Do women really prefer muscular men?

It’s one of those questions, isn’t it? What research has come up with is easy to summarize: most men who take on to building their muscles do it in order to get themselves a sexual partner easier, but there are also those who do it simply because they are high powered achievers by nature. So which one of these two types do women prefer, if at all one of them? The latter category is made of men pumped with testosterone, determination, strength, and the right attitude. Pair all these things with bada$$ muscles, and there you have him – the alpha male many women do indeed slobber for. He’s Mars in Scorpio on steroids, he’s the guy everybody wants to be around, men and women alike.

But is it enough to keep her? Research but also my personal inquiries (which include a sample of 22 women who have at least once had a sexual relationship with a muscular man) that if the respective man does display the qualities of the second type (high-powered achievers, alpha makes), they want them in the long run, and they do have priority.

But this type of man is rather the exception than the rule. More often then not, the gals run into type one, namely muscle-on-demand type of over-groomed divas. This type of man often comes with an unhealthy dose of narcissism that we gals rarely take into account. Here, gals do tend to get rid of the men after a night or two, and look for another type of masculinity that satisfies them on more profound levels.

Me, I do indeed go for the high powered achiever, alpha-male type of man in my romances, and often go for the muscles, too, but not always. Damian Novac in the The Executioner is a muscle tank, but the upcoming Marquis is more of a dark Dorian Gray type of lad. A dazzling boy of obscure powers. So alpha masculinity isn’t always in the bicep, not even in the romance novel world.

How about you guys? What is your experience with this topic? I’d love to read about your view on this.


3 thoughts on “Do women really prefer muscular men?

  1. Men and women all have a fantasy of their partner profile. Sometimes the fantasy doesn’t work out in real life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being attracted to a particular type of man or woman but, as you wrote, it takes more than physical stature to hold on and make the relationship work.

    1. Amen. Another fascinating thing that I came across is that, against all odds, people don’t necessarily have sexual compatibility with their “type” of partner, but with the least likely type of person. I’ve heard of a few situations 🙂

      1. Actually, I think finding compatibility in a least likely person is where one could possibly find their greatest love. I do feel like what I consider as my “fantasy” woman would, in reality, not give me a second glance or a second chance. So, she will remain a fantasy. You know I have the keenest interest in understanding the mystery and magic of attraction and you, Dear Cuzz, are the wise Oracle I come to.

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