RECOMMENDATIONS – My truest and most genuine appreciation for . . .

Today I learned a great lesson from a great blogger I recently discovered. He links to other bloggers as a way of helping us gain more visibility. He gave me what I think is a super idea, namely – wait for it, here it comes – to make a day of the week when I will share links to blogs I TRULY and GENUINELY believe worthy and special. This is NOT paid promotion, or promotion of friends and family. This is promotion of true valuable content, because I think the world desperately needs it. With the media being paid and manipulated into endorsing falsehood and poor quality, it is now up to us, the bloggers, to point our fingers to the real thing. To the truth and the quality.

That being said, today I’d like to recommend:

Danny, the great blogger I owe this idea to. Danny is SAVVY – which is what earned him his followers, including Yours Truly. Go over to his site and leave a link to your blog with a few words, and he will most probably link to your blog in one of his posts the following days. Make sure to check out his blog posts, for example the 10 Lies We Tell Ourselves and the one on social media from today. They’re totally worth the read, I learned from them.

Dracul van Helsing writes original vampire stories with a delicious core of COMEDY and with the wit of Sherlock Holmes. Stay tuned for an article on his debut novel, “The Giant Rat of Sumatra” on Monday.

Hyperion Sturm – a scientist and a well of wisdom, Hyperion encodes his knowledge (earned first hand) about Artificial Intelligence and newest developments in technology in the SCI-FI story of the Dragons. The romance spice and some first hand guy-advice enwrapped in Dialogue Package with a ribbon of Sexy as to HOW TO GET YOUR GUY’S ATTENTION sure kept my interest in place.

Looking forward to reading your experience with these three recommended blogs, and, of course, to your RECOMMENDATIONS. Please leave them in a few words in a comment, telling me why you consider the blogs you recommend valuable, plus link, I’d be much obliged.


Yours Truly : )

9 thoughts on “RECOMMENDATIONS – My truest and most genuine appreciation for . . .

  1. Hey, hey, there, Ana! Wie geht es dir?

    Just returned home from vacation and loads of things to settle first before sitting down and checking on you all.

    Oh yes! Chris and Daniel are one of my fav. authors and wonderful, wonderful friends. People should go and check on them, and read more of their beautiful work.

    I will check on you soon too, when work is finish over here.

    Take care! And have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thank you for the link! If you wouldn’t mind could you link to the original Share link. The one you used I move around and our link to each other will be broken. Sorry for the inconvenience. Great idea by the way!

  3. Hyperion

    Thank you, Ana! We blogoteers need to stick together. The best way for me to discover great talent is to find them on other blogs that I read. I’ve found some very talented and inspiring bloggers and their work inspires me to also bring my A game with everything I share. Great idea!

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