The Soul Trapper is LIVE!

The day has finally come! The story of Saphira and The Marquis  has been met with enthusiasm by its readers, and it’s now available on Amazon under the title The Soul Trapper! It’s been a long and beautiful journey that I would embark on again anytime! I can only hope the next story will take me on just as wonderful a ride!

Here’s the final blurb of The Soul Trapper:

Saphira is cursed with exceptional beauty. To her parents, she’s a goldmine. They want to find her a rich husband to save their own failing business. Enter the Marquis, a wealthy assassin with a secret grudge against Saphira’s parents and the rest of the town’s elite. 

Forced into an arrangement she can’t escape, Saphira is pulled down a dark path of revenge. Certain she won’t survive the Marquis’s plot, she tries to keep her sanity by doing the one thing she knows how–she paints him. What she doesn’t expect is that her nemesis has another face only she can see. And that she has hidden powers of her own, powers that can either redeem or doom his soul.

For fans of The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Phantom of the Opera, Charlotte Bronte and gothic love stories

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