5 thoughts on “Some Fun for a change

    1. Hehehe, incredible the effects of the New World, dear Chris. We see a female image, and the first thing we think of is “maybe it’s a guy dressed as a woman.” Happens a lot to me. Our compass of normal sure has shifted poles 🙂

  1. Hyperion

    That little story NEVER gets old! I laughed my butt off and the image goes with it perfect. You have a good eye for humor. Don’t stop! 😉

    1. Thank you, dear muse 🙂 With the flu these past days I found many funny things to think of. Must’ve been the fever indeed. Can’t get the drunk dwarf Gimli out of my head with his, “It’s the dwarves who go swimming with small, hairy women.”

      1. Hyperion

        At least you can find humor in such a trying time. I think I can’t get Gimli’s remarks out of my head either now. 😂

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