Theme QUIZ – What does your Fantasy say about you?

Welcome to the theme quiz! Tonight the theme is Fantasy. What does your Fantasy say about you? Take a look the images below and, as soon as your mind has registered and acknowledged all of them, please decide which one of the images best suits your fantasy world. Keep in mind that while more than one image can be suited, you should choose the one that feels more right for a correct assessment. It is also highly important that you do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. Ready? Here we go.


  1. Earth and Universe – You’re an explorer and a dreamer; you have vivid imagination and you are capable to envision worlds and scenarios; creative and artistic, you’re a visionary.
  2. Raven – You’re inclined to the forbidden and the dark, maybe the magical and the occult; you seek substance in yourself and others; you have little patience with the phony.
  3. Grand Walls – You believe in the grandness of man; you can imagine rebuilding from the ruins and truly feel there is diamonds in the mud.
  4. Fantasy Clock – You feel time is the master of the universe; you’re fascinated with it and respect it; you’re a wise person, patient and often cunning.
  5. Wolf – You’re a realistic personality and find it difficult to fantasize about things you don’t believe possible; you’re creative and imaginative, but your mind builds on what it knows exists.

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Picture sources: Earth and Universe; Raven; Grand Walls; Fantasy Clock; Wolf. Featured image.

31 thoughts on “Theme QUIZ – What does your Fantasy say about you?

    1. Oh, here is the gothic “layer” of your personality 🙂 This shows you need (and can truly take! – not everybody truly can) the highest level of intensity in romantic love.

    1. Considering some of your other quiz choices this shows that you wish and are capable of obtaining acknowledgement in the real world. You may fantasize, like everybody else, but you do not lose yourself to escapism.

      1. Hey there, Chris! Gladly to see you here at this time. Just had my late breakfast. Woke up so late and gone to bed nearly 2 a.m … well, no wonder … This festive season make one sleepless. Even my kids cannot sleep nearly 11 pm. I am too cool for a Mommie who allows the kids to stay up so late.

        Anyway, up here we have no TV. So we do anything creative – everyday.

      2. Dear Sherrie, when does that time come when we’ll be able to sleep again? Mine is 10 months now and demands attention, haven’t had a decent sleep all this time. Not that I’m complaining, but I’d really love some time till 2 a.m. with hubby. Big hug!!!

      3. Me too! This is fact. A friend of mine wrote to me a couple of days ago asking me how I can do more things than just watch the baby all day (she has one of the same age), because she was feeling beat even after 11 hours of sleep. After she explained more of how she was feeling I realized this wasn’t normal for someone our age. Then we realized what she needed was vitamins. I used to be like her before and after birth for a while because of iron deficiency. Now I’m on and running like Speedy Gonzales after 6 hours of sleep LOL.

  1. Time is the thing that arouses the strongest emotion in me. Surely it’s not a line. I believe we exist at all our ages at the same time and can change our “future” and “past” versions whenever we want. Maybe that’s why my favourite films are In Time and Interstellar.

    1. Dear Marta, I believe you’re right. There are things to this theory that sound very real to me, and indeed sometimes I have the feeling that I’ve made a certain experience when it was actually not the case. Does it happen to you too? Having the feeling that you’ve been there and done that, even though you know it was not the case?

      1. I’ve never had this “deja vu” effect but they say it’s a trick of our memory. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not on a high spiritual level yet. Though I would like to develop my spirituality and intuition.

  2. Grand walls and ruins have always captivated me. I see beauty and history in the decay of the past. I imagine their splendor when new and wish I could hear the story associated with each. Also, architecture is one of man’s greatest achievements and points to the grandeur of man throughout history in great works of Egypt, Rome, Europe and the Far East. They are monuments to our humanity.

    1. Dear muse, here is one more thing we have in common. I too have a fascination for ruins and wondered why for a long time. The history beyond the walls and the stories that imbue them are compelling to me. May I ask with what kind of weather this fascination goes? Do you prefer rain or sun? Cold or heat?

      1. The weather I prefer is deep blue skies with scattered clouds to temper the sun a little and the temperatures cool. Fall is my favorite season because of the comfortable temperature and colorful landscapes.

  3. I chose #2. The Raven.

    Namely because the woman in the picture looks like the beautiful alluring mysterious brunette woman who haunts my dreams or used to.

    The one I always wanted to catch up with and talk to and was always elusive in my dream.

    Interesting now that I think about it she’s never shown up in my dreams in the 5 years since my dad died – the 5 years of Hell that I’ve been through.

    Maybe if she ever does appear, that will be the sign my time in Hell is over.

    It was #1. Earth and Universe that I was drawn to after that.

    1. Wow, Chris! Thank you for revealing this. Daniel and I were actually talking about Jung’s Anima in men (and correspondingly Animus in women). It’s very intriguing that this woman has not appeared since your Father’s passing.

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