Stories and Quizzes this coming week

As promised, here are the updates about the stories and quizzes ready for you this week:

On Monday the tension between Saphira and the Marquis reaches dangerous highs,

On Tuesday Lila will finally discover what Andrey Jones truly wants from her, and why he framed her as a murderer,

On Wednesday a new quiz is up – What do your Landscapes say about you? (visual),

On Thursday Hyperion takes the stage with his plot to finally rid the world and Ligia of the corrupt mayor the Swine,

On Friday a new quiz is coming up – What do your Castles say about you? (visual), and

On Saturday Saphira and the Marquis will highten the action on their Christmas Eve, while

On Sunday we’ll have the cover reveal for the Christmas Stories for Adults (Suspense&Mystery) which will comprise all these three stories, and will be released the 22-nd of December – just right as an electronic Christmas gift, quick and delicious. I’m so excited about this!

Please feel free to share your expectations in a comment – what do you envision happening in the plots, what thrills you, what you enjoy about the stories and what you’d like more. Check out all the previous episodes here, and the all quizzes here. I’m looking forward to your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Stories and Quizzes this coming week

  1. Hyperion

    Thank you for the updates, Ana! I look forward to finding out what happens to Lila, Saphira, and Hyperion and wait anxiously for the cover reveal and of course, the ebook!!! Now, I feel a Snoopy dance coming on 😀

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