THURSDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you?


Which of the following words would you prefer for your free time if you were to make your decision on first sight? As usual, it’s necessary that you make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice, and do so with complete honesty. Please do not read the interpretations before you’ve made your choice.

a) Friends; b) Sports; c) Books; d) Music; e) Secrets.


a) Friends – your social persona is strongest; you do well in groups, you’re well-liked, and group activities recharge you; you may be a bit of an energetic vampire; you make an impression and leave a mark; you’re comfortable in your skin, or at least in the persona you present to your group; you may do well in a job that requires working with the public; you’re most probably attractive, but may find it difficult with crushes, it seems when you like someone it’s unrequited; you have a strong personality, which is what may scare away the partners you go for.

b) Sports – you have high levels of energy; you use movement to unwind as well as mentally recharge; your mental vitality depends on the state of your body; contrary to what people may believe of you, you’re less focused on sex than most – probably because you can easily get it; you prefer putting that energy in something you consider more constructive; physical activity may be your me-time; you may be the type that causes those teen-kind of crushes.

c) Books – your mind is your world, which is rich and rewarding; you have a vast and colorful personality; you’re the entrancing type of person; you may often open your mouth to speak, but change your mind and close it again, because you think it’s more worth it to accumulate than to talk; your mind is like a bottomless sack, you can never get enough knowledge; you have a high ability to put yourself in other people’s skin; you’re interesting and multi-faceted, and people are drawn to you as they sense that.

d) Music – you’re very emotional; you’re all about the soul and the universe, depth and fantasy; you have the heart of an artist, even if you’re a business person; emotion and beauty help you unwind and transpose you in the world you want to be in; you use music as a channel, but the place it puts you in is within yourself; music brings you to that part of yourself that you like best, to your core; you may or may not know it, but the way you move and the look in your eyes – probably when you’re unaware you’re being watched – are very attractive.

e) Secrets – you’re sensual and a bit dark; you’re not afraid of the most shocking parts of life and heart, you may even enjoy dealing with them; you’d probably make a good therapist, especially because there’s little that scares you off, if anything; you may get angry at criminals of pleasure, but that may be pretty much your only hard limit; you will put in the necessary hard work to get at the bottom of things if you are motivated; a powerful and fascinating presence, you may be a bit eccentric.

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TUESDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you?


Which of the following places would be the perfect haven for you? Please make your decision within the first 5 seconds since the moment you understand the meaning of each choice, and keep in mind that complete honesty is an absolute must for a correct assessment.

a) a beach house on an exotic island; b) a cottage in the mountains; c) a penthouse with view to the city skyline; d) a Gothic castle on a cliff; e) your parental home.


a) a beach house on an exotic island – you’re the free spirit; you thrive on oceanic feeling and infinity; you like experimenting new sensations and emotions; you like them strong and electrifying; you’re forever young at heart, and your fantasy knows no boundaries; you don’t let everyday life constrain you more than you must; you’ll always strive to surpasses your limits.

b) a cottage in the mountains – you’re the intellectual, the wise man and sometimes the witch; you value solitude and nature, the hidden that you can explore; your sharpest weapon is your mind, although you might not lack physical agility and strength, since the mountains aren’t everyone’s terrain; at mind you’re a shape-shifter, and you value you connection to nature; often highly intelligent.

c) a penthouse with view to the city skyline – you aim for success; most people are afraid of heights and therefore afraid of making it big – not you though; you’re confident you have what it takes, and sometimes your ends will justify the means; your mind is sharp and direct, you don’t take roundabouts if you don’t have to; you make good connections to people and you may have a talent to motivate and lead; you don’t waste time.

d) a Gothic castle on a cliff – you’re the artist and the genius; you may have a talent for the occult and love the night; you have a keen sixth sense and an inclination for psychology; you’re not afraid of the murkiest basements of the mind, yours or others’; you rarely judge and you’re hard to surprise; you can go to depths and open doors to places others fear to tread.

e) your parental home – you respect tradition – though you may not live by it – and you have high morals; you’re honest and kind-hearted; you have high expectations from yourself and significant others; you may have gotten hurt often in life due to your trusting nature; you may have transformed because of these experiences.

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MONDAY Personality Test – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to the Daily Personality Test, the new entertainment project on Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you? These personality tests make daily posts, with the exception of Sundays, days on which Stories for Coffee Breaks are published and, of course, special editions with surprises and goodies for you to enjoy. So here we go with


Which of these clothing/fashion items (for yourself) draws your attention most? It’s highly important that you make your decision within the first five seconds after you understand the meaning of each choice. Complete honesty is of utmost importance for a correct assessment. Please don’t look at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your answer.

Choices for gentlemen:

a) Hat; b) Tie; c) Leather; d) Cloak; e) Shoes.

Choices for ladies:

a) Scarf; b) Necklace; c) Corset; d) Hood; e) Jimmy Choo.


a) Hat/Scarf – you have an elegant style; you like making a neat impression, but you’re not overly concerned with your appearance; you’re expressive and impressive through personality rather than looks, or that’s what you play on; you might be witty or particularly entertaining, which attracts people to you.

b) Tie/Necklace – you have a particular interest in style; you’re attractive, and you aim at turning heads; you may be the flirty type, but you know when to draw the line; you may have a strong career, and you dress up accordingly; you have a sense for fashion, and you may sometimes play on seduction to attain your goals.

c) Leather/Corset – you’re the strong and sexy type; you’re the epitome of Mars and Venus on steroids; you’re sensual and seductive, you place value on physical strength and basic instincts; you’re magnetic and hypnotic, and often compellingly attractive.

d) Cloak/Hood – you’re the serious and mysterious type; profound and often cultivated; you rarely judge a book by its cover; you strongly believe what you see is never what is seems; you’re private and complex, often intransigent and might toss political correctness in the trash bin; you have few but good friends; you might have a special liking for history.

e) Shoes/Jimmy Choo – you’re all about style and image; you’re label-aware; you like civilization, gatherings and don’t fear competition; you’re confident and very good at what you do; you’re daring and might like a good challenge; but here’s the most interesting thing about you: you place great value on your own image, but you don’t always judge others by theirs; it may be that, with you, opposites attract.

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And there’s yet more goodies on this site. Enjoy the Stories for the Coffee Breaks and stay tuned for Episode 4 of Lila coming up on Wednesday, when Andrey Jones reveals his most dangerous side. If you’re in for a fast-paced suspense novel check out The Executioner, out there for your entertainment. Enjoy!

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FRIDAY QUIZ – One question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to Daily Quiz, the new entertainment project in Top Topiks. One question. One choice. What does it say about you? These quizzes make daily posts, with the exception of Sundays, days on which Stories for Coffee Breaks are published and, of course, special editions with surprises and goodies for you to enjoy. So here we go with


Suppose a little child you know sobs on a bench, covering their face with their palms. What is your first reaction? Remember it’s vital that you make your decision within the first five seconds after you understood the meaning of each choice. Complete honesty is highly important as well to enable a correct assessment. Please don’t look at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your answer.

a) I wrap my arms around them; b) I caress their back or their hair, c) I find words of comfort; d) I fidget a bit feeling awkward, thinking of what to say; e) I freeze.


a) I wrap my arms around them – you express your affection through touch; you are highly empathic, and wish you could take the burden off beloved and innocent souls, and transfer it to yourself; you are an affectionate, warm and soothing presence, but you might be too much for some people; your soul vibrates with others; you believe in we, and are less concerned with I than most people.

b) I caress their back or their hair – you approach people with care, exploring the ground first; your senses are heightened, and you need to absorb before you exude; you are empathic, but you seek to understand before you act or react; the feeling is born in your heart, but you might like to transfer it to the head; it’s your way of making sure you won’t do something wrong; you tread carefully.

c) I find words of comfort – you’re verbal, but not necessarily verbose; you work well with words, and you seem to have a talent at finding the right ones; you’re a solution seeker, a problem solver at the very least in theory; you’re convinced every situation can have a positive outcome, and you’ll seek it relentlessly; you’re versatile and confident.

d) I fidget a bit feeling awkward, thinking of what to say – you’re the serious type, whether this is apparent or not; you give great importance to feelings and don’t share them easily; you’re not particularly keen on communication because you think most of it is superfluous; you value depth of feeling, and may be bitter at a phony world.

e) I freeze – you’re a cautious person; you like to weigh every scenario in your mind, but in emotional moments the head needs time to clear, so you may experience a moment of stun; you rely almost completely on the power of your mind; you’re as emotional as they come, but you don’t believe in the rule of emotion; emotion is chaotic; you feel safer in the realm of reason.

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WEDNESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

Welcome to your Daily Personality Test, the new entertainment personality test project One question. One choice. What does it say about you? These personality tests make daily posts, with the exception of Sundays, days on which Stories for Coffee Breaks are published, and, of course, special editions with surprises and goodies for you to enjoy. So here we go with


Which of these elements appeal to you most? As always, it is very important that you make your decision in the first five seconds after your mind has identified the meaning of each choice. And as always, full honesty is a must requirement for an accurate assessment. Please do not peek at the interpretations before you’ve decided on your choice.

a) Fire; b) Volcano; c) Wave; d) Wind; e) Storm.


a) Fire – you have an intense temper, but you’re steadier and more controlled than most people. You burn consistently, you’re determined and action-oriented. You may get frustrated now and then, but you bring yourself over it. You’re reliable, earthy, fierce and possess great sexual stamina.

b) Volcano – you’re prone to outbursts of temper. You’re explosive in more ways than one, an impatient but highly desired type of lover. Not exactly a good strategist. Your fist may gain a will of its own before your brain takes over in case of conflict. You often act before you think. Easily flared, impulsive but feared.

c) Wave – you’re a subversive opponent. Under the surface you may boil, but you’ll always keep a poker face. A patient strategist and a wise leader, but you have trust issues. You may like books, peace and quiet. Deep, mysterious and probably dangerous.

d) Wind – you’re out there, facing challenges head-on. You’re a free spirit and a fighter for causes you consider bigger than yourself. Nonconformist, forever young at heart, open-minded, a go-getter. You enjoy polemic, but not really long night talks. You like adventure and at least a healthy dose of risk.

e) Storm – you not only like a challenge, you may be the cause of it. It’s not as much fight lust as it is that you strongly believe something is wrong. You’ll speak out against mainstream and propaganda if you see fit. You’ll challenge the status quo. You’ll initiate a revolt. You’ll push for change and transformation, for progress and higher peaks, no matter how painful the process.

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TUESDAY Personality Test – One Question. One choice. What does it say about you?

This is the day a new personality test project starts – every day I’ll post a personality test branded  One Question. One choice. What does it say about you? Exception will make Sundays, the days on which episodes of the Stories for Coffee Breaks are published, and special editions with a lot of surprises and goodies for you to enjoy.


Which of these characters do you admire most? It’s very important that you make your decision in the first 5 seconds after your mind identifies who the characters are. Your choice will not qualify you as good or evil. It goes without saying that full honesty is required for an accurate assessment. Please do not peek at the interpretations before you’ve made your choice.

a) Batman; b) The Joker; c) Hannibal Lecter; d) Margaret Thatcher; e) Angelina Jolie.


a) Batman – you are a vigilante; you often feel a more radical approach to social matters would make things better; you take your own problems in your own hands and you face them head-on – at least eventually, if you happen to practice escapism now and then; you empathize with the weak and the innocent; you appreciate physical strength, which is the kind of strength you believe most important if it ever comes down to the basest levels.

b) The Joker – society makes you bitter; sometimes you’d like to see it turned upside down, but you normally get a grip; you don’t shy away from expressing your feelings, which doesn’t earn you many friends; beware, not all of your enemies are overt; sometimes you doubt your own sanity; you’re a very creative person, have a rich imagination, and may have a talent for entertainment as well; you have few but loyal friends.

c) Hannibal Lecter – you resent society oftentimes, but you’re not overt about it; you know how to go after your goals; you’re a keen observer, and borrow other people’s methods of attaining their goals if they prove successful; you appreciate the Arts, and you often need them in order to keep you above the murkiest levels of your mind; you probably are as intelligent as you are dangerous.

d) Margaret Thatcher – you appreciate a strong woman; if you’re a girl, you are one, and if you’re a man – wow, respect! It may even turn you on, and it normally means that you are so strong that you need a woman to match you; this choice stands for feminists and people who truly believe in the equality of gender; you see things differently, you always have; you’re original and avant-gardist.

e) Angelina Jolie – you’re most probably not a guy or, if you are, you’re either head over heals, or you have a developed feminine side; to you, beauty and sensuality are the traits you most desire to possess; you believe love is the most powerful force in the world; you might be a little flower power, into mysticism, and you may have a hightened sixth sense.

Liked this? Please share your thoughts in a comment, and check out the previous personality tests here. They will help reveal yet more about yourself, and some of it may surprise you.

But there’s yet more goodies on this site. Enjoy Short Stories for the Coffee Breaks, and stay tuned for a new episode of Saphira coming up on Thursday, when the beautiful painter girl is drawn yet deeper into the mysteries of the Marquis. Check out the first two episodes here and here. Hyperion will highten the suspense on Saturday, and Lila next Wednesday. If you’re in for a whole suspense novel, check out The Executioner here. Enjoy!

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Personality Test – Three Questions. Five Choices. Each answer reveals something about you.

Did you know the choices you go for in a multiple-choice personality test reveal some of your personality traits, talents or inclinations? The system is based on a derivation of the free association method. In this personality test we’re going to look at the answers you go for, and discover more of who you are based on them.

Read the questions below and write down the letter corresponding to your answer. You will find the interpretation in the lower part of this article, but it’s very important that you don’t peek during the test. Only scroll down when you’re done. It’s vital that you stay completely honest. Oh, and one more thing: don’t ponder more than ten seconds.

1. What would you do in a perfect hour?
a) Walk; b) Read; c) Watch a reality show; d) Watch Breaking News; e) Shopping.
2. What attracts you to a potential partner first?
a) Looks; b) Intellect; c) Kindness; d) Toughness; e) Sense and sensibility, long live Austen.
3. Who/What is the one person/thing you can say you hate/d?
a) A parent; b) A traitor friend/spouse; c) A rival; d) An ideology; e) Yourself.

Now to the moment of truth – free to down scrolling. What do your choices say about you?

1. a) Walk – if you love both your computer and your yard, and have been wondering whether you’re more of an outdoor or indoor person, whether you’re more physical or more mental, here is your answer – you’re more physical. You’re strong and vital, good-humored and permanently up to something. Exuberant and easy-going, confident and a bit dangerous.
b) Read – this is the opposite to the answer to choice a. You’re more mental than physical. Now here’s the part you may not like – when nothing else works and you lack energy, get physical. While the world of the mind is fascinating, this choice does hint at a little bit of introversion; introverts actually consume more energy than extroverts to process perceptions and impressions; get physical! It will strengthen your body and rest your mind; not to mention it’ll help you sleep. The more you seek physical performance, the more your depression will lessen, if you suspect yourself of having one.
c) Watch a reality show – gossip relaxes you; you’re not very concerned with yourself either because you’re at peace with yourself, or because there are grave things about your inner life that you don’t want to deal with. This last variant is the most likely. What this choice says about you is that you may have issues you’re reluctant or downright opposed to dealing with – to be clear, these issues are given importance by your own subconscious, not by other people! Note that this choice doesn’t say anything about how others perceive you.
d) Watch Breaking News – you’re well anchored in reality. You allow the outside world to define you to a certain point. You’re a fighter, even though you may not be aware of it. You may be competitive. You love to win. You’re cunning. You are mentally very active and want to be prepared for every possible scenario. You like achievement and want to make it IN the system rather than beat it.
e) Shopping – you are energized by the new; you define yourself by renewal and often by possession. You go with the flow and with the crowd. You like crowds and movement. You need electrifying sensations. You’re easily disappointed in both people and situations. You like making and receiving gifts, it’s a way of showing that you value someone, and being shown that you’re valued. You like going out on “dates.” The downside is, you may not be exactly the epitome of faithful.

2. a) Looks – you’re very true to yourself; should you ever lie to others or avoid the truth, you’re never about the bush with yourself; you may call a person giving a different answer to this question phony. At your core, you’re direct and blunt. Your motto might be as cliché as it is simple and true to life – “keep it real.”
b) Intellect – you’re not one to lose your head, and you might not believe in love at first sight. Communication and losing yourself in the mind of another is an aphrodisiac to you. You’re dependable and unlikely to cheat on your partner, mainly because there are no such things as “accidents” for you.
c) Kindness – you have some experience with being treated roughly, or perceiving things that way. You’re highly sensitive, fragile, and require people to be gentle in their approach to you. You’ll recoil from people who come across aggressive. You dislike jealous, obsessive and possessive types. You’re not one for a fiery love affair, but for doves and roses.
d) Toughness – you like your partner to be able to stand for themselves and for what they believe in; you like them raw, true to the most primitive characteristics of humanity; this may mean you like to feel protected as a woman, or backed-up as a man. As a woman you need a protector, as a man you need an equal.
e) Sense and sensibility, long live Austen – you’re a wise person; you put wisdom before all your choices, especially in matters of the heart; you’ll be drawn to someone grounded and versatile, to someone with depth of understanding, someone tolerant and patient – you might be eccentric, in need of understanding; you might be electric and unstable, hot and cold, so in need of tolerance; you might be a powerful personality with great need for self-expression, so you require a quiet partner who won’t reprimand.

3. a) A parent – this may have awoken the vigilante in you; you’ll stand up for the weak and abused; you’ll ruthlessly punish the power-abusers and big guys harming little guys; you are a person with principles, good or bad, and you stick to them; you can come across as scary – you’ve learnt from the best; you can be obstinate and inflexible; unforgiving and methodical; determined, feeding purpose from fury.
b) A traitor friend/spouse – some of your life experiences might have left you a bit paranoid, but, “Better paranoid than dead” – you may think. You have great difficulty trusting people. Everyone is a potential foe to you. You feel the need to be permanently cautious. Insecure and angry. Reclusive and sensitive. Delicate and a bit bitter. Grumpy and intriguing. Witty and bleakly humorous. Interesting to say the least. People might be drawn to you especially because you’re so hard to please. Your friendship is rare and fragile.
c) A rival – you are straightforward. No-nonsense, ambitious, hard-working, stubborn, tenacious, you have leadership skills. You have few friends, mostly you have “followers.” You’re competitive, even combative, you’ll do whatever it takes to win. You’re either a career-driven person, or you set yourself high standards in other fields of your life. You may compromise about the means, eventually, if the stake is high enough.
d) An ideology – you’re inventive and cultivated, and you can see through schemes. Hard to influence. You like people more than most – you even find it difficult to apply the word “hate” to an actual person. You project the more negative emotions onto things and ideas rather than on people. You’re hard on the matter, soft on the people. It’s your way of staying civil and civilized. You value humanity and the human, you take delight in the achievements of man. You like polemic and debate, and you may be prone to contradiction. You’ll express your opinion. Your words are your weapons. Your mind the honey that attracts the fly.
e) Yourself – this may come as a shock to you, but you’re overly altruistic. You internalize your hatred in order to keep it from hitting someone else. You believe yourself less worthy than others; you believe yourself weak. If this is your answer, a signal of alarm must be drawn – you may need support, maybe from a friend of your choice, or from a professional; nevertheless, if this is your choice of an answer, it says that your capacity for empathy and love is greater than humanly possible, so to say. You can put up with greater pain than the average mortal; under healthy conditions, with a regained self-esteem, you can be a militant force for the greater good of humanity, and your knowledge of the most sensitive and darkest drawers of the psyche can prove priceless gifts.

And plenty more where this came from, folks. If you’d like to know more about what a particular combination of answers says about you, feel free to leave them in a comment and I’ll gladly get back at you. If you’re private about your choices but would still like to know more, contact me at Feel free to do so also if you’d like a fresh perspective on your personality, and ask me for a personal profile.

There’s more than personality tests to look forward to. Stay tuned for further episodes of Saphira and Hyperion, coming up on Sunday and Wednesday! The stories will come out in one piece between the 15th and 18th of December in a Story Book for Adults, so a Merry Christmas to be looking forward to for us grown-ups too. Ho, Ho, Ho! (No, I won’t be growing a beard or a stomach, but I’ll be heavy with goodies.) Speaking of goodies – feel free to roam this site for quizzes, novels, and suspense stories for the coffee breaks. Enjoy!

Personality Test – What Talents were you born with? Are you a born Artist, Craftsman, Scientist, Intellectual or Entrepreneur?

In a world fixed in economical patterns that won’t leave any room for individuality, discovering your calling may prove a real challenge. The matter was treated in a previous article, where we scratched the surface a bit.

This assessment is based on five main personality categories that I consider most relevant after long and meticulous research, each of them with their own talents and inclinations. Mind you that these categories are only the starting point. To understand yet more of what’s special about you, check out the first two Quizzes – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain, and What Fantasy Character are You.

So, are you an Artist, a Craftsman, an Entrepreneur, an Intellectual or a Scientist?

While this may seem general, it is the starting point towards discovering what’s unique about yourself. Future personality tests and information will function as follow-ups to this one, and the answers combined will uncover more and more of your special traits. Please take into account that the answer choices aren’t obvious, there won’t be a choice such as “Hammer” for a “Craftsman”. So let instinct lead your choice, not your mind.

That being said, let us get started. Read the questions below and write your answers on a  sheet of paper. Don’t look at the interpretations in the lower part of this article before you have them on paper. Try not think more than 5 – 10 seconds before you decide on each answer.

  1. From a tray with the following objects, which one would you grab first: a) the Pen; b) the Handkerchief; c) the Old Pipe; d) the Rusted Ring; d) the Old Cell phone.
  2. Which of these colors (hues) do you prefer? (It doesn’t have to be your favorite color, just decide in 3 seconds max): a) Blood-Red; b) Parchment-yellow; c) Mouse-Grey; d) Dove-White; e) Mud-Dark.
  3. How do you imagine the perfect Christmas? (Be reminded, let instinct decide, forget what is expected of you): a) a family dinner, with all loved ones from gramps to kids’ kids; b) with a loved one at a romantic cottage in the mountains; c) with a book by a colorful tree, dog in lap, hoping to surprise Santa; d) somewhere warm, partying on a yacht; e) With like-minded people, a brandy and a cigar, main thing is engaging conversation.
  4. What movies do you prefer?: a) Thriller; b) Documentary; c) Horror; d) Romance; e) Historical.
  5. How do you let off steam after a hard day: a) Sleeping; b) Chatting; c) Drinking; d) Tinkering; e) Daydreaming.
  6. Which sport do you prefer?: a) Swimming; b) Football; c) Golf; d) Chess; e) Tennis.
  7. If you were to subscribe to an online magazine, which title would attract you?: a) Color Fairy; b) Lord of Domes; c) Spotlight; d) Roots and Wings; e) Faded Pages.

Now, remember you are NOT supposed to peek at the interpretations until you’re done writing down the answers. The explanations are in key-word style to speed-express the essential, so don’t take them literally. Here we go:

  1. a) Entrepreneur – he chooses the Pen because he can delegate and coordinate; b) Artist – he chooses the handkerchief because it makes him think of tears, emotion and, therefore, art; c) Intellectual – he chooses the Old Pipe because of the feel, the atmosphere, plunging into the right state of mind; d) Scientist – he chooses the Rusted Ring because he’s interested in its composition; e) Craftsman – he chooses the Old Cell phone because he can tear it apart and then put it back together just for the fun of it.
  2. a) Entrepreneur – he chooses Blood-Red because he is courageous and a bit megalomaniac; b) Intellectual – he chooses Parchment-Yellow because of the value of parchment and the knowledge it conveys; c) Craftsman – he chooses Mouse-Grey because it’s utilitarian, and there’s nothing he values more than utility; d) Scientist – he chooses Dove-White because he wishes to reach the purest essence of things; e) Artist – he chooses Mud-Dark because he feeds his art from the darkest corners of the soul.
  3. a) Craftsman – he is of the family, his needs are simple and personal, and so is his happiness; b) Artist – romantic and needing absolute intimacy and dedication; c) Intellectual – because he’s solitary, often happy with himself in his own mind, and sometimes a bit wacked; d) Entrepreneur – because he is unconventional and adventurous; e) Scientist – because he needs to exchange ideas with similar minds, with whom he feels he forms a caste.
  4. a) Craftsman – he goes for easy entertainment to put his mind to rest; b) Scientist –   documentaries feed his mind; c) Entrepreneur – he is daring and needs strong stimulation; d) Artist – he never ceases to learn from romance; e) Intellectual – he knows the value of history to build a future.
  5. a) Scientist – he sleeps to put his mind to rest, disconnect and recharge; b) Artist – he shares himself with others; c) Craftsman – to ease the exhaustion; d) Entrepreneur – uses his hands to get new ideas, when his hands move his mind does also; e) Intellectual – creating new ideas.
  6. a) Artist – a personality of the water; b) Craftsman – competition and team spirit, the closest thing there is to war; c) Entrepreneur – where he meets new people, possible business partners; d) Intellectual – always training his mind; e) Scientist – the ball from one partner to another stimulates collaboration and exchange of ideas.
  7. a) Artist – attracted to colors because of the artistic possibilities they represent; b) Entrepreneur – makes him feel like a Lord on top of the world; c) Craftsman – relaxing, not thinking, easy entertainment to ease the physical tiredness; d) Scientist – the idea of exploring roots of plants and wings of animals; e) Intellectual – relationship between history and books, the very definition of value.

In a  following article I’ll sum up five main traits of each personality type, which will help you determine what your strengths are and what to focus on. If you want to go deeper with this, leave your answers to these questions in a comment below, and I’ll get back at you with a broader interpretation of your answers. If you want to go yet deeper, contact me for a personal profile – more info here.

Stay tuned for further personality tests that will help you discover what’s unique about yourself next week. In the meanwhile, help yourself to all the entertainment the site has to offer, from personality tests to short stories for the coffee breaks that will continue in episodes the following weeks and that will be released in a Story Book for Adults on the 18th of December, to a whole suspense novel, “The Executioner” Part I.

Looking forward to you!

QUIZ Interpretation – What Fantasy Character are You?

What does it mean that you’re a Warrior, King, Queen, Knight, Nymph, Elf, Magician, or Witch?

Have you taken the Quiz? If yes, here are the interpretations of every type. If not, take the Quiz now here and discover a bit more of who you are. Share your thoughts in a comment below, or leave your result (Warrior, King, Queen, etc.) and your life motto in a comment, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.

Some types are masculine and some feminine, but a male can be a Witch, and a female a Warrior, sex doesn’t play a part. (For example I suspect Oprah of the Magician-type).

The interpretations:

  1. WARRIOR – The Warrior loves a challenge. As you know from the Quiz, from a golden plate with eight objects he would choose the Dagger, which he’d do because he’s a born/forged a fighter. He’d pick the Woods to live in, because he doesn’t shy away from a raw, hard life, the challenges of which stimulate him. The blood of Achilles the Invincible Soldier runs through his veins. He’ll fight for the causes he believes in, and he’ll achieve his purposes or die trying. The material that represents him is Iron, because it’s as fearsome and rugged as he is. He loves the smell of Burnt Wood because it reminds him that fending for himself, as well keeping his family warm and fed, lies within his power. Warrior-types make a good living, and don’t usually linger in financial holes. This is mainly due to the fact that Warrior-types are action and goal oriented people. They’ll go out in the morning and find something to do to earn their bread that day. Resilience to hardship is natural to them. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Instinctual. Incisive. Iron Fist. Strong. Sharp Intelligence. THE QUIZ identified you as a Warrior-type and you’d like to know more? Leave a comment with “Warrior” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  2. KING – The King is a ruler, a decision-maker and a ground-breaker. Giving orders and steering people comes naturally to the King, and he can do so with kindness and fine understanding for the individual – people are bound to rise against tyrants sooner or later, which every natural King-type knows. He chooses the Scepter because he wants to lead. He’s inspired by Vast Plains because they feed his vision and ambition of erecting new cities, new projects, something to leave his mark on. He identifies with Zeus Master of Olympus because he feels that ruling over other rulers as well is a task he deserves, oftentimes a birth right. His favorite material is Gold because he desires luxury. His scent is that of Musk, which makes him feel powerful. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Imposing, Proud, Controlling, Intelligent, Strategic. THE QUIZ identified you as a King-type and you want to know more? Leave a comment with “King” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  3. QUEEN – The Queen is beautiful, feminine and sly. From the golden plate mentioned in the Quiz she chooses the Mirror, and this she does because she understands her power to influence lies in her charm (born attractiveness doesn’t play a part here, the Queen knows that a “pleasant” and “charming” presence is more than enough). Her place of choice are Bald Mountains, since she strives to reach high peaks in social life, peaks she needs to see in order to keep her motivated. She identifies with Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty because she understands the importance of a sweet nature in order to be accepted, loved and obeyed when necessary. She loves people, who often turn to her innate kindness to soften the King’s oftentimes quick temper (people seek Queen-types to mediate for them to their superiors, difficult family members or other persons, and to help them through difficult conversations). Her metal is Silver because she’s perfectly fine with playing a supporting role, and she doesn’t mind coming second the way silver does to gold. She manifests her love by letting her loved ones come first. She prefers the scent of Roses because it makes her feel valued and loved. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Kind. Pleasant. Sweet. Ambitious. Innately Feminine. THE QUIZ identified you as a Queen-type and you’d like to know more? Leave  comment with “Queen” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  4. KNIGHT – The Knight is dependable and selfless, a young spirit with ideals and high standards. His object of choice is the Shield, since he is one in himself, protecting those he respects. A Knight’s most valuable feeling is respect. He transfers emotion to the mind, and reason rules over his heart. The Medieval City represents his origins, which he feels protective of, protective of his past, blood line, tradition and values. He identifies with Ares the God of War because he’s a developer of strategies, fearless but cautious. He controls his anger and aggressions, he’s a diplomat. His metal is Steel, because steel is as unbendable and ruthless as the Knight can be. The scent of Moist Earth reminds him of what he fights for, of his origins, it feeds his sense of loyalty, purpose and kindness. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Dependable. Loyal. Protective. Diplomatic. Idealist. THE QUIZ identified you as the Knight-type and you want to know more? Leave a comment with “Knight” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  5. NYMPH – The Nymph has a very strong connection to one or more of nature’s elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth). She’s diaphane and dreamy, hard to grasp, her personality is fuzzy. She chooses the Urn because it’s a vessel, which is what she subconsciously needs to give her personality shape, otherwise she often feels scattered or formless. She loves the Beach like no other because she identifies with its vastness and endlessness. She identifies with the Spirit of the River because spirits fit her idea of existence better than persons. She often doesn’t understand why material existence must exist at all. She loves Ivory because she loves purity. She’s permanently looking for her pure essence, which is lost in this vastness. The Salty Sea air infuses her with a sensation of infinity, of endless possibilities. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Diaphane. Dreamy. Mysterious. Delicate. Fragile. THE QUIZ identified you as the Nymph-type and you wish to know more? Leave a comment with “Nymph” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  6. ELF – The Elf is a creature of the arts and crafts. He’s noble and has a strong moral compass. He’s honest and often intimidates immoral persons. His presence is crushing to them. He’s imposing, a fearsome guardian. His object of choice from the golden plate mentioned in the Quiz is the Paintbrush because he’s good with his hands and gladly contributes to art and crafts. They stabilize his dangerous nature. He enjoys being of palpable help. Forested Mountains make him feel at home. It’s there that his secrets lay hidden, and from there he derives his power. He identifies with Thor the God of Lightning because he feels akin with the destructive forces of nature. He’s a force himself, he strives to build and nurture, but he’s volatile and unpredictable. He chooses Stone because it’s hard, and yet it can be carved and modeled. He loves the scent of Fresh Leaves because it makes him feel forever young. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Noble. Moral. Dexterous. Intimidating. Impressive. THE QUIZ identified you as the Elf-type and you want to know more? Leave a comment with “Elf” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  7. MAGICIAN – The Magician is wise, a knower, secretive, a good teacher and a researcher. Intellectuals oftentimes turn out to be Magician-types. From the golden plate mentioned in the Quiz he chooses the Book because he’s a man of study. His place of choice is the Village because that’s where he discovers man’s deepest secrets – in simple men’s lives and hearts; he feels protective of them. He identifies with Hephaistos the God of Crafts because he knows magic is born of the crafts, and he respects handy work. He knows it was craftsmen who laid the grounds of civilization. His material is Wood because of its simplicity and elegance. He loves the scent of Lilac because it’s the scent of hope and new beginnings, which reminds him of why the planet spins. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Wise. Secretive. Deep. Kind. Protective. THE QUIZ identified you as the Magician-type and you’d like to know more? Leave a comment with “Magician” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.
  8. WITCH – The Witch is shrewd. She understands more than she lets on. She’s silent, but not inconspicuous. There’s something about her that attracts attention. Her object of choice from the golden plate mentioned in the Quiz is the Crystal, symbolizing her ability of seeing through things. She has a special interest in the past. She knows that decoding the past means unlocking the future. Her place of choice is the Old Church because she’s a believer in higher, eternal powers. There’s a dose of occultism in her ways that the Magician lacks, and a spark of talent where the Magician relies solely on hard work. She identifies with Gaia Mother Earth because she seeks the answers to the greatest questions of life in its building blocks. Her precious stone is the Pearl because it’s associated with the moon, the night and darkest secrets of mankind. The scent of Incense stimulates her sense of connection to a higher power, to the source of her talent. 5 MAIN TRAITS: Fascinating. Forbidding. Deep. Witty. Bold. THE QUIZ identified you as the Witch-type and you wish to know more? Leave a comment with “Witch” and your life motto, and I’ll get back at you with 5 more traits that apply individually to you.

Looking forward to your comments. My goodies for you don’t end here, so enjoy a relaxing Friday with Free Reads available here: Suspense that will keep you reading, and some romance to give it spice. Know of any good books yourself, especially from indie authors? Let me know. I’ll check them out and recommed it further if I do find it valuable indeed. Feel free to do the same with Free Reads here.

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New Models for Magicians – fantastic graphic ideas and variations

Detailed Fantasy Inspiration – Inspiring indeed! This is also the source of the featured pic.


About branding, tightly linked to the type-theme in this article

Personality Test – What Fantasy Character are You?

Are you a Warrior, King, Queen, Knight, Nymph, Elf, Magician or Witch? To find out, take a sheet of paper and write the answers to the following questions. Discover today a bit more of who you are and find the interpretations of your answers lower in this post. Do not look at the answers before honestly answering the questions. You don’t want them to influence you and spoil your results. That being said, here we go:

1. If lined before you, which of these objects would you choose:

a) The Mirror; b) The Dagger; c) The Scepter; d) The Urn; e) The Shield; f) The Book; g) The Crystal; h) The Paintbrush.

2. Which of these pictures represents you more:

a) The Beach; b) The Woods; c) Forested Mountains; d) Bald Mountains; e) Vast Plains; f) The Medieval City; g) The Village; h) The Old Church.

3. Which of these mythological figures do you feel closer to:

a) Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty; b) Zeus Master of Olympus; c) Ares the God of War; d) Thor God of Lightning; e) Achilles the Invincible Soldier; f) Hephaistos God of Crafts; g) Spirit of the River; h) Gaia Mother Earth.

4. Which of these raw materials do you feel most connected with:

a) Steel; b) Gold; c) Silver; d) Pearl; e) Iron; f) Wood; g) Ivory; h) Stone.

5. Which of these scents appeals to you most:

a) Lilac; b) Incense; c) Roses; d) Burnt wood; e) Salty sea; f) Fresh leaves; g) Moist earth; h) Musk.

Everything set? Wonderful! Here is how to interpret your answers:

  1. a) The Mirror = Queen; b) The Dagger = Warrior; c) The Scepter = King (yes, females can be King-types too); d) The Urn = Nymph; e) The Shield = Knight; f) The Book = Magician; g) The Crystal = Witch; h) The Paintbrush = Elf.
  2. a) The Beach = Nymph; b) The Woods = Warrior; c) Forested Mountains = Elf; d) Bald Mountains = Queen; e) Vast Plains = King; f) The Medieval City = Knight; g) The Village = Magician; h) The Old Church = Witch.
  3. a) Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty = Queen; b) Zeus Master of Olympus = King; c) Ares the God of War = Knight; d) Thor God of Lighning = Elf; e) Achilles the Invincible Soldier = Warrior; f) Hephaistos God of Crafts = Magician; g) Spirit of the River = Nymph; h) Gaia Mother Earth = Witch.
  4. a) Steel = Knight; b) Gold = King; c) Silver = Queen; d) Pearl = Witch; e) Iron = Warrior; f) Wood = Magician; g) Ivory = Nymph; h) Stone = Elf.
  5. a) Lilac = Magician; b) Incense = Witch; c) Roses = Queen; d) Burnt wood = Warrior; e) Salty sea = Nymph; f) Fresh leaves = Elf; g) Moist Earth = Knight; h) Musk = King.

Should one of these types be particularly strong in you, you should have at least two answers that identify you as such. If not, it means that you are a combination of all five types you got. If you want to know which one is predominant, all you have to do is leave a comment with your life motto (e.g. “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve” – that’s mine) and with your results below this post. I’ll gladly analyze and priritize them, indentifying which is predominant, then reply to your comment within twenty-four hours.

Stay tuned for the next post, in which the main traits of all these types – and thereby your main traits – will be revealed. It’ll help you identify your strengths, and uncover on what you can build your approach to your work, relationships and life.

As always, I’m here for you guys. In for a good read during your break? Here is “The Executioner” first 50 pages for you, and the whole book is available here if you have a day off you plan to spend relaxing with a story. Have a great day with Toptopiks!

Featured Image source.

Personality Test – Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain?

Are you a Hero/ine or a Villain? To find out, answer the five questions below – write your answer on a sheet of paper – and then compare with the results at the end of this post. Do not read the results before you answer the questions sincerely. You don’t want the answers to influence you, and spoil the true result. Choose your answers based on your own impression of yourself, not on what others say or think of you.

  1. Are you good-looking? On a scale No Average I guess I get aroundVery, where are you placed?
  2. What’s your favorite element? Water – Fire – Air – Earth?
  3. How’s your temper? Where do you place yourself on a scale PatientGenerally nice but I can sometimes burstFlammableHighly flammable?
  4. How do you generally feel about people of the same sex? Where do you place yourself on a scale Totally like themWe get alongMostly enviousHate their gutsI’m gay.
  5. How do you feel most of the time? How do you place yourself on a scale ShittyI get through my daysGoodEcstatic?

Got it all on paper? Great! Now here is how you evaluate your answers:

  1. No = Hero/ine; Average = Hero/ine; I guess I get around = Equal chance Hero/ine or VillainVery = Villain or Overconfident Brat with Potential for Hero/ine.
  2. Water = Hero/ine; Fire = Villain; Air = Villain; Earth = Hero/ine.
  3. Patient = Hero/ine; Generally nice but I can sometimes burst = Hero/ine; Flammable = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Highly Flammable = Villain;
  4. Totaly like them = Hero/ine; We get along = Hero/ine; Mostly envious = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Hate their guts = Villain; I’m gay = Hero/ine;
  5. Shitty = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; I get through my days = Equal chance Hero/ine or Villain; Good = Hero/ine; Ecstatic = Hero/ine.

If you have a higher number of Hero/ine answers, then congratulations! You’d make a novel’s main good character spring to life. And if you got most points on the villain side, congratulations again! You could inspire a novel’s badass. Now, why do you think certain questions and certain answers place you in a certain category? Share your thoughts in a comment. You can pick just one question and the answer you chose for it, then explain why you think it mirrors one of the two categories. The best answers will earn a free in-depth personal profile.

Stay tuned in a few days to find out what kind of hero/ine or what kind of villain you are (sweet and charming, hot blooded and sexy, fairy-like or powerful boss, etc.) in a soon-to-come personality test. Meanwhile, if you’re in for a cup of hot tea and a good book, enjoy your free reads here. Happy Friday Evening!

Discover Your Calling – Part II

A few days ago I started a promotion campaign for people like you and me, who decided to have a go and turn their hobbies into business. Leave a comment at the end of this article with your own passions and hobbies that you’d like to make a living out of, and I’ll get back at you. The next article could be featuring you and promoting your self-made products or services. Another important set of news is that, together with my partners, I’ll launch a presentation campaign for these products and services on the German market on the 15th of September, with me translating your promotional material into German at no cost. Keep on reading for more details and seize the chance.

In only a few days since I’ve started this project I’ve encountered a number of interesting people who offer unique products and services that could inspire you too, if you only ever thought of becoming your own boss. The first two – a graphic designer and a jewlery maker – have been presented in the first article, available here.  Now let me mention one very important aspect – I DO NOT charge for advertising presently, these are people whose work and mindset I simply appreciate. And this post features another person in whose story and work I find inspiration – Elena N., a fashion designer based in Berlin.

Elena N., a painter who worked with Beuys-scholar Heinrich Koch, and a fashion designer trained in Düsseldorf, Germany, focuses on unique creations that aren’t your every day on the block. Her clothes are for the elegant and refined, for the woman who wants to be unique and not just another brand display doll among hundreds and thousands. Her design process is inspired by historical and conceptual research, while her subtle style features clear cuts and quality materials at – and I have no freaking idea how she manages this – more than reasonable prices. All of it Made in Germany. Check out her clothes at and let us know if you’d like an outfit made especially for you. Here is a taste of Elena’s upcoming collection:


And this is the person behind the creation:

Elena N

Take the chance and leave a comment with your own passions and hobbies, tell me what you think your calling is and I’ll get back at you. If you feel you’re destined for something bigger than what you have now but can’t put your finger exactly on what it is, let me help you with a free personal profile and check out this post.

And now, as I promised as present at the end of each article, here are your free reads for relaxation: “The Executioner” Part I, first 50 pages. The book will be relesed on the 4th of September on Amazon, and you can get the Kinde format for free on the first week.

Looking forward to your input!

Discover Your Calling

If at all, Freud was right about one thing: All of it starts in early childhood. Especially the labeling and filing into categories. Flash some decades later, and we find ourselves as plumbers, teachers, lawyers or jobless. But, despite the illusion of diversity, social and professional categories are narrow. Our profession or situation rarely tells who we are. It’s mostly the things we do in our spare time for fun, pleasure and relaxation that actually define us. The things that, even though often achieved with as much hard work as our job tasks, give us a sense of fulfillment.

I’m a teacher and writer, with special interest in people’s core personalities, in what’s unique about them and what they and only they can offer. Predispositions, talents, the passion and dedication people are capable of when doing what they love fascinate me, and I decided to do everything in my power to foster that. My goal is to help you bring forth what you have to offer, the products you make or the services you render. I’ll start by presenting two very special people and their work, that I appreciate profoundly:

Elisabeta S. is my cover designer. She’s a trained painter and actress, but her passion lies with epic graphics.  It was her talent and hard work that I have to thank for that my first two novels received exactly the covers I dreamt of (Still not decided on the cover for Part II). She put up with me day and night – And I thought I was an easy customer; as if!

final cover Ifinal cover 2final cover II

And then there’s a person whose story and work have touched many lives, not only mine. Corina A. A cancer survivor. The day she found out about the disease – about sixteen years ago – she went ahead and . . . founded her own company! She decided to spend the rest of her life doing what she loves, and guess what – It freaking kept her alive to this day. She not only beat the disease but lost so many pounds she forgot the count – she went from overweight to virtually skinny. A wise mind spoken through a bold mouth, adventurous and so funny that you could get a six pack only from spending a few days with her. She makes beautiful and unique jewlery and objects of decoration. Here she is:


And here is some of her work:


If you’re interested in more of Elisabeta S.’s and Corina A.’s products just let me know in a comment and I’ll put you in contact. I have great appreciation for both of these persons and their crafts.

As for me, I do in-depth profiling and I write. The first fifty pages of my upcoming novel “The Executioner” Part 1 are available here, and more chapters here. Part I is due on the 4th of September and will be up for a big givaway on the first week, maybe even longer. My characters are based on in-depth observation and research, since I’m a lover of human nature and character. This is also why I specialized in profiling based on psychology and medical astrology. For a free personal profile see this post.

Conclusion is, all good things started with a passion that couldn’t be boxed into a category. Let’s see some examples:

  • Toothpaste was invented long before the first dentist walked the Earth. More info here.
  • The best addiction counselors are experienced former addicts, not trained therapists. Allen Carr is a wonderful example.
  • The most successful mentors and life coaches aren’t teachers or professors, but people with a calling, with a passion. Take Marie Forleo, for example.

These people don’t fit in a category. They shape categories. They coin. They’re ice-breakers and pathfinders. And you can be one of them.

Leave a comment with your own passions. What do you enjoy doing? Is it writing, cooking, building, sewing, or something so new that it cannot be defined in a few words? Fell free to use as many as you like. VERY IMPORTANT! Feel just as free to advertise for yourself, if you already have a product or services. Tell us about it in your comment. Next time it could be your special products or services that are featured on this site. Looking forward!

Tell me the motto you live by, and I’ll tell you who you are

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time: You leave a comment with

  • your life motto
  • date, place and time of birth
  • an e-mail address where I can send you  your personal profile with focus on your strengths both on professional as well as on love level (for example what career would suit you best and what is most attractive of your personality).

If you have privacy concerns you can send me your contact details and birth info at, and only leave your motto in the comment.

If you’re wondering whether I’m “equipped” to do this the answer is yes. In my teaching career I’ve studied and researched heaps on general and educational psychology, which I like to blend with medical astrology.

These profiles will be tailored on your unique person and personality and I’ll work it “by hand”. This means that I’ll be completely concerned with you and only you while I do it.  Once a week I’ll let one of these profiles inspire me and write a novel scene starring the “literary avatar” (of course also with a fictional name) of the chosen person, which I’ll then publish. I’m looking forward to your comments, the wonders and depths of your personality! Until then, here’s some free reads for you to enjoy: The Executioner.



The Executioner Episode 13 and UPDATE Book Release

Now this is the lucky number – 13. Haha! Here goes part 13 of my upcoming – FREE for one week – novel “The Executioner”, a big chunk of which I promised to publish online on this blog. Here is me keeping my promises. Will reveal a glimpse into the approved cover soon, so stay tuned: the sexy villain, fog and all, as they so lovely say. BROAD GRIN. Go all through to the end of this post. There’s a surprise for YOU! So here we go.

Novel Synopsys:

When she meets heartthrob Damian Novac, shy student Alice develops a heavy crush against her best wishes. Hoping to get close to him, she joins Damian and friends on a winter trip in the Carpathian Mountains – a choice that will change her life abruptly. When the train derails in high snow, they seek refuge at an abandoned cottage, but soon people of their group start losing their minds and dying. Alice barely escapes with Damian and some of their friends, only to realize she’s far from safe even back home. A shady corporation that conducts experiments on humans and which had ‘engineered’ Damian into something monstrous many years before is on their trail. A man of secrets and obscure powers, Damian might be a villain or a hero. Though aware of the danger he poses, she can’t fight the obsession that draws her ever deeper. Will Damian become her lover or her executioner? forbiddenlove

Pic source

Tony stayed until after the last class that evening. He waited for us every break. He must’ve really wanted to redeem himself. I decided to give him a chance, only not the kind he would’ve wanted and expected, for sure.

“Listen, Tony,” I cut off his blabbering, smile broad, eyes soft, hand light on his shoulder, all rounded enough to convey the show as far as to the corner Damian’s group had gathered in. “Let us talk about this in a more comfortable place. Standing tables aren’t exactly suitable for long stories, so why don’t we go to Portofino?”

Surprised by my friendliness Tony agreed, babbling and grinning at the same time. But, contrary to what I’d expected, Damian didn’t follow us to the cozy restaurant on the corner between campus and the main road.

It was already evening. The place felt as welcoming as ever, the orange walls adorned with paintings of fishermen throwing nets in calm seas as hospitable as the broad tables laid with shell-shaped dishes. Ruxandra was pretty creative when it came to stories, so she even gave him details about this imaginary peasant granny who’d fed us homemade bread and roasted pork. It felt a bit like the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, with Rux often displaying a disturbed expression as if she remembered watching someone being chained and stuffed with food, then sliced open.

Tony made himself smaller and smaller in his chair, eyes wide like onions as he constantly expected a sharp edge to the story that Rux’s glowering and tone threatened with. Soon unable to put up with the game I myself had initiated, I suggested we continued some other time. “It’s getting late,” was the lame excuse. Plus, after an hour at the restaurant Damian still hadn’t made his entry, which meant that my attempt at making him jealous had failed. But, as we emerged from Portofino there it was, his 98’ BMW 3rd series, black with dark windows, parked by the restaurant.

Damian himself was nowhere to be seen, yet for a moment I hoped with all I had that he’d somehow been watching us, concealed, eating his heart out in jealousy. But the theory shattered when Damian appeared with Svetlana and two laughing couples from the neighbored gas station. They’d most probably had their dinner at the Hey fast food, a modern furnished place, loved by many of our fellow students. For some reason Ruxandra dragged me out of the way that very moment.

The bus ride home allowed Tony the opportunity to talk about himself. He’d sold his car to pay for his last year of studies at a private – and bad – university, and now he no longer lived with his mom, but with three friends in a rented apartment at the Lighthouse. I don’t remember details, since I was drowning in morbid jealousy, my mind spinning around Damian. I felt powerless at the thought of him and Svetlana, and used at how he’d had me give his blade a hand job last night.

Tony accompanied us to the gate. I wasn’t even angry with him anymore. Tonight he’d been merely an instrument that had failed its purpose and I honestly didn’t have the slightest feeling of guilt about it. He’d used me in far more vile ways, so this was the least he could do for me – accept my returning the favor.

Ruxandra didn’t explain why she’d dragged me after her from the Portofino until a week later, which passed with me overthinking Damian’s words and actions from our short moment of intimacy on the Marvimex evening. She sent Tony for coffee – poor guy was going out of his way visiting every day on campus – and bent sideward to me. She spat the words quickly in my ear.

“Don’t look now, but Novac’s been watching you. Whenever you glance at him, he looks away.”

And once again butterfly wings flapped like crazy in my stomach.

“He’s sure wondering what’s the deal with Tony,” I sneered. “He already made it clear he means to protect me, he owes it to Dad. As he does keeping his whore warm.”

“Listen, I don’t have the time to deal with your frustration, but know this: Last week at the Portofino I made you look away from him on purpose. No matter how well versed he is and how detached he managed to appear, I had a feeling he knew exactly where you were at any given time. I was right. Whenever you turn your eyes from him, his settle on you. He even followed the fucking bus every night, Alice.”

Another flapping of butterfly wings that I struggled to repress.

“That only confirms what I told you. He’s playing the bodyguard.”

“Oh, yeah? Even here, in the full cafeteria, where nothing can happen? When you’re with your back at him, he’s drinking you in. It’s growing more obvious by the day. Even Svetlana noticed.”

Her eyes flicked to the woman, and mine followed. Indeed, she was glaring at me, while Damian talked to another campus heartthrob, Gino Bogza – the blond Elven Prince, how I liked to call him.

“Rux, he’s just keeping an eye on me, making sure I don’t roll on my back and fall like a baby just when he’s not looking or something.” I let my shoulders slump, tired and hopeless. “I’m just gonna wait until this is all over. Dad is with the R.I.S., protected, Hector’s on the case, and I . . . I’m giving up. We’re not gonna be able to solve anything where the police and the R.I.S. can’t. BioDhrome, the Executioner, Damian, these are huge fish . . .”

“You’re talking gibberish,” Ruxandra interrupted. “Don’t you think we can help if we share what we know?”

“I don’t know what to think anymore . . .”

“Here’s what we’ll do. I’m gonna go see Hector. Maybe we do know a bit more than he does, and maybe we could put together what we have. And I’ll ask about your Dad, too.”

“No. Damian said Dad is safe as long I don’t try to find him. We might be followed if Hector takes us to his hideout.”

You might be followed. You’re his daughter and possibly still BioDhrome’s target. Maybe you were their target all along, if we are to trust the R.I.S. and your lover boy, which is the sound thing to do.”

“He’s not my lover boy,” I snapped.

“Stop that. You’re crazy about him and he’s crazy about you. He watches your every move, which means he won’t bother wondering where I am. I don’t matter to him or BioDhrome, so nobody will follow me. And I swear, if I have the slightest feeling I’m being tailed, I’ll abort mission.”

I nodded with a heavy heart and let her go. But after Ruxandra leaked out of the cafeteria, leaving me in Tony’s company, I also saw the downside. My ex wasn’t getting off my back anytime soon, now that we were alone.

He refused to go to his university and waited for me in the cafeteria on the next break too. I would’ve loved to know Damian’s reaction to this, but every time I glanced at him he happened to look away. Frustrating. Then I had the most brilliant idea to lose Tony, whose constant presence was starting to get on my nerves. I decided to attend Dr. Anton Barbu’s Educational Psychology class from 18.00 P.M. I originally intended to skip today, since it was late and already dark outside, but since Damian would apparently follow the bus home at any hour, I should’ve been safe.

“I can wait,” Tony said.

“No, don’t. We might stay for debates after class. It could get really late.”

“Then just call me when you’re done.”

“Okay, I will,” I lied with a smile.

It relieved me to see him walk out, but I was certain he’d wait outside for at least half an hour to make sure this wasn’t a strategy of mine to lose him. Tony and I had been a couple for over three years and I knew all too well that behind this fresh contact façade he was still a patronizing bastard.

The cafeteria was now a more pleasant venue with only a few students left, rain trickling down the tall nightly windows, and dimming lights. To my dismay, as I glanced to the place where Damian should’ve been, it was empty. He’d left. A chill went through my chest. I looked at my cell – Still enough battery for a few hours. If panic took me, I could still call Officer Sorescu, Mom or Ruxandra.

Despite the late hour and the scarce attendance, Dr. Barbu’s lectures always took place in a great aula, its amphitheater shape reminding me of ancient Greek plays. I loved attending seminars and lectures in these halls, wood-paneled symbols of history. A thin man in a tweed suit, bald on top of his head but with jet-black hair on the sides, the proud bearer of a Poirot-style mustache, Dr. Barbu always made an impression. A famous and infamous psychiatrist whose name reverberated as far as the Sorbonne, he intimidated not only us, but also the living shit out of the Rector. I guess that’s how he got the monopoly over the psych classes of all faculties.

He had everybody’s attention in a matter of seconds, and not because his lecture was fascinating – as you might falsely expect from psych classes – but because all people present desperately needed to pass his exam. Now that was a difficult task. His phrasing was complicated both in speech and writing, so we mostly strained to get just passing grades, while attendance added a few points. Right before the clock above his lectern struck the end of class, while I was already gathering my stuff, one sentence apparently spoken louder and clearer than all others before it sent a power current up my nape.

“More on gene-generated compulsions, their manifestations and how to identify them in Dr. Nathaniel Sinclair’s ‘Facets of the Nuclein’, available at the city library.”

My head snapped up. The professor was just writing the book’s title down a list on the blackboard. Recognition smacked me full in the head. I’d read five pages of a book written by Dr. Nathaniel Sinclair up in the mountains. The book had belonged to Marius Iordache.

To be continued . . .


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