What does your Shadow say about you? – Personality Test

Welcome to a new personality test that will help you explore yet further the depths of your psyche. Today we have a special treat. The word “shadow” is a powerful one in psychology, and the associations we make to it say a lot about who we are – or fear to be. So, as always, I’ll ask you to please take a look at the book titles (or potential book titles) below, and decide which one would best suit a book in which you’d play the protagonist! As always, please try to enter a relaxed state of mind, in which you can feel rather than make your decision.

  1. Silver Shadow
  2. The Shadow Prince/ess
  3. Beyond the Shadow
  4. The Shadow God
  5. The Name of the Shadow


  1. Your demons are in the open. You don’t really fear them, nor do you find them ugly. You may be quite comfortable with your dark side. Saying you wear your heart on your sleeve may be a bit overboard, but you’re a sincere personality.
  2. You know you have valuable strengths. Ambition and confidence are words that define you. You may be somewhat manipulative when you deem it necessary, and you don’t really feel bad about it either.
  3. You’re an explorer – especially of your own soul and those you care about. You may be a good “therapist” kind of friend. Beware of energy vampires – some people are all about complaining and poison, and may abuse your powers and kindness.
  4. You feel the human being has limitless potential. Deep down you believe in the divine character of humans, and you’re willing to start on the tough journey of discovering and unlocking. You may feel that humans are descendants of gods.
  5. You’re extremely profound. You may have a love of reading, with special interest in philosophy and mythology. For many people you’re a delight to talk to, and quite fascinating. You’re mysterious and maybe compelling.

I’m cat-curious what you got, so please leave a comment with your choice if you feel comfortable sharing. For more hot psychology and mystery subscribe to this blog and follow me on Twitter and Facebook. You can always check out the Personality Tests section on this site (above) or scroll down the older posts. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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22 thoughts on “What does your Shadow say about you? – Personality Test

    1. Hmmm, I couldn’t quite decide because I make them and I’m biased 🙂 But I’ll look at them with a fresh eye in a few days, now I’m curious too about myself 🙂

      1. It must be hard for you to look at these objectively. I can appreciate that. Do you think the reason you took up psychology was to find out about how you tick or others?
        🙂 x

      2. That’s a very good question! It was less about myself, because I suffered as a child because of self-centered adults, and I try to focus on others. But I wanted to know if my crush liked me too, I wanted to learn how to read him. That was my primary motivation when I took up psychology seriously at the age of 12 (My mom is a psycho-analyist, so I took up psych much earlier, actually). Now, as an adult, my motivations are more refined 🙂

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