Quiz – What do your Fantasies say about you?

Welcome to a new Theme Quiz that will reveal what your Fantasies have to say about you. All you have to do is read the question, then the choices, and please make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understood what each choice means. Do NOT read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice, and be completely honest. Be completely true to yourself, this is a MUST for a correct assessment. And most of all – Enjoy! : )


In which of the following situations would you daydream yourself? Please choose the one that comes closest to your inner fantasy world.

1. A hot love affair with my crush.

2. I’m a powerful company or political leader.

3. I’m on an adventure in a fantasy world.

4. I’m famous, a V.I.P.

5. I don’t daydream, I’m a hardcore realist.


  1. A hot love affair with my crush – not only matters of the heart take priority with you, but also matters of the sex; you are a sensual, Mars-driven person with stamina and fire; you’re probably savvy in matters of relationships, or will become so.
  2. I’m a powerful company or political leader – you function on the power principle; you’re intelligent, have known a measure of success in your life, and have strong opinions; you’re hard and tough and maybe unforgiving.
  3. I’m on an adventure in a fantasy world – you’re a visionary, highly imaginative and with sharp senses; you work well with mindfulness; you may be in the danger of escapism, but if harnessed right, your powers are healing and creative.
  4. I’m famous, I’m a V.I.P. – you most probably have a special talent that you should’ve cultivated and haven’t; you need confirmation of your worth from external sources; you may have had some amorous disappointments that left you a bit vulnerable.
  5. I don’t daydream, I’m a hardcore realist – you most probably had a tough life, and worked your way up hard; you’ve known many obstacles and difficulties, and are a trained survivor; you know how to enjoy what is important in life, and may have little patience for whining.

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43 thoughts on “Quiz – What do your Fantasies say about you?

  1. It was a tough choice between the hot love affair, the fantasy adventure, and the V.I.P./famous person.
    When I go into my fantasy world, I am already known as this epic fighter woman or something along those lines, and then I end up going off on a crazy adventure with the person in my world who I “fall in love” with. So, I always imagine all three in one when I go into that world long enough. But in the real world, it doesn’t take much for a girl to find someone willing to go on a date with and then make out. 😉 And the fantasy adventure thing happens to me basically every day as it is. So, honestly, the famous writer thing would be my ultimate dream, because I hope my writing could take a part in changing the world. (Grandiose much??)

    1. Dear Sara, this is a super good point to start presenting your writing, at least for me! What is the unique about your writing? Or in what way, what is it about your writing that can contribute to changing the world? Please tell me a few words about it, and I will include them in the post on Saturday.
      And if I may ask, in what way do you live an adventure every day? Is it an exciting job?

  2. Dear Ana! I couldn’t read any further than number 1. I daydream and nightdream about my ongoing love affair with my one and only. In my dreams, she does me, she does me good. No, it isn’t Sherrielock Holmes, although she is never far from my thoughts. Mainly, because I think a girl with a leather skirt, white blouse with the top three or four buttons undone in black fishnet stockings and knee high stiletto boots is kinda exciting looking. But, I’m not interested in what she has in mind with that riding crop unless I’m watching her use it on that rascal Renfield. No, I dream of my darling when she was young and sassy. I liked how her long black hair fell over her face when she leaned close and told me to just shut my mouth, she had more pressing matters for my lips. She liked David Bowie’s song, China Girl and she used that chorus on me whenever she saw the chance. 😀

    1. Dear muse, your comment proves once again that you are aterrific writer. I love your comments, descriptions and wit, the game you have with words. It pulls me in a new world altogether with its profundity. “I’m not interested in what she has in mind with that riding crop unless I’m watching her use it on that rascal Renfield.” – brilliant!

  3. As soon as I saw the first one No. 1 – a hot love affair with my crush- I said to myself, I bet none of the following fantasies will even come close to this one in what I fantasize about most of the time.

    And I was right- it was No. 1.

    None of the others even came close.

    What ever female star I’m watching on TCM or some TV show, I will inevitably fantasize about before going to sleep- Rita Hayworth, Evelyn Ankers, Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Lucy Liu etc.

      1. Thanks, Daniel, you no doubt have been reading about my steamy encounters with the South Korean vampire huntress Hyung Grace Kwan in my first novel in The Vampire Hunter Samurai Chronicles which is entitled The Vampiress With Amnesia. 😀

      2. Yes, indeed, my friend. And, I actually know a lovely Korean woman with that name. I’ll never think of her in the same way again. 🙂

      3. Really?

        That’s interesting, Daniel. 🙂

        I came up with the name Hyung Grace Kwan because Hyung and Grace were the names of two lovely young Korean girls who played the organ at the Church my dad and I attended in Edmonton about 16 years ago.

        I adopted the name Kwan from Kwan Yin the name of the mother goddess of compassion in the Korean Buddhist religion (she’s called by different but similar sounding names in the Buddhist religions of China, Japan and Indonesia).

        I put three of those names together and came up with Hyung Grace Kwan.

        No doubt your friend Hyung Grace Kwan will be wondering why you’re staring at her in such unusual fashion should you run into her again. 😀

      4. Well this is strange Chris because The Grace Kwan I know is from church. Hmmmmm… me thinks parallel universes are all the rage these days. I should be more careful with the mushrooms I consume in my Korean cuisine.

      5. I imagine with scannable bar codes for magic mushrooms, the Black Dragon Masters who observe all the world’s computers will be coming up with all sorts of interesting ideas once they’ve received and inputted all that data.

      6. Yes, Indeed! According to the Dragon Masters I’m in contact with, Big Data gives them Big Ideas. :D. I’m sure we’ll read about it soon.

      7. So that’s what they mean by the expression “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”.

        The ashes are those dragons with wooden teeth.

        And the dust are those with mushroom spores staining their pearly whites.

    1. That is very interesting, Chris! First of all because I was convinced that men would go for adventure or King of the World, but it turns out no. Not only you and my muse chose 1, but also a couple of other men that wrote to me on FB. Now I’d have a question for you: are the fantasies “love-affairs,” or is it fantasy about sex?

      1. Mixed or separate? Meaning, with some people it’s love and with some it’s sex, or is it both in all cases? Hope I’m not intruding, it’s for a study of mine : )

      2. Both in all cases.

        I remember there was an old Englishman called Jack I knew who said that his ultimate ambition in life was to marry a monogamous nymphomaniac who who owned a pub.

        The same holds true for me although I don’t need a pub since I don’t drink.

        As a monogamous sex addict married to a monogamous nymphomaniac, I’d be quite happy.

      3. I sent you an email, Ana.

        I was wondering if you’d be able to do something for me.

        Createspace doesn’t do a good job of explaining information on their sign-up page.

        And it sort of resulted in a problem resulting in a hold-up to my book being published in paperback form.

      4. It’s not to do with Creatspace itself.

        The problem was caused by Createspace’s stupidity.

        But it could be resolved by someone with knowledge of PDF formatting.

        I was wondering if you knew how to format in PDF.

        Just one minor change in my manuscript and it would be all ready for publication.

        I explain it all in the email.

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