WEDNESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to your Daily Personality Test, the new entertainment personality test project One question. One choice. What does it say about you? These personality tests make daily posts, with the exception of Sundays, days on which Stories for Coffee Breaks are published, and, of course, special editions with surprises and goodies for you to enjoy. So here we go with


Which of these elements appeal to you most? As always, it is very important that you make your decision in the first five seconds after your mind has identified the meaning of each choice. And as always, full honesty is a must requirement for an accurate assessment. Please do not peek at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your choice.

a) Fire; b) Volcano; c) Wave; d) Wind; e) Storm.


a) Fire – you have an intense temper, but you’re steadier and more controlled than most people. You burn consistently, you’re determined and action-oriented. You may get frustrated now and then, but you bring yourself over it. You’re reliable, earthy, fierce and possess great sexual stamina.

b) Volcano – you’re prone to outbursts of temper. You’re explosive in more ways than one, an impatient but highly desired type of lover. Not exactly a good strategist. Your fist may gain a will of its own before your brain takes over in case of conflict. You often act before you think. Easily flared, impulsive but feared.

c) Wave – you’re a subversive opponent. Under the surface you may boil, but you’ll always keep a poker face. A patient strategist and a wise leader, but you have trust issues. You may like books, peace and quiet. Deep, mysterious and probably dangerous.

d) Wind – you’re out there, facing challenges head-on. You’re a free spirit and a fighter for causes you consider bigger than yourself. Nonconformist, forever young at heart, open-minded, a go-getter. You enjoy polemic, but not really long night talks. You like adventure and at least a healthy dose of risk.

e) Storm – you not only like a challenge, you may be the cause of it. It’s not as much fight lust as it is that you strongly believe something is wrong. You’ll speak out against mainstream and propaganda if you see fit. You’ll challenge the status quo. You’ll initiate a revolt. You’ll push for change and transformation, for progress and higher peaks, no matter how painful the process.

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12 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. I chose Storm but also strongly considered wave.

    Which is interesting.

    Because both descriptions seemed to fit me.

    And what one phrase in the Storm analysis description didn’t fit me, then one phrase in the Wave analysis description did.

    And vice versa.

  2. I seem to always get the right answer on your quizzes, Ana 😀 I chose wave and it’s so accurate it made the hair on my neck stand up. I’m addicted because, not only are the quizzes fun, I learn things about myself by how I associate symbology to the building blocks of who and what I am as a person. 😉

      1. Whoops! Hit the reply button too soon. I was going to say affintiy for your quizzes. They always seem so accurate when connecting me to some aspect of my self.

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, Kathryn! Yes, that was the idea, to go with your gut feeling, because it always gives the most accurate result, especially after your subconscious mind weighs all choices in comparison with each other. Please visit anytime, you’re more than welcome.

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