FRIDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

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Suppose a little child you know sobs on a bench, covering their face with their palms. What is your first reaction? Remember it’s vital that you make your decision within the first five seconds after you understood the meaning of each choice. Complete honesty is highly important as well to enable a correct assessment. Please don’t look at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your answer.

a) I wrap my arms around them; b) I caress their back or their hair, c) I find words of comfort; d) I fidget a bit feeling awkward, thinking of what to say; e) I freeze.


a) I wrap my arms around them – you express your affection through touch; you are highly empathic, and wish you could take the burden off beloved and innocent souls, and transfer it to yourself; you are an affectionate, warm and soothing presence, but you might be too much for some people; your soul vibrates with others; you believe in we, and are less concerned with I than most people.

b) I caress their back or their hair – you approach people with care, exploring the ground first; your senses are heightened, and you need to absorb before you exude; you are empathic, but you seek to understand before you act or react; the feeling is born in your heart, but you might like to transfer it to the head; it’s your way of making sure you won’t do something wrong; you tread carefully.

c) I find words of comfort – you’re verbal, but not necessarily verbose; you work well with words, and you seem to have a talent at finding the right ones; you’re a solution seeker, a problem solver at the very least in theory; you’re convinced every situation can have a positive outcome, and you’ll seek it relentlessly; you’re versatile and confident.

d) I fidget a bit feeling awkward, thinking of what to say – you’re the serious type, whether this is apparent or not; you give great importance to feelings and don’t share them easily; you’re not particularly keen on communication because you think most of it is superfluous; you value depth of feeling, and may be bitter at a phony world.

e) I freeze – you’re a cautious person; you like to weigh every scenario in your mind, but in emotional moments the head needs time to clear, so you may experience a moment of stun; you rely almost completely on the power of your mind; you’re as emotional as they come, but you don’t believe in the rule of emotion; emotion is chaotic; you feel safer in the realm of reason.

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14 thoughts on “FRIDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

  1. I feel bad admitting this, but d was my first choice. I feel strongly, but it’s hard to not feel awkward when someone is crying. I’d fidget a little, feel very bad, and ask him or her if they were okay, and what was wrong. Very interesting question!

    1. Oh, Sara, why feel bad? This only means that you don’t play with words or feelings, when you express something, then you feel it too. That is a good trait, not by any means a bad one 🙂

    1. Welcome dear Juni! I’m happy you enjoyed the quiz. There’s more on the quizzes page, and more coming up next week. Your choice says you take other people as seriously as you take yourself, which people appreciate.

    1. Whether one finds it or not is not isse, I think, but the mental frame. It means that you are a solution-seeker, which gives you the necessary tools to be successful at finding one more often than not. Good choice. I’m a C too 🙂

  2. I really enjoy the one question quizzes. I picked C this time and I think it fits well. It’s always interesting to make that quick decision then scroll down, what did I find out today?

    1. You sure have a fantastic way with words, dear Hyperion, so I’m not surprised. Happy you enjoyed it! I’m always curious about your quiz results, some of them have surprised me. Always a fascinating ride.

      1. Your choice says you are mostly successful at finding the balance. I’ll look for hints and clues in your profile and, if you like, we can look at this matter in depth.

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