Prince of Midnight is live!

It’s the 20th of December and, as promised, Prince of Midnight just went live! It’s there for you to grab it, if you like, plus!–You won’t have to wait long for the sequel, Prince of Obsession. It will hit the Zon as soon as the 18th of January, and you know what? Get used to it. I have a new book planned for every month of 2019, so there will be a lot of fun! (And a lot of interesting stuff about vampires, shifters and other supernatural creatures)

The plot takes place in the Carpathians, is related to Dracula and Dracula’s castle, and the book is similar to the work of Christine Feehan. So, if you enjoy Christine Feehan books, you might love this one, too : )


4 thoughts on “Prince of Midnight is live!

  1. I am smitten with amazement, mesmerized, and a tiny bit deep!y mesmerized with your novels and I love how your writing connects to the love that hides in our darkness. It just happens, I am writing a story of the wolves of Dacia in the Carpathian mountains. See what a dramatic influence you are on me.:-)

      1. I certainly do have a link. here is the latest scene. I’ll reply to your email soon. Working 14 hour days lately but that is changing this weekend and start of the new year will be normal. I’ll have much more reading time and I think here with you dear Cuzz is the well spring of my inspiration.

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