Giveaway Week “The Executioner” Part I

As promised, this Sunday brings a present – you know me already, always happy to come up with presents and surprises.

“The Executioner” Part I is already available on Amazon here, but starting today it’s up for a big giveaway to all those in for a good suspense reading that will keep you turning the pages. All for one week. Leave a comment with your favorite motto (e.g. “Silence is the mother of wisdom”) (see more on the motto business here), and e-mail me at with the address where I can e-mail you the book in PDF format, so you can read it anytime, anywhere.

Let “The Executioner” Part I speak for itself, and read the first 50 pages here. To know what you’re in for, here is a blurb:

When Alice Preda meets campus heartthrob Damian Novac, she develops the heaviest crush ever. She joins him and friends on a trip in the Carpathian Mountains, hoping to get close to him, but this choice will change her life abruptly.

When the train derails in high snow, the group of students seeks refuge at a cottage in the woods, but soon they start losing their minds and dying. Alice and Damian are among the survivors and return home, but the nightmare is far from over. She discovers that a shady corporation that conducts experiments on humans and that had engineered Damian into something monstrous many years before is on their trail. 

A man of secrets and obscure powers, Damian might be a villain or a hero. Though aware of the danger he poses, Alice can’t fight the obsession that draws her ever deeper. Will Damian become her lover or her executioner?


7 thoughts on “Giveaway Week “The Executioner” Part I

  1. Hyperion

    Hi Ana! I couldn’t resist so my Kindle app now has the Executioner Part 1 loaded for this weekend. I was delighted to read you have an interest in science among other remarkable accomplishments. I work in the measurement sciences as head of a research and development effort. As they say, great minds think alike 😀

    1. Dear Hyperion, we have yet more in common that I would’ve dreamed! Indeed, I do have great interest in science and some insights, since both my mother and my father are science people. The more I learn about you, the more enthusiastic I am. I hope you’ll like The Executioner and that it’ll make your weekend a beautiful one. Meanwhile I’ll be working on a story that has me on volts, and for which I find inspiration on your site.

      1. Hyperion

        This is so nice! I love talking about the discoveries I’m working on or the interests of others. I sometimes have the greatest fun immersing my imagination in the discussion or practical application of theory.

      2. Hyperion

        Yes, this is wonderful to discover such connection through common interest. I’m sure your parents had a great enfluence on you. I can tell you have their great intellect and to read such well written prose in English, knowing it is a second language for you, is amazing. Enjoy your writing, it is a blessing. 🙂

      3. Your words are balm to me. Thank you so much for your praise and appreciation! And know that it’s requited in full. So glad we connected, there’s so much to share.

      4. Hyperion

        Ana, I look forward to a sharing many things with you, most of it a very beautiful view of the world I’ve come to know through my travel and adventure. Most of all, I look forward to learning about the things you share about your interests and your delightful family. I get the biggest smile thinking on such things. Yes, a balm – that it is. 😀

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