Personality Test – What do your Villains say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the entertainment project on Top Topiks. Thought I’d start with a quick update as to the schedule for this week, which includes the following:

We have the Tuesday Personality Test and the Thursday Personality Test, while on Wednesday Saphira will discover the real danger the mysterious murderer known as The Marquis poses in a new episode. Hyperion will dive into the darkest moment of his story on Friday, so stay tuned for suspense and worthwhile mysteries. Saturday will bring another personality test, and on Sunday I will be announcing the goodies for next week. Should you have specific wishes, expectations or suggestions, please feel free to express them in a comment.

That being said, here we go with the Tuesday Personality Test.


Which of the following villains makes you angry more? As always, I must ask you to make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice. Complete honesty is a necessity, as well as NOT reading the interpretations until you’ve made your choice. The choices are:

a) The Demon; b) The Serial Killer; c) The Dangerous Whore; d) The Mafia Boss; e) The Devious Traitor.


a) The Demon – you’re by nature a loving person, nice despite what you might believe of yourself – which is usually the worst; you don’t hate people, just the purely evil in them; you might not always play fair with your rivals though, but it takes a lot to make you go against the rules of fair play; you might have an occult side, and entertain some belief in the supernatural.

b) The Serial Killer – you’re strongly empathic; you’re a trustworthy friend, reliable and strong, no matter the mistakes you might have made in your life – they only helped to shape you; you value life and feel protective of the innocent; you’re dangerous when necessary, and would go to any lengths for a cause you believe just; you have a strong sense of justice.

c) The Dangerous Whore – you’re most sensitive to unfair advantage; most of all, you resent individuals who make a bad name for a whole group; you’re stern and intransigent, and might have a strong moral side; you have a code of conduct, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have understanding for perversion or darkness; you do, it’s the abuse of them for manipulative purposes that rubs you the wrong way.

d) The Mafia Boss – you have a sensitive spot for abuse of power and disregard of the individual; the geo-political-economical layer might be of particular interest to you; you don’t hate the rich, you hate the privileged; you resent the hijackers of the modern world, the ones that take control of resources through corruption and nepotism; despite all this you believe in civilization, which is the very source of your fury; you might be an idealist.

e) The Devious Traitor – you value trust above all else; other feelings considered important by the world at large such as love and respect may hold a high place, but trust is at the very top of your value system; you’re fiercely loyal yourself – even though few people may enjoy this privilege in a lifetime; you mostly keep it to your closest circle; you’re a private person and don’t open up easily – at least not truly; even if you put on display a gregarious, sociable persona, your core is very hard to reach.

Liked this? Please share your feelings in a comment, and enjoy more personality tests here. Stay tuned for another day of the Daily Personality Test project tomorrow, and for many more goodies to come.

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9 thoughts on “Personality Test – What do your Villains say about you?

  1. Killers of any type always get my attention first but the dangerous whore is just as destructive and probably ruins many more lives so a DW will also bring out my wraith. Of course, the definitions don’t track at all to the vision in my head of the choices and they aren’t at all far from the truth.

    1. Yet another surprise, my dear muse. I didn’t expect the DW to even draw your attention. But since you explained, I understand much better now 🙂 I did expect the SK or the DT.

  2. I chose c) the dangerous whore but the analysis doesn’t really fit me

    I suppose I chose the dangerous whore solely for reasons of attraction.

    I may have misunderstood the question though.

    Do you mean push your buttons in a bad way or a good way?

    In a bad way, it’s the demon I hate the most.

    In a good way as in attraction, I’d take the dangerous whore because I always did like the femme fatale in those old film noir movies.

    Not because I approved of what they did but because I always wanted to make out with them. 😀

    1. Bad way, dear Chris, in a bad way 🙂 Maybe I didn’t choose the best words. So with more reason I shouldn’t worry that dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes might try anything on my Michelangelo, you will never allow it 🙂 (I definitely don’t mean to say she is a DW, but the femme fatale noir you described).

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