TUESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

This is the day a new personality test project starts – every day I’ll post a personality test branded  One Question. One choice. What does it say about you? Exception will make Sundays, the days on which episodes of the Stories for Coffee Breaks are published, and special editions with a lot of surprises and goodies for you to enjoy.


Which of these characters do you admire most? It’s very important that you make your decision in the first 5 seconds after your mind identifies who the characters are. Your choice will not qualify you as good or evil. It goes without saying that full honesty is required for an accurate assessment. Please do not peek at the interpretations before you’ve made your choice.

a) Batman; b) The Joker; c) Hannibal Lecter; d) Margaret Thatcher; e) Angelina Jolie.


a) Batman – you are a vigilante; you often feel a more radical approach to social matters would make things better; you take your own problems in your own hands and you face them head-on – at least eventually, if you happen to practice escapism now and then; you empathize with the weak and the innocent; you appreciate physical strength, which is the kind of strength you believe most important if it ever comes down to the basest levels.

b) The Joker – society makes you bitter; sometimes you’d like to see it turned upside down, but you normally get a grip; you don’t shy away from expressing your feelings, which doesn’t earn you many friends; beware, not all of your enemies are overt; sometimes you doubt your own sanity; you’re a very creative person, have a rich imagination, and may have a talent for entertainment as well; you have few but loyal friends.

c) Hannibal Lecter – you resent society oftentimes, but you’re not overt about it; you know how to go after your goals; you’re a keen observer, and borrow other people’s methods of attaining their goals if they prove successful; you appreciate the Arts, and you often need them in order to keep you above the murkiest levels of your mind; you probably are as intelligent as you are dangerous.

d) Margaret Thatcher – you appreciate a strong woman; if you’re a girl, you are one, and if you’re a man – wow, respect! It may even turn you on, and it normally means that you are so strong that you need a woman to match you; this choice stands for feminists and people who truly believe in the equality of gender; you see things differently, you always have; you’re original and avant-gardist.

e) Angelina Jolie – you’re most probably not a guy or, if you are, you’re either head over heals, or you have a developed feminine side; to you, beauty and sensuality are the traits you most desire to possess; you believe love is the most powerful force in the world; you might be a little flower power, into mysticism, and you may have a hightened sixth sense.

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9 thoughts on “TUESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. OMG! Once again you are in my head, Ana. I keyed in on the words “admire the most.” My first instinct was Margaret Thatcher since she is a real person with significant accomplishments. But I also like Angelina Jolie in her many acting roles and contributions to humanitarian efforts. Of course I was very surprised at the meaning of those choices since it tracks with previous discussions very closely. I don’t know how you do it but your quizzes are really spot on.

    1. Your comments brighten my day, dear cuzzin! And with this choice you surprise me yet again. I would’ve expected these choices if the question were What Type of Partner You’re Attracted To. Having made this choice about the character you admire most, you show that you are truly capable of admiring strength in women, as well treating beauty as more than just an adornment, status symbol or children carrier. That you truly see women as your equals, and that there may be instances when you also identify with them.

      1. LOL, and you shall hear those rants some day 😆. As you know, I live with five girls and was raised surrounded by girls and so I feel like an honorary member of their sorority. I get to hear their views and opinions on all things and enjoy their insistance that I also see it their way. 😉

  2. To my embarrassment, I picked Hannibal Lecter of those you mentioned.

    I thought oh no, now everybody is going to think I’m a cannibal.

    But its analysis in c is pretty spot on as far as I’m concerned.

    Nothing there about cannibalism which of course I’m not into.

    1. 🙂 I expected either the Joker or Hannibal for you, inclining more to Hannibal. The choices are symbols for certain personality traits. The capability to appreciate this or that character reveals a lot about a person. In Hannibal’s case it isn’t cannibalism or whatever other crimes he’s famous for, those are symbols for profounder matters.

      1. Angelina Jolie was my second choice actually.
        Because she’s both a great actress and a great humanitarian.
        I never really ever felt any admiration for the Joker because I could never see any reason for his cruelty.
        Hannibal Lecter on the other hand as he was portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins had a certain pathos to him.
        And of course Hannibal did have a tragic and brutal past that kind of made him the way he was.

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