RECOMMENDATIONS – Blogs with varied focus, all of them priceless

As promised, here comes the Saturday with the three blog recommendations I said I’d deliver you guys every week, with the blogs that I’ve discovered, tried, followed and consider they provide value.

Every Saturday I will be doing this, so please feel free to leave me a link AND a few words (even one line will suffice, but I have to know what the respective link is about) about the ones that you consider of particular value, or that you have a special liking for. I’m really looking forward to your recommendations! As always, your opinion is valued and taken into account.

These are the three blogs I have really good words to say about today.

Kristen Lamb is someone who has become special to me. I’ve read her books on social media marketing, follow her blog and follow her on Twitter. Her posts and articles and books are not only valuable because they offer more worthwhile information a page than many of the MBA high-class textbooks that have been through my hands, but also because she feeds us her content with humor and a strong print of her helpful personality.

Sara Flower is a writer, but not just ANY writer. She probes places most of us are afraid to tread, places deep in the psyche where deep sorrow but also bliss are to be felt in really skillful writing. She has a crisp and to-the-point style that I very much like, she’s very visual, and she makes of the darkest depths of the psyche thrilling stories that will keep you reading with your heart in your mouth.

Gary Lum writes about food. Those of you who know me will surely ask yourself – Ana and FOOD? No way! YES. Way. After I got married I got away with bad cooking, because my husband is a master in the kitchen. But since I became a mother, Mr. Right’s fancy recipes of once a day haven’t been able to keep up, so I had to learn. Great thing is, that’s the moment when I discovered Gary’s blog, and his pictures of the dishes he makes and tries have had my mouth watering EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. If you want not only original ideas but ALSO how to make the oldest dishes taste terrific, check out Gary’s Blog.

Looking forward to your propositions, recommendations and links!

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29 thoughts on “RECOMMENDATIONS – Blogs with varied focus, all of them priceless

  1. Hyperion

    I can vouch for each of your recommendations. All three bloggers are Awesome to the Max and I enjoy them a great deal. Not only do Kristen, Sara, and Gary have great blogs and write well, they are super nice people with engaging personality. Highly recommended. Two Dragon Master thumbs up. 😀

    1. True, dear muse! Two of these bloggers I might have never come to meet if it weren’t for you, so thank you so much for all the good things that you’ve brought into my life, which are many 🙂

  2. This is awesome of you to do! I love love love when I see other bloggers promoting! I have connected with 3 blogs I didn’t know existed because of you and your generosity! That is what makes me appreciate the WP community!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Danny! It’s you who inspired me to do this – truly I admire your work – and I decided to promote three blogs every Saturday. It’s not much, but it’s a start, and surely in time the number will grow 🙂

      1. What happens is over time, people begin to trust you and appreciate your dedication to helping. I am following a pattern that bigger blogs have followed that I noticed worked wonders. And you and I got to have a great conversation today which is always awesome!!

      2. That is very true! You can always rely on me to read the content I Like, and on my honest opinion in the comments, which will always be respectful. I truly enjoy your blog very much.

      3. Well, I always appreciate honesty. It may not always be easy to hear, but in the long run it makes us better. Your comment today reminds me that I need to be careful in how I word my posts sometimes. And it is a fact I am aware of. The one thing I am learning through blogging and writing my book is that “yes” people are not of value. You must have people that are honest so you know when your stuff is good and when your stuff is crap. lol

      4. Genuine opinions – as long as expressed with respect, gently, and maybe even with affection – can make the difference between a flop and a bestseller (now speaking for books). If I didn’t have Camelia ( – I’ll talk about her work next Saturday), one of my books would’ve gone in the wrong direction. But she gently and constructively told me where I was going wrong, and she edited some of my work. With her help I got really deep in the setting and the story flowed and flowed naturally. I’d love to learn more about your book, so pray tell more! Maybe a link to some lines about it? 🙂

      5. The one that I am about to self-publish is going to be a compilation of my favorite posts from the blog. And I am finishing a rough outline of my first “real” book that will deal with failure and why it is necessary for success in anything we do.

  3. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Another blogger working hard to promote our community! I love when I see bloggers like Ana selflessly promoting others. It is what I love about blogging! And she has shared 3 great pages! Check out her page AND the 3 blogs she is promoting.

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog, dear Danny! You add fuel to my passion for helping others as well. It was you who inspired me, and I am strengthened in my determination to keep doing this. Please feel free, everyone, to recommend blogs you truly appreciate. I’d love to learn about them!

      1. And this is a perfect example of the value of commenting and reading other’s pages. Our conversation prompted me to visit your page, thus finding your post and meeting 3 new bloggers! Blogging Gold!

  4. Great post! I love finding new blogs. I found you through Danny’s reblog on Dream Big, Dream Often. I’ve added them on my list of blogs to check out after the 9 Danny recently posted about.. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Niki! I’m really glad the post inspired you to visit the bloggers, and please, if you have any recommendations of your own, I’d love to check them out.

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