The Fight – Ep. 15 of “The Marquis”

The Marquis shields me from the other serpents. I can’t bring myself to stand, tasting mud in my mouth, my fingers clawing the pasty earth, the rain battering my back.

I try to tell myself this isn’t real, but every bit of my body feels the reality. Serpents squirm, some tangling with each other and building a slimy circle around the Marquis and me. They look like him, the torsos of men with monster faces, and serpent tails.

Suddenly, one of them launches toward the Marquis, whose long claws shoot out from his fingertips and slash the creature while it’s still in the air. It falls to the ground, writhing and whistling, but only a second later another one swings forward.

The Marquis’ tail coils around my body, his dragon scales wet and slippery as it slides on my skin, tightening until it immobilizes my arms along my torso. He lifts me in the air, away from the snakes. I close my eyes tightly to reduce the vertigo as the tail’s jerks scramble my brains.

When I manage to open them again the Marquis is high on the curve of his tail, holding me even higher. I panic as I watch his claws slash at incoming offensives. Snakes fall left and right, and the ground begins to spin away from me as the Marquis pirouettes and drives me higher up in the air. Gravity seems to pull at my stomach, it feels like a falling rock.

The Marquis turns his face to me from beneath, his blister-like eyes apparently bleeding, as well as his black lips. One of the attackers takes advantage of this break in the Marquis’ focus and jumps at him, thrusting its teeth in the muscle between his neck and his shoulder.

His whistle stabs my eardrums, but even though his pain is obvious his tail doesn’t slacken off me. His sways are jerky as he retreats with me towards the manor that I’ve tried so hard to escape, while his torso dashes forward. He bites the snakes again and again, swift like a huge cobra. He’s stronger and faster than them, so fast that his attacks add to my vertigo.

Once we’re inside the chilly manor, the doors thud closed. The Marquis sets me gently on the cold floor, his tail unwinding from my body, but my skin still crawls after its touch. I remain lying on my back on the granite, my eyes open and my head spinning with the vaulted ceiling above.

“Why, Saphira?” The Marquis heaves. “Why did you do something so reckless?”

I roll on the side to look at him. He’s on the floor too, supporting his weight on his palms, his flesh now transparent and his veins visible through it. He’s becoming a man again, his body gaining heat, and his face morphing from a monster to a beautiful human.

“I couldn’t resist the temptation,” I murmur. The sight of him transforming fascinates me, and my mouth remains open after I’ve spoken.

“Temptation?” He looks at me with a frown, blood dripping from his shoulder.

“You’re hurt.”

“No, don’t change the subject.” He shakes his head slowly, strands of damp hair falling over his forehead. “What were you tempted by?”


He bends his head and hunches, baring his teeth in pain while his tail begins to split like a snake tongue. With a cry he throws his head back and spans like a bow. My breath catches. His tail splits into legs, ripping and bleeding until human sinews replace the serpent muscle. In a matter of seconds, the wounds close as thighs and calves take shape.

“Oh my God,” I whisper, staring in awe.

Panting hard, the Marquis drops naked on the floor, looking like a marble sculpture. His flawless skin, his lean muscles and his youthful profile stand in contrast with the monster from only moments before, but they also prove he’s not a simple man. No human can be this beautiful. The wound between his head and his shoulder now yawns wider, bloody, looking painful. My heart clenches.

“We need to get that cleaned up ASAP,” I say. “And drain the venom out.”

“The venom won’t do anything to me.” He breathes with difficulty and tries to stand, but he drops right back on his palms. He spits blood, and I panic.

“It doesn’t look like it. It looks like you’re going to die.”

“If I died, would you care?” With his head still hanging he turns his face to me, revealing the ghost of a grin. His pitch black eyes show exhaustion and pain.

I scramble up, grab his arm and swing it around my neck, winding my other arm around his waist. He puts a foot down, the muscles in his thigh flexing strong as he stands, which is great help, because he seems to weigh a ton. But that’s the last display of strength the Marquis can offer.

Blood drips on the floor as we begin to move down the hall. The Marquis limps, and I notice a wound in his hip. The corridor turns darker with every step, and a glance through the windows lining the outer wall shows heavy clouds placing the moon in shadow. The storm roars outside, and for a moment I visualize all those snakes from before flooding the manor.

“They’ll eventually crawl their way inside.” Panic’s sharp in my words.

“My study,” the Marquis mutters. “We’ll be safe there, no cracks, no openings. We’ll start the fire to block the chimney.”

We increase our pace toward the high double doors as the slimy sound of serpent slither begins to close in on us.


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Enjoyed this? Stay tuned for a new episode on Friday and check out the prequel, Saphira, in the Christmas Story Book for Adults, available here and, if you’re in for a whole novel in the same genre, help yourself to The Executioner (Part I).


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8 thoughts on “The Fight – Ep. 15 of “The Marquis”

  1. Hyperion

    I definitely think Saphira needs to move to a new neighborhood. So many snake-men on snake-night can’t be good for property values. I am fascinated with the fact the Marquis seems to be the target of others of his kind. And even more interesting is that there are so many in one place. I suspect there is a much bigger situation developing besides Saphira’s desire to escape or the Marquis’ desire for revenge. Time will tell. A chilling episode. I see Saphira’s conflict with her feelings about the Marquis succumbing to his dark charm.

    1. Dear muse, Saphira definitely needs to find a solution 🙂 The Serpents are the Marquis’ men, who transform like him and who lose control under Full Moon like predators at the scent of blood. In the next episode there will be explanation of what happened, how and why. And the relationship between Saphira and the Marquis will reach a new level as they’ll face danger together.

      1. Hyperion

        Ahhh! I understand losing control at the scent of blood. The Dragons are the same. ;-). Can’t wait to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

  2. Wow. An exciting action-filled chapter.

    WWE Wrestling and even UFC Fighting isn’t this good.

    Battle of the Snake-Men!

    The visuals in your description pack a stronger wallop than the computer generated action scenes in movies coming out of Hollywood these days.

    And all those snake men!

    I can see the Gorgon Medusa appearing on a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch taking a shower and shampooing her hair while this action sequence is shown in the background all the while she sings that song from the 1940s musical South Pacific… “I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair”…

    1. LOL you have terrific imagination, Chris 🙂 Love the scene with Medusa, it’s cinematic and very interesting. You’re a special brand, I must say. The first image my mind makes of Medusa is Uma Thurman playing this part in Percy Jackson – But I may be mistaken both about the actress AND about the movie, hehe

      1. Thanks, Ana. 🙂

        I haven’t seen the Percy Jackson movie but I’ve heard about it.

        In the movie South Pacific, a woman has just had a fight with her boyfriend.

        So she’s thinking of dumping him and as she shampoos her hair, she sings the song I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair.

        Meaning she’ll wash her hair and hopefully all thoughts of him will leave her head as well.

        Of course her boyfriend is a real romantic Frenchman and so of course her shampoo and conditioner ultimately fail as an antidote to romance and making up.

        Since this chapter dealt with snake-men, I immediately thought of Medusa singing I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair… considering what Medusa’s hair was full of.

        Of course Medusa had several snakes in her hair and so I suppose she’d have to wash more than one man out of her hair.

        Which means she’d probably have to use the Shameless Hussy’s Shampoo and Conditioner to get all those snake-men out of her hair. 😀

  3. Excellently frightening chapter, Ana! I cringed at the image of multiple snake men fighting The Marquis in my mind. Your description of his transformation back into a human was spell binding – it sounded so painful & yet I couldn’t look away. Also, I LOVE that he asked Saphira if she cared if he died. Those glimpses of his vulnerability are always excellent. 🙂 I’m off to read the next chapter now!

    1. I’m so glad the fighting was effective, dear Sara! Also, the Marquis becomes warmer and shows more of his human side soon. He strips his cold serpent skin he’s been displaying so far and will show us the man under it 🙂

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