MEET and GREET – Special Blogs

Welcome to Saturday Four of the new project “Meet and Greet,” in which I talk about blogs that I discovered (given, often among my own followers) and that have something special to offer the world. Please feel free to recommend blogs that have drawn your attention, and I’ll check out yours as well. Here are my special recommendations for today:

Mental Health Today – the name says it all; this special blog writes about psych issues of our times. Check out their latest article about codependency, truly enlightening.

Fonz and Cancer – is the very special blog of Mark, who won the battle against cancer and writes daily to encourage others in difficult situations. What he did is huge, and it has given him experience and wisdom from which he can truly feed us.

Leadership Freak – is savvy in the field of business and not only. If you are in a position of leadership or aim for a position of leadership, this is the blog you need for hot tips and teachings.

These are really special blogs worth checking out, for that I give you my word. Looking forward to your recommendations, propositions and links!

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