10 less popular truths about love

Psychology has shown more than once that human life revolves around love. A broad topic that’s been approached in all ways possible, and is yet far from exhausted. Especially us, writers, explore it in novels, short stories, novellas, seeking to satisfy our cravings and curiosities. One of my own personal favorites? – Is eternal infatuation with one partner possible? I’ve been exploring this one for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, I have deep appreciation for the “good wine”, the profound love that begins once the testosterone level has dropped and the juices of lust have dried, but I still relish it when voltage stirs the butterflies in my stomach. In my psychology research for my stories I came across many valuable pieces of information, and here is a sneak peak – some of the less popular truths about love.

  1. People look for very different types of love. Do not assume your lover is looking for the same as you are. You may be driven by a need for consuming love, while your partner seeks profound friendship. The variety is endless.
  2. You’ll like this one – You might mistake fear for indifference or irritability. Your partner may have chosen distance in order to protect themselves.
  3. You may be surprised by a desire to leave a partner that you love. Even by the desire of being with someone else. Such thoughts are normal, and they are born from fear. It is wisest not to act on them until time validates them.
  4. You’ll sometimes feel that you’re too good for the person you’re with.
  5. Having children does not strengthen relationships. It weakens them. Exhaustion and a feeling of being overburdened take a heavy toll. Work is required in order to grow from that.
  6. Keeping the romance alive over the years requires hard work and psychological finesse. Education on the subject is paramount. Read, read, read.
  7. You’ll often feel offended, and you’ll feel the need to insult back.
  8. The first time your partner will belch in your presence without apologizing will hit you hard. That’s when they’re getting too comfortable, and you’re starting to feel taken for granted. Yes, it’s the beginning of the end.
  9. Sometimes you may cause each other pain on purpose, and it’ll have nothing to do with fluffy handcuffs and red bedrooms.
  10. The greater the love, the greater the risk.

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18 thoughts on “10 less popular truths about love

      1. 5. 5 was definitely a surprise to me. It’s incredible how two people who otherwise get along extraordinarily well come to clash when it comes to the kid. Things that don’t bother us about each other normally (or that we even admire, like spirit of adventure) suddenly become menacing, looming over the kid’s future. Exhaustion, the toll it takes on your privacy and your free time, it was unexpected. I mean, in books and movies babies bring couples together. Things are very different in real life 🙂 Now we’re over the challenge, but we had a hard time.

      2. Wow! Those are difficult phases, or so I remember from my own 🙂 Mine is only 2, and he’s not so terrible as the Terrible Twos threatened with, but still

  1. I love these peeks into love psychology. #8 was an eye opener. For many years I’ve heard that when a man belches like Mount Vesuvius or farts like a mule in front of his girl, he is signaling that he is accepting her in his inner sanctuary and that is a sign of bonding. I’ve tested this theory in elevators and it seems to be false. 🤣💨✨💔

    1. Dear cuzz, I was also surprised to find things are indeed often different. The partner at the other end of the line often prefers not being let into the sanctuary, but worshipped on top of it 🙂

      1. Yes, I think the top of the sanctuary syndrome is another good truth to explore. There is usually only room for one or none and someone is left feeling disappointed. Just kidding about the elevator 😉

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