Inspirational Music

What does this piece make you think of ? It’s one of the musical pieces that inspires me so very much. Three words I think of when I listen to it are: infinity, echo, timelessness. What are three words you think of?

Click here for the piece.

Pic source.


8 thoughts on “Inspirational Music

  1. Wow this is quite unique! I was worried it would be a sad piece, but was pleasantly surprised by it. I can see why you are inspired by it.
    The first three words that came to mind was: Dreamy, adventurous, psychedelic.
    Thanks for sharing! ❤

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Sara. I’ll post more of Andu’s music soon. I can link to his music on you tube, since for some reason I can’t upload any here. And yes, that’s a fantastic thing about this music, that it doesn’t have aynthing sad, but rather oceanic and optimistic and epic.

  2. Hyperion

    Enjoyed Reasonandu’s Above. It actually transported me back to specific events that were at the cusp of danger yet a certain peace and acceptance was present. I thought of solitude, reflection, concurrent with busy activity.

    1. His music is very inspiring to me. He gave me two more pieces, but for some reason I’m not able to upload them, WP says they don’t support this kind of file – itunes. You know me and my talent with technology, so I’m staring at the problem ever since with a blank head, but went smart enough to link to YouTube LOL. Hadn’t been for your help, my e-book would look much different now 🙂

      1. Hyperion

        Oh yes! WP can be very contrite and difficult to play with. I have to put on my mask, fins, and snorkel and deep dive into it to get to the problems sometimes. But your link worked well. GladI could help on the ebook. It made me feel useful. It’s nice to do something that isn’t plumbing, elctrical or disfunctional toilet for a change, ğŸ˜ƒğŸŽ¶

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