with artifacts. I settled on artifacts because they give me a feeling of permanence and connection while fine wine is a pure and temporary pleasure. Now, I read the meanings and do see direct connections from both. What was most notable was my recognition of how my focus in life has changed. My life is speeding away from those passions that earned my living to those that give me new meaning and enjoyment. My external stimulus is feeding my internal universe. 🤔 Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017.

      1. Christmas was indeed a wonderful time for us. Now we are basking in our delight as we prepare for our Christmas lunch! Pray tell, how was your Christmas day?

      2. 2017 is going to be a blast. I’ve completed two of the most difficult hikes in the south Cumberland Mountains. I’m back to my favorite life again. 🤠🎉

      3. You and John should do it. I’m sure you both will like it after you get used to it and you can practice together at home 🙂🙃. When I make it over to Germany, I’ll def be ready for the Carpathians.

  2. Hi Ana, I couldn’t decide between 1 and 4, and it was interesting because both the interpretations had elements of me in them. Happy Christmas Ana. 🎄

  3. Hi ya lovely Ana… One again I enjoyed this. I’m not sure about it though. I was a 2 but I’m not sure its me. Maybe it and I don’t know it though! ☺
    Happy Christmas

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