UPDATE Release Schedule

Here it is, folks, the release schedule starting August/September 2021. Things might change slightly here and there because I focus on the series you guys tell me would love to see continued, but I can guarantee this: It’s going to be an exciting year. Here are the series that I’m looking forward to most:

Beginning of September/Mid-September- Owned by the Cruel Prince (Book 5 in the Fae of Darkness Series)

End of October – Vampire Rockstar (Vampires Series)

November – Legends of the Fae Book 1 (NEW Series)

December – Legends of the Fae Book 2 (NEW Series)

December – Christmas fae story (novella in the universe of Fae of Darkness)

January 2022 – Legends of the Fae Book 3

February 2022 – Lucifer Rising (Dangerous Warlocks)

March 2022 – Dragon Chronicles Book 3

April 2022 – Legends of the Fae Book 4

May 2022 – Vampires Series Book 4

June 2022 – Vampires Series Book 5

Other surprise books may appear within this schedule or change it ever so slightly, so stay tuned! Plenty of surprises along the way.

P.S. REGARDING THE MAJOR ARCANA ACADEMY SERIES. I always listen to my readers regarding what they’d like to read next, and sadly the Major Arcana Academy has ranked lowest. Still, becuase I really hate leaving things unfinished, I WILL get around to it. It’s just the only series regarding which I can make no promises of a release date. Expect the last book in the Major Arcana series to appear somewhere along the schedule of 2022, I will be working on it on breaks and weekends. Cheers and love.

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