Some Comedy for a Change – Mr. Christopher Milner’s “The Giant Rat of Sumatra”


Dear, the Dearer, the Dearest, today is the day when I’d like to make one of my rather rare book recommendations. I couldn’t resist this one. It’s from an author that I follow regularly, because he has such cool, erudite humour that often makes my day.

As you know by now, I always try to stay as honest as honest goes, and will admit this: what attracted me to this author are his absolutely hilarious, super skilfully crafted and witty Vampire Novel series, made mostly of scenes and snippets between characters you come to know and love very quickly. As a gal, I’m totally into THOSE.

But today Chris has published his first novel, a Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction “The Giant Rat of Sumatra” which gives a taste of his unique brand of humour. My personal opinion is that this book will be especially appealing to men, but us gals can take away a good time from it as well. I’d very much like to point out that Mr. Milner does a wonderful job of keeping spot-on regarding the character, manner and style of the greatest detective the world has ever seen, while at the same time being original. He stays true to the character, but gives us a new, great story.

The book is available on as of today, so go grab it here (“The Giant Rat of Sumatra”) if you’re in for something special, humorous and witty. The book is short, crisp and delicious. Here is the blurb so you get a first taste:


A Sherlock Holmes Fan Fiction

The Giant Rat of Sumatra

By Christopher Milner


“… the Giant Rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.”

So said Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson in the story The Adventure of The Sussex Vampire.

The Giant Rat of Sumatra is a comical tale about a sinister plot to import a mysterious beast from Sumatra for a circus performance.  A series of events involving the giant rat and cast of characters run a gamut of emotions as the story unfolds on a 19th Century English circus carnival fair ground.  

Mysterious occurrences aboard the ship Matilda Briggs begin when a cabin boy’s recreation of a Vincent Van Gogh still life painting leads to disaster for the ship and the town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, England where cats are disappearing under diabolical circumstances.

When the doomed ship arrives, something terrorizes the cobblestone alleys of Stamford called the “Devil incarnate” by the town’s Scottish maker of meat pies. An odd cast of characters all converge on the scene, some to solve the mystery and others to help keep it secret.  

Sherlock Holmes is called in to investigate the strange events and in place of Dr. Watson as Holmes’ companion for this adventure is the veterinarian Fred Clegg – a good doctor for a tale involving animals from exotic Sumatra. Will Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Dr. Clegg deduce the reason for the disappearing cats and the whereabouts of the giant rat? Find out in this entertaining fan fiction of the world’s most famous detective.

My very favorite of Mr. Milner are characters that are not in this book, for they were “born” later, but you might want to check out his sexy dominatrix Sherrielock Holmes, and my most favorite (secret crush) Michelangelo the Psychic Lobster (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this episode, you gotta check it out, it’s HYSTERICAL!) I’m telling you, this author is GOLD.

Check out Chris Milner’s Debut Novel, it will give you a very good time, and stay tuned tomorrow for dark suspense and romance with a new episode of “The Marquis” and his epic revenge.


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