Personality Test – What do your Heroes say about you?

Welcome to the Thursday Personality Test – What do your Heroes say about you?

Which of the following characters do you feel more akin with? As always, please make your decision within the first 5 seconds after you understood what each choice means, all with the greatest sincerity. Please keep in mind that this Heroes quiz is one of a series of Heroes and Villains that will follow in different contexts during the following weeks, along with more theme personality tests. Today’s choices are:

a) The Archangel Gabriel; b) The Hooded Vigilante; c) The Wise Wizard; d) The Mighty Leader; e) The Strong Genius.



a) The Archangel Gabriel – you believe in justice; you can be fierce and sometimes ruthless on those you believe evil; you have high standards and strong morals – a strong value system that you stay true to; you’re reliable and trustworthy, strong and protective.

b) The Hooded Vigilante – you have trust issues, especially with today’s society; you take everything with a grain of salt, and you resent political correctness; even so, you’re not the most direct of people, you’re actually a bit obscure with your true intentions; you’re a good improviser and often devious.

c) The Wise Wizard – you’re a scholar; you first observe, then you act; your power lies in information and education, and you can influence people because you’re entrancing and often enticing; you have a strong sense of responsibility and a deep kind of power.

d) The Mighty Leader – you secretly believe you do things better than others; you crave power and work on getting it; you may have a good charisma and social persona, and you might be interested in methods of manipulation; your dreams are great, and your plans structured and systematic.

e) The Strong Genius – your IQ is your greatest pride; your intelligence is your strength; you believe in the supremacy of the mind, and don’t miss a chance to train it; you’re bright and scientifically inclined, meticulous and maybe a bit eccentric.

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9 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Heroes say about you?

  1. I chose e) the strong genius- seems to fit somewhat.

    If the Archangel had been Michael rather than Gabriel, I might have chosen that because Michael was the warrior archangel whereas Gabriel was a messenger archangel.

    Gabriel was losing to the demon Prince of Persia in the Old Testament Book of Daniel until Michael arrived on the scene and kicked the demon prince’s butt.

    1. Interesting choice, Chris, I thought it would fit you too 🙂 The Archangel was there as first word to stand for both Gabriel and Michael, but I needed only two words so I couldn’t have both G and M. But only a true e) or Wizard could’ve based decision in 5 seconds on that reasoning 🙂

  2. The “J” in my ISTJ personality traits came through for me on this one. I chose a, the Archangel Gabriel. If you are going to identify with a character choose the one with good connections 😀 Great quiz Ana! I am always interested in how a piece of me is revealed each time.

    1. Hahahaaaaa, my dear muse, you are very witty in humor these days 🙂 Yes, I thought that Archangel Gabriel would fit some of your strongest traits too, but I also had another one in mind for you, but only as second choice. Yes, you’re a strong a) to me 🙂

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