Theme Quiz – What do your Sacred Jewels say about you?

Welcome to a new special theme quiz – What do your Sacred Jewels say about you? As always, please answer the following question with the deepest sincerity, making your decision within the first 10 seconds after your mind has understood what each image means. Also, please do NOT read the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. And, most of all, enjoy!


Which of the following jewels are you most inclined to call your Sacred Jewel?

  1. Crystal – you feel compelled to seek secrets, the hidden, the true and the authentic; you have a visceral need to discover what lies beyond pretenses, and you’re mostly successful; you have a talent of seeing through façades right to the core.
  2. Ring – you show people how much you value them, and appreciate being valued in return; you cherish relationships and love to bring joy into a loved one’s life; you love to give, but also to receive in return; if you’re only on the giving end for too long, you will desist and retreat.
  3. Crown – you’re a decision maker, a doer and, under the right circumstances, a ruler; you can be a leader; you’re strong-willed, bold when necessary, and sometimes stubborn; you truly believe some things must be done only your way; you’ve probably had your measure of success to boost confidence.
  4. Dagger – you’re a fighter and a protector; you will go all the way for the causes you believe in; you’re reliable and very strong, resilient and often feared; you’re probably a very nice person, and your other face may come as a shock to many; you’re dependable, and you do everything in your power to keep your promises.
  5. Necklace – you often feel chained by the world, a prisoner in your own life; you’re very creative and imaginative, and you’re determined to make yourself a worthy adornment if you’re doomed to be one; you’re interesting and intriguing to people, but also complicated and sometimes demanding; you have a highly pleasant way of loving.

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Pic sources: Crystal, Ring, Crown, Dagger, Necklace. Featured image.

22 thoughts on “Theme Quiz – What do your Sacred Jewels say about you?

    1. Wow, Rosie, this is where your darker depths are touched, I would say. An image just came to mind, like we passed the layers of the ocean where the sunlight shines through, and are now beginning to reach the layers with full darkness. Maybe one day soon we’ll get to see the luminous fish 🙂

    1. A combination that shows the specific type of strength of soft souls, those who love in the warmest and most motherly kind of way. It’s always fascinatig to see the warrior in a fairy.

    1. You like treasuring and feeling treasured, and have no sympathy for people who take advantage without giving back. The necklace points at your creativity and feeling trapped in a world you don’t like all that much.

    1. You’re very concentrated on the outside world, you probably have a lot to fight with. There’s a rare thing here – you are much less concerned with yourself than with others. You’re altruistic. And you may be very fiery about wanting it all.

      1. hehehehe … I want the whole world in my arms and I always want the Impossible.
        To my husband, my intuitions are kind of overloaded. And dreams are near and never far to reach. I do not have to be out there to be concentrated – I just make it simple – I bring the world to me and I just simply put the puzzles in place and see what garden I create in my backyard mind. 🙂

  1. I love the crystal, the crown and the necklace. I imagine myself sitting in a beautiful room wearing a crown and a necklace and a wonderful crystal is in my hands. I surely can take off the crown and give someone my necklace but the crystal is mine! 😀

  2. The Dagger, always. Only Ligia in the same lineup will keep me from choosing the dagger. 😀 The knife and sword are the spirit of the Warrior and can never be relenquished.

    1. My dear muse, the eternal fighter. You have strong principles and loyalty. It is said that the ones who do not blink before choosing a dagger are particularly good lovers 🙂

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