What do your Stories say about you?


Music piece.

Okay, what story do you think of when looking at this picture in combination this song? I for one wrote The Executioner inspired by pieces such as this.

So the story they inspire is – Girl falls in love with dangerous man, whom she desires like a forbidden fruit. 

What’s your story? It will reveal things about you, so leave a comment with a few lines, and I’ll get back at you with traits of your personality. I’m looking forward to “meeting” you this way 🙂


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26 thoughts on “What do your Stories say about you?

  1. I was not able to come up with a story. Though I felt certainly disturbed by looking at the image….it sort of terrified me. On the other hand, the music initially felt haunting later it had a sootinh effect.

    1. The image terrified you? It means you would’ve probably “seen” a horror story, and combined with the haunting feeling you got from the music this means that there are places within yourself that you’re afraid to tread. You approach them, but with great care, and it will take a while until you dare open the door to them.

    1. Very good, Chua! Very inspiring. This says something quite interesting about you, namely that you believe other people are better than you. You are capable of admiring others, which is a rare personality trait. You are also very imaginative and have artistic talents.

  2. I missed this somehow. And, what a treat it was to discover and indulge in. Here is what came to mind. He looked out from the recess of the cave as the setting sun set the rolling waves of hillocks and stone ablaze in golden light. The glowing mouth of the cave reflected in his eyes and revealed the calm determination on his face. Soon, he would hunt.

    1. You cannot imagine a life without a purpose. Purpose is everything to you, and you see much beauty in it. You have a strong need of being active, of standing for something, of achieving. You like to prepare though, you never fail to plan, even though you may improvise here and there. A strategist and sometimes a spy 🙂

      1. Thank you Ana. You’ve been peeping in my head again or talking to my head elves! 🙂 Very good. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it well.

  3. He watched her cross the river and for a moment, he nearly forgot who he was.
    (That’s only one line, but it was the first line that came to mind). Really amazing image by the way, and the music was cool.

    1. This amuses me greatly! As the artist behind the image, and the author who built the character it represents, I LOVED reading the comments.

      If you want to know about the character (don’t do it until you’ve done the challenge the blogger here has posted!) you can go here: http://lostinfernal.com/shadowcrafter

      The website is about to undergo a massive rework, as I’m getting closer to publication.

      1. Love your work, dear Shonna! I encourage my friends here to visit your site. I will do so presently, since I’ll need a new image for a new article soon, and I’d love it if you gave me permission to use some of your work. I hope I cited the source properly, and please tell me if you want me to cite another.

      2. For the most part I have no problem with people using my art in an editorial fashion. In fact, a lot of times I find it amusing to see where it ends up. This image, in particular, is pretty much everywhere in a cropped version, like the one above.
        Personally I know once you put things on the net they take on a life of their own!

        The only issue I take is when someone uses my art to sell their stuff, especially when independent authors use (mainly this) image for their book jackets!

        I appreciate your willingness to attribute my work back to the Lost Infernal site. As long as that attribution is there, I don’t see a problem with you using images.

  4. His eyes bore the reflection of a tormented soul. The flames of Hell reflected from his pupils. Not because that was the way he viewed the world.
    But because that was the way the world was… the way the world was becoming. And no one else could see it. Like the little boy in that old story who was the only one who saw that the Emperor wore no clothes, he was the only one who saw that people were exchanging their humanity for a promised godhood… the price for which was forfeiture of their own souls and their personality would turn to a combination of beast, machine… and demon.

    That’s the way I’d begin the story.

    As to what the story itself would be, I have no idea.

    When I sit down to write, I have no idea to begin with how the story will turn out.

    I just write and the story writes itself.

    1. This story shows the fact that you truly believe to know the undercurrents that travel the world. You do not claim an opinion, but the knowledge of facts. You are in possession of information and trust the filter of your mind 🙂

      1. Yes, I suppose that sums me up well. LOL !

        I remember in my History of 19th Century Philosophy course, my professor once said, “Philosophers are the most arrogant people in the world” and I remember my class mate sitting next to me whispered, “You must truly be a philosopher, Chris.” 😀

      2. Hahahaaa, so cool! I guess we are all arrogant at certain ages, I know I often came across as such even though I never considered myself anything better. And I know I see it in every 20-year-old’s eyes.

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