Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet Saturday is here! : ) I’m loving this Meet and Greet project every day more. Since I started it I discovered blogs that bring value to the world, focusing on different fields and approaching them in a unique way. Special blogs, special people, special topics and special approaches. Some of these blogs I’ve discovered from other bloggers’ recommendations, so please, by all means, if you follow blogs that have impacted your life or that you regularly read with pleasure and interest, let me know, I’ll sure check them out. Now these are the bloggers I’d like to introduce to you today:

ThePowerOfQuantumThinking is a blog that addresses sensitive matters in a new way. The author is a rather mathematically inclined man, whose reflections are somewhat different, as the title of his blog suggests. He provides for good and inspiring reads.

MyMindFullLivingDiary. A different approach to mindfulness. It teaches the reader to meditate in an easy, effective and sensoric way. This article has me hooked.

Leadership Freak is a business blog, but Dan’s tips on leadership are valuable in many more fields than just business. It helps us understand other people and their actions, teaches us how to react to them and how to make the best of our relationships.

Looking forward to your recommendations, propositions and links! Subscribe to the blog to get notifications about new posts (personality tests and stories), or follow me on Twitter at @AnaCalinAuth, I’d be happy to know you : )

8 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

  1. Thanks for the recommendations for blogs again this week, Ana

    I see from the photo at the top, you must have accepted the offer of a cup of coffee from a Ragnar Lothbrok lookalike when he offered to buy you a cup of coffee while you were reading a book in a coffee shop as Daniel mentioned in his Friday Coffee Klatsch. 😀

  2. Hyperion

    Another worthy selection, Ana! I liked Leadership Freak because he has a cool name. I’m partial to Dan for some reason. IDK. . .:D

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