Meet and Greet

Welcome to Saturday Six of my new project “Meet and Greet!” Once again, I’ll tell you in short what this Meet and Greet project is about:

I read the WordPress Reader as I would the morning newspaper, because the articles in the Reader are often more valuable and positive than the sensationalist and unbearably dystopian ramblings of today’s media. I come to know interesting blogs (true, I discover them often among my own followers) that have something special and authentic to offer. I’m always looking for worthwhile reading so, by all means, feel free to recommend blogs that have drawn your attention – leave a link to them plus a few words about what they stand for. I’ll be sure to check them out, as well as your own blog. There’s nothing better than reading interesting articles with a cup of good coffee, and imagining I’m drinking it with the writer themselves. Sharing is caring!

My recommendations for today are:

IndiHope is a successful (with reason) blog with focus on self-help and personal development, which offers valuable advice. What drew my attention in the first place were the quotes they post, how they rely on century-old wisdom as opposed to “pub philosophy.”

OutAnAbout is Miriam’s journal on her travels, one that goes way beyond mere description, and that captures the “spirit” of the places she visits. She immerses in the nature and surroundings, and conveys the “spirit” with skill. She sends a positive vibe that will charge your day, motivate you and make you start off with a smile on your face. Very inspiring.

Discovermarche is a bi-lingual (English-Italian) blog about lifestyle in Italy, full of culture and adventure and that will brighten your days. On many a morning I travel to Discovermarche with my coffee. I’m considering setting a story in Marche, just because of this blog. Nature, culture, wine, you’ll feel on a romantic journey.

Looking forward to your recommendations, propositions and links! Subscribe to the blog to get notifications about new posts (personality tests and stories), or follow me on Twitter at @AnaCalinAuth, I’ll be happy to connect.

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22 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

    1. You’re very welcome, Miriam! It was an honest recommendation, I truly appreciate your work. I’ll be checking out your recommendations with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Mmmm, looking forward to it 🙂

  1. Hyperion

    I enjoy the idea of meeting new bloggers. Here is someone close to you, I’ve followed since my first week in the blogosphere. Jennifer Paetsch of Berlin drives Little Monster Girl. It’s an adult-themed comic strip with serial stories that are simply hilarious and clever. Jennifer also introduces other blogs on her Internet Buffet regular post. She has done commissioned art for me and the family loves it. The comments section is just as entertaining with Jennifer’s engaging style and all her fans. Check out Zela the Little Monster Girl at Click on one of the chapters and follow along as Zela takes on an adventure in her natural world with her trusted animal friends.

      1. Hyperion

        This is a lot of fun. I’m a huge fanboy of Zela’s. She’s my kinda girl, LOL! You’ll see me and Gary professing our enamored opinions on every post.

  2. Hi Ana,

    I just noticed tonight that my friend and fellow writer Timothy Wood now has a blog up and running here at WordPress.

    I first met Tim at another blogging site Journalspace back in 2005 and we’ve been friends ever since.

    Back in 2011, Tim asked me if I would be the godfather to his new grandson Joshua James.

    I accepted.

    Tim lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

    He is a great writer despite having a life long battle with dyslexia.

    When he was a child, the local school board refused to enroll him in school because they figured a child with his handicap would never learn to read.

    Angered by their decision, Tim’s grandmother took him under her wing and taught him to read using The King James Bible, the plays of William Shakespeare, the novels of Sir Walter Scott, the novels of Charles Dickens and the novels of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.

    He then wrote the reading comprehension test, passed with flying colours and was enrolled in the local school.

    Tim has self-published six novels as an indie author.

    Here is his blog:

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