Dark Romance

Feelings spinning out of control are bliss for the heart, isn’t it? Well, I know I’ve always loved strong emotions that make you shake when you’re just sitting by another’s side and I’m truly enjoying Aurelia’s and the demidemon called the Blacksmith’s love story. Their path takes unexpected new turns and I’m grateful they chose me to put them onto page, allowing me to witness everything like the most trusted friend. Thought I’d share some of the latest developments with you. Enjoy!

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Cries of the Blood, Chapter III – Excerpt

Blood pumped crazily through my veins. With a convulsive impulse I leapt towards him, tried to throw my arms around his neck and failed stupidly over and over again, like a midget straining to jump on a titan. As those bright, steel eyes fell on mine his jaw clenched and his lips tightened. I started laughing like a nutcase and stretched my arms, tracing those so clearly defined, strong features with shaking fingers. That face that my mind had been drawing in my dreams for so long felt smooth like polished granite. I sank my hands in the raven waves of his hair, my pores open as if to absorb the feel of him.

As if taken aback by my frenzy, the Blacksmith stood motionless before me, only his molten eyes betraying that he was aware of my presence and of how I was making a fool of myself. His glare was intense and focused, like that of a predator’s on its kill but right there, right then, I would have paid any price just to feel his lips on mine again. Ever since our last encounter my most intimate part moistened at the mere thought of them…

“Kiss me, please” I said desperately, my fingers clinging to what I now noticed was the dark uniform of the Cleric.

For a second there I thought he bent his head, however slightly, his gaze burning. But an instant later it turned into the glare of a hungry beast, he bared those white teeth that could bite into concrete. Strong chains coiled around my body from ankles to throat, squeezing me and sinking into my flesh until my lungs cramped and my sight became fuzzy. The last thing I heard was his deep, bass voice.

“Not this time, witch”

Then all fell into blackness.


Cries of the Blood, Chapter IV – Excerpt

It was only when I heard those familiar, strong steps that I looked up. The Blacksmith approached through the dark tunnel and the agonizing cries, his huge shadow flanked by two others. Once again his face remained hidden until the gate creaked open and he stepped into the the faint light that fogged into my cell. And once again I stopped breathing at the sight of him. For moments I was speechless, staring into that beautiful, yet brutal face with perfectly contoured features and bright turquoise eyes. It took just one moment to realize – I was utterly insane. My body hurt and shook, I was aware my life was in danger and so were the lives of Sidonia, Salma, Jarred, Hector and the Executioner. But, as despicable as it may sound, I didn’t have the strength to care. Just seeing him again, so close… the scent of wood and musk all around me, his presence so real and crushing, cast my senses in a whirl that maybe only the heaviest amounts of alcohol could have produced back when I was a Rooty.

I can’t say for how long he just stood there, his gaze fixed on me. Intense, hostile. But I remember as if it were now that when he finally walked close, his defenses cracked and his feelings seared on my flesh, like boiling oil. Instinctively, I pushed against the wall.

“What is it, Queen of Hearts, can’t you take your own doing?” he said, his voice black and deep. My skin electrified at the sound of it.

“Please…” I whispered, desperate and yet unable to plunge deeper into his heart.

“Go ahead, probe me” he mocked, clearly confident my own self-preservation instincts built up an unbreakable barrier, no matter how much I wanted to shatter it into pieces.

Against the desperate warnings of reason, the desire in my chest gave me a violent impulse. I looked straight into his face. The Blacksmith’s eyes were menacing like molten steel and throwing myself into his emotions felt as alarming as diving right into them. All my senses dared approach was the combustible nature of his feelings. They felt directed and deeply rooted like anger, wrath, maybe even hatred…   The Blacksmith won the bet, I retreated with a frustrated cry as the mere rays of his heart burned hot on my skin. Over a year ago Hector had warned me about the two ways this story with the Blacksmith would end for me. Now it was clear what choice this angel of death had made…

“Please, don’t do this” I begged, my voice thin with fear.

The corner of his mouth curled in a defying grin, he raised his chin and gripped my head in a huge, hard hand.

“You brought it upon yourself” he hissed, low. The sign that he wanted to keep this conversation private. Probably the very reason the two shadows who were accompanying him had stayed behind the gate.

“Is this why you let me live last time? To take me to my death now?”

“You know damn well I only let you live because you’d slipped those filthy tentacles of yours into my mind. A mistake I’m going to correct shortly” the last words were emphatic yet low, a deadly threat he breathed through his teeth but wanted to keep concealed from prying ears.

“I can’t…” I mumbled, smothered by the destructive, angry heat his heart wreathed around me “I can’t…”

“Take my feelings?” he laughed, bitterly. “That’s only a fraction of them, Queen of Hearts. If I were to spill my whole heart on you it would turn that treacherous Core of yours into ashes in less than a second”

His strong fingers tightened on my jaw and I sensed that he was restraining from crushing my head like an egg in his palm. His jaw clenched as he bent to me, his lips almost touching mine.

“And know this, Aurelia. One day you’ll be in my power again and when that happens I’m going to enchain you until all of your kind are dead. I’ll save you for last”

“Aren’t I in your power now?” I whispered, weak, drained and desperately wishing for him to press those hot lips on mine – the only thing I could actually think about like some love-struck teenager, blind to all else, ready to die pierced by the man I loved. I would still have paid any price… That instant I looked the truth in the face. I  saw that my feelings for the Blacksmith were a sick, dizzying fever.

“Cleric” a rough voice called from the other side of the bars. “The Regent awaits” he urged.

The Regent… The word echoed in my head, managing to bring back some small fraction of the awareness that I was not alone in this.

“The Regent?”

The Blacksmith’s broad chest vibrated with a deep laugh, his devilish eyes boring into mine.

“Oh, are you playing the fool now, Aurelia? Or maybe you would have expected a warmer reception. Well, the Regent decided to consider your proposition, but it’s only natural for him to take precautions, don’t you think?”

“Proposition?” I asked, wide-eyed, astounded. Rage flashed in the Blacksmith’s eyes, he bared his teeth in an angry, animal hiss.

“Try to lie to me again, Aurelia, and I’ll rip your heart from your chest”

Impulsively, angrily, he pulled me against his granite body. The shackles cut into my wrists again, I felt the blood swell from my flesh. I should have screeched in pain but the sound I heard from my own lips was a sigh. A sigh of pleasure at the feel of his arms around me. The molten stream of rage that came from him seemed to pour in through my eyes like hot posion that burned me from the inside out.

“You used this year well, hiding from me, learning to master what you’ve turned into and becoming the Executioner’s…” he gritted his teeth, spat out the word “lover. But a filthy witch like you always wants more, isn’t it? Power. Position. Much more than what your Nucleus could offer. Oh, yes, Aurelia, the Regent told me of your betrayal. You had it all perfectly planned, didn’t you? Except running into me…”

“Cleric” that rough voice called again, contained but firm.

The Blacksmith paused brusquely. Kept that unbearable, inhuman glare on me for moments, his face slowly regaining the perfectly carved composure I knew, framed by wild waves of black hair. The portrait of a beautiful, dangerous devil. His arms slowly loosened off me and he finally took out a key from a chest pocket. He introduced it into the locks around my wrists but had one of the hooded monks outside unlock the shackles on my ankles so he wouldn’t have to bend before me. Or anyone. He gripped my arm.

“Soon, Queen of Hearts, soon”


Cries of the Blood is a free online series. I’ll post the episodes weekly on this site. Check out the first four chapters at Cries of the Blood.

This novel is a sequel to The Blacksmith, which is available for you e-book lovers at The Blacksmith. Read the Blacksmith to understand the background for Cries of the Blood, how the love between Aurelia and the Blacksmith came to life and how she has turned from a normal human like you and me into a demiangel. YOU won’t have to wait for the sequel, Cries of the Blood, which I’ll be posting in episodes each week.

Please share your opinions on the books and your suggestions. I’d be really glad to read from you!

As always, your enjoyment is my thrill!

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