Writing Project Enhancement

Enhancement. Making it better, the reader experience more and more thrilling. Starting this week I will be working on adding imagistic and cinematics for Cries of the Blood, but it will take its time. Stay tuned for two episodes from Cries of the Blood next Wednesday and Saturday, with new features. Here is a snapshot at the next chapter. Because your enjoyment is my thrill.

A cry for humanity- Save Troy Davis from execu...
A cry for humanity- Save Troy Davis from execution today (Photo credit: Liamfm .)

CRIES OF THE BLOOD, Episode 13 – Introduction

I stared at him, not thinking or feeling. Seconds later I burst into laughter.

“You can’t be serious.”

Ivan didn’t reply, just waited until I dropped on the bed, open-mouthed. I wasn’t sure if he’d lost his wits or if he was simply messing with my head.

“What drives you to speak such nonsense?” I whispered, a smile still in the corner of my mouth.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t see it.” He said.

Of course I hadn’t. I hadn’t laid eyes on Dolores’ portrait and I had no idea what he was talking about. But now was the time to prove him otherwise. The image of Damian hanging on a cross if I failed to convince Ivan hit me again, fueling the lie with strong purpose. I had to keep it up until tomorrow, when Damian would take me to the west wing. Then I’d be able to deal with Ivan’s or anyone’s interrogatory.

“There may be some similarity between us, but you know how it is,” I dared, “one can’t really see it when directly involved. Do you notice the similarities between you and your father, for example?”

Ivan’s jaw tightened.

“More often that I’d like to.” He said and turned to the window again. The heavy curtains didn’t seem to block his sight, he looked lost as if he were staring into an endless horizon. Searching his own knowledge and memories, I sensed, linking data and discovering meaning. I wished he’d share the process with me.

“It doesn’t make sense, Ivan,” I said, aiming to tempt more info from him. “She lived before me. This is impossible.”

“I have yet to figure out how it works,” Ivan replied, still lost in thought. “But no one who sees that portrait can doubt it, Aura. And I’m sure it hasn’t escaped the Regent’s eye, either.”

The Regent. The cries of blood will lead me to my prize, he’d said to me. I know you well. I opened my mouth at the shocking realization, I could no longer feel my legs. I had to see her with my own eyes.

I didn’t know if it was my state of shock or Ivan’s sinking in his own thoughts that made the night bearable and silent. Ivan was deep in evaluation of data in his mind, I sensed, but he wouldn’t share it with me. I didn’t press either, glad that he gave me room and that he wasn’t asking questions.


Copyright by Ana Calin, 2013

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