Tell me your story, and I’ll tell you who you are – Personality test 3

Tell me your Story, and I’ll tell you who you are. Welcome to the third test of the series! As always, please take a look at the book descriptions below – at first there is no cover, no title, only the description of the book. You’ll discover title and cover at the end of the post, after you’ve gotten your interpretation.

Which of the stories described below do you feel resonates with you best? The titles will be revealed at the end, along with the interpretation of your choice – what it says about your hidden personality. Make sure you read the descriptions and make your choice before you scroll down to the interpretations, titles and covers. Enjoy!

  1. A family torn by a grim bloodline curse; an unnamed man arrives at the house of his friend, Roderick Usher, having received a letter from him in a distant part of the country complaining of an illness and asking for his help. Roderick has been sick lately, afflicted by a disease of the mind, and wrote to his friend, our narrator, asking for help.
    Roderick indeed appears to be a sick man. He suffers from an “acuteness of the senses,” or hyper-sensitivity to light, sound, taste, and tactile sensations; he feels that he will die of the fear he feels. He attributes part of his illness to the fact that his sister, Madeline, suffers from catalepsy (a sickness involving seizures) and will soon die, and part of it to the belief that his creepy house is sentient (able to perceive things) and has a great power over him. He hasn’t left the mansion in years. The narrator tries to help him get his mind off all this death and gloom by poring over the literature, music, and art that Roderick so loves. It doesn’t seem to help.
  2. It’s always been a bit of a joke, since Gretyl started dating him. When your names are Ansel and Gretyl, you have to have a bit of a sense of humor about it. What isn’t funny, is the fact that her father doesn’t approve of twenty year old Ansel for his seventeen year old daughter. After much thought and discussion, the young love struck duo decide to strike out on their own, and Gretyl runs away from home with Ansel to his granny’s house deep in the woods. It doesn’t take long for Gretyl to see that something is wrong. When Ansel tells her the whole truth about his granny and himself, it turns out to be a tough cookie to swallow.
  3. Science unearths a deadly prophecy… A serial killer is on the loose, depositing his victims’ hearts amid the Toltec ruins of central Mexico. Meanwhile, a priceless Mesoamerican artifact is stolen from the University of Utah, sweeping archaeologists Anthony Peet and Lori Dewson on a desperate recovery mission south of the border. Accompanied by a reluctant colleague, an enthusiastic young journalist and a Yaqui woman in mourning, the team must decipher clues hidden within the Aztec sunstone, mystical Toltec Pyramids and astronomical calendar rounds to find the priceless effigy of Quetzalcoatl. They suddenly find themselves in a race against the coming solar eclipse, all the while dodging a corrupt Mexican police force still on the hunt for the sadistic murderer – a killer who’s chosen one of them for his next human sacrifice.
  4. 70,000 years ago, the human race almost went extinct.
    We survived, but no one knows how.
    Until now.
    The countdown to the next stage of human evolution is about to begin, and humanity might not survive this time.
    The Immari are good at keeping secrets. For 2,000 years, they have hidden the truth about human evolution. They have also searched for an ancient enemy–a threat that could wipe out the human race. Now the search is over.
  5. The small bedroom community of Monrovia skyrockets into the news. This sleepy little area, nestled up against the foothills, is probably best known for their football team, but that was yesterday’s news.
    Three girls have vanished. Notes left behind have an “H” and an “S” with red dripping off them. People’s minds automatically go to the horror of 1969 and wonder if someone else is about to initiate “Helter Skelter.”
    A group of teens, Wildcat Crew, doesn’t think so. Despite the police looking at a trouble teen, they focus on another teen whose past has some dark secrets. As the city moves toward the summer solstice, these intrepid investigators work diligently on solving this case before someone else vanishes into the canyon.


  1. You’re profoundly in touch with your innermost self. Afraid or not of your demons, you face them, and sometimes even challenge them. Your imagination is rich, and you may be able to get yourself out of just about any situation. Often devious and shady.
  2. You’re a lively, positive person and, while you’re understanding of people’s struggles, and many seek your company and advice, you have little patience for drama queens. Lively mind and energetic spirit, you’re often the heart of the party. People want to be around you.
  3. You have an inquisitive mind. You probably have a considerable baggage of knowledge, which makes you highly discerning; you tend to focus on the essential, and you see through pretense easier than other people; you may be quiet, but if someone gets you started, the night can be long.
  4. You blend in well in the world; whether you’re aware of it or not, you fit in easily; you know how to ride the mainstream, but you also have original ideas; your personality is well balanced between intro- and extroversion; you’re interested in people and their stories.
  5. You have the ability of enjoying things that are different more than other people; you’re probably a so-called “early adopter”; you’re the one who will give the newbie a chance; you may have an urge to fight the status-quo, but you don’t necessarily have to scratch more than the surface of new things; you like having a bit of everything.

Titles revealed:

  1. Your story is: The Fall of the House of Usher, by Edgar Alan Poe
  2. Your story is: Gretyl and the Witch, by Rachael Tamayo
  3. Your story is: Effigy, by Theresa Danely
  4. Your story is: The Atlantis Gene, by A.G. Riddle
  5. Your story is: The Case of the Vanishing Girls, by K.C. Sprayberry


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