Christmas Stories Suspense & Mystery for Adults

COVER REVEAL and official Story Blurbs



The day is finally here, I’m so excited about this! And so grateful that I’m allowed to share this with you guys. It is Șeila Rațiu I have to thank for this cover design of my upcoming e-book, Christmas Stories – Suspense & Mystery for Adults, which will be released on Amazon on the 22nd of December.

She has been a sweetheart working with me on this one and presenting different cover versions until we both felt it represented the feel of these stories. What do you guys think? What does the cover inspire to you?

For some hints, here are the final official blurbs of the stories:


Hyperion is a former soldier with a secret. A secret that enables him to accomplish more than a normal man, making him among the few who can fight a special kind of enemy. He’s sent to a village by the Dark Forest, where he sets up camp and begins observing his target. There’s little Hyperion doesn’t see coming and even less he can’t deal with, but his target’s young wife, Ligia, does threaten to complicate things. 


Saphira is a young artist with a curse – she’s that kind of beautiful that sells. Which her parents – business people in distress – decide to exploit, dragging her to business banquets in order to find her a rich husband. It’s at one of these banquets that Saphira witnesses murder and draws the attention of the Marquis, a killer with mysterious reasons.


Agent Lila Banks’ original mission is to get under the skin of Andrey Jones, a suspicious high profile broker. It turns out he’s a step ahead of her in every way, and forces her hand to infiltrate the Jinx Enterprises as his own spy. She has to use her F.B.I. privileges as well as her skills as a financial tracker to discover who the Jinx are paying for medical experiments that seem to result in DNA modification. But she also discovers that Andrey Jones is far more dangerous than she or even her F.B.I. superiors have anticipated. 


All these stories are linked to each other, the common core being revealed at the end of each story layer after layer. Enjoy the previous episodes of the stories here, and feel free to roam this site for many more goodies. Stay tuned tomorrow for a new quiz, what do your Spirits say about you?

11 thoughts on “Christmas Stories Suspense & Mystery for Adults

  1. Hyperion

    It truly is exciting to see this all come together. It has been a thrilling ride and the best part is on the way. You are AT2M (Awesome to the Max) Fingers crossed for a great roll-out. 😀

  2. Hyperion

    Reblogged this on Hyperion Sturm and commented:
    It’s my absolute Snoopy dancing pleasure to share Ana Calin’s cover reveal for her upcoming Book scheduled for release on 22 December. Her book includes the story on my alter ego, Hyperion. Visit Ana at her website and enjoy yourself.

    1. Thank you, dear Sara! I will be enjoying the Suicides in my holiday as well, and reviewing it, but by what I read it’s suspenseful, intriguiging and very well written. It gripped from the first paragraph – very much my thing 🙂 but work forced me out of the read. I want to read it during the day, ’cause at night I’m a bit of a chicken – I’m very serious, I’m a bit weird like that :*

      1. Thank you so much for downloading it and also for reading it! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest of the story over your holidays! And you’re the best for saying that you will review it. That means a lot!
        Good luck with your publication with your new story, and I look forward to reading!

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