Writing Revelations

Dear fiction lovers out there,

Today I had three revelations which, honestly speaking – or writing – brought me some insight but also raised some questions. Revelation number one is…

How writing works, at least in the fiction field. That’s an issue I’ve been wondering about forever, since I’m an avid reader and the inner world of an author’s mind has always intrigued me. This revelation has been inspired by a fellow writer.  She was having a difficult day, with her son feeling sick and she herself having to struggle with a heavy head. Nevertheless, she eventually sat down at her computer and wrote a further piece of her upcoming book. She then realized that, probably due to her not feeling quite herself, the words on the page seemed unwilling to comply, although the story was vivid in her mind. Reading this I realized: that’s what defines the writing process for me as well. And this brings us to revelation number two.

The living story. The story might be ripe in your head, but the words you’re writing are not exactly your own. There’s this or that character who’s using your fingertips as an instrument, but it’s your active vocabulary they turn to in order to express themselves. My new online novel, Cries of the Blood, often won’t even let me sip the morning coffee without a scene building up in my head, making me leap in front of the computer and spill the coffee all over the keyboard. When I’m done with cursing under my breath, I start punching the keys as the characters invade me with their own thoughts. Dialog and scenes happen so fast that I feel like a court clerk who can’t type fast enough. Other days… they just seem to sleep and let me be myself for a change. This revelation yet makes me more curious than it makes me wiser, since Einstein said we can only be certain of one thing: that we can’t be certain of anything. So I’d very much like to read from you other authors and bloggers out there – yes, I’m trying to come up with a theory on this one. Do you actually actively think about the story, or does it just flow onto the page? Do words come easy or, even though the scenes and characters might be clear, do you get picky with words? Which brings us to revelation number three.

It just has to be out there. When the story takes over, if I try to postpone writing until I’m done with whatever it is that I’m doing – mostly translating – it won’t let me be, like a child tramping all over my flowerbed because he/she wants to play NOW. If I don’t comply, it takes it out on me and won’t talk to me for a couple of days. So my next question is: do you have a grip on this, or does the story play you around like a spoilt brat too?

That being said and questions being asked, I better start getting on with episode IV before its temper flares. Enjoy this second project that seems determined to put itself out there – Cries of the Blood, free online series. Your enjoyment is my thrill!

Cries of the Blood

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