PRACTICE DRAFTS. “The Blacksmith” Trailer.

Cover The Blacksmith

A passion worth living and secrets worth discovering. 

Romance and Thriller merged in a Fantasy that is actually possible. 

A woman torn between two men. One of them holds a dark secret – he is a demidemon, known among his kind as The Blacksmith. A powerful society waging war in the underground of Romania. 

Aurelia’s life and marriage to Damian take an abrupt turn when she meets the unnaturally handsome Ivan Grabianko. Ivan is Aura’s student, a forbidden fruit who challenges her morals and casts her in a fight against guilty desires, but also the main suspect when teachers start dying violent deaths. Refusing to believe that Ivan is a cold blooded murderer and convinced the police is covering the true killer’s tracks, Aura starts an investigation of her own, seeking to save herself and those she cares for. Following the available clues – DNA traces and an alias, The Blacksmith – she will find herself drawn in a war between secret societies led by superior humans, in which the Blacksmith is a purpose in himself, a deadly demon born of man. Aura will go unveiling the meaning behind the Blacksmith’s alias and dark mysteries of the very human race, yet all at a heavy cost. She will become consumed with love for a dangerous man whose innate nature is to kill.

 E-book and paperback available at The Blacksmith.



“Ivan,” Boris spoke. His powerful voice vibrated in my eardrums.

“Why don’t you make sure your friend’s first night here is worth remembering?”

Ivan gave me a wicked grin and his arm coiled around me. His perfectly carved face close to mine, those black eyes deep, abyssal.

“What do you think about that, Aura? Do you want to spend your first evening here with me?” His voice was luring and yet his expression smug. He thought my heart overflowed at the idea. But it rebelled remembering that day… the day his lips had distorted in disgust as they almost touched mine.

“Do I have a choice?” I mumbled.

“You do.” he said, spreading his arms as if the world was mine and he at my disposal “This time.”

So it wouldn’t become a habit. ‘Regulars’ like Salma surely had none.

I gulped. Then nodded. It was my best bet to get something on Damian. It was my turn to use Ivan. And that instant I promised myself I’d enjoy it.

Before I knew it he dashed to the door, opened it and invited me out with an elegant gesture. I followed cautiously, my legs shaking. The looks of the people or… things that stayed behind seemed to furl around me like wraith lashes meant to draw me down into some purgatory. The sensation lessened the moment the heavy door drummed shut.

As Ivan glided down the stairs people drew from his way. Eyes were filled with admiration and some kind of hope that you see in small entrepreneurs at the sight of a banker. His presence felt almost protective against the predator eyes I sensed on me.

He led me to the first booth by the foot of the stairs. With two fingers he parted the curtains just enough for me sneak a peek inside. For some reason my heart throbbed faster. I took a step back.

“Please,” he insisted, “peep in.”

Reluctantly, I walked to him and brought my eye close to the spot.

Inside: Salma’s long face, her mouth open, eyes lost, pupils wide, her curls jumping fast up and down. As did her small breasts. Two fat, sleazy hands on her hips. Behind her, naked folds of oily fat covered with hair. Horrified, I looked up at the face. Those fallen bulldog cheeks, those bulging lips – inspector Vlahe. My pulse skyrocketed. I gasped.

In front of her, to the right, another man, hairy and sweaty, preparing to put it into her mouth. To the left, one of them… one of the Nucleus. I could tell by the perfect muscles and smooth, olive skin. And the face – Trevor. Laughing. Watching hungrily while he masturbated.

“Trevor’s a good friend, you know. He shares.” Ivan said, his grin widening.

“And Salma’s always been doing a great job. I want to take the chance and thank you, Aura. She hasn’t been in for over a week. You managed to bring her back.”

My heart gave a sharp sting. I felt my knees soften like jelly and almost collapsed, but strong arms caught me from under my armpits – Ivan’s arms.

The pain in my heart became fire, consuming me from inside out. There were screams of frustration – my own. Screams I couldn’t hold back.

Ivan took the image in, fed on it. Thrived on it. My chest burned with the need to curse him, so bad, but my throat would produce nothing but unintelligible, ever feebler cries, lost in the music and the voices…

He lifted me in his arms as if I were a feather and searched my eyes.

“And you… You’re not getting out of here tonight, Aura.” He threatened in a deep, animal tone.

I convulsed sobbing, let out all tears of failure. I’d failed… failed…. I’d get them all killed. A surge of panic took me. I gasped for air.

Ivan scooped me up and took me away, to one of the booths behind the stairs. The crowd cleared from his path. The hall spun around me as if it were just unreachable outside reality, with me trapped in the capsule of my body.

As we reached the arcade to the compartment, he put me down and hustled me in. I staggered until my legs found some balance and stopped into place.

A long window in front of me, a bed with canopy by the wall on the right. A small thing that looked like a round tea table made of that black crystal. A curved dagger on it, the color of bronze. One big candle support by the opposite wall, like an adorned dark crystal tree. The candlelight finally fell on Ivan’s face as he placed himself before me. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. It hurt, my jaw clenched.

“Now, Aura” he said my name as if it bore no meaning. As if he might have said ‘chair’ or ‘fork’. Or maybe ‘lamb’.

He flashed his carnivore teeth at me.

“On your knees.” He sneered.

My legs were yet shaking. Still, that made it easier to do as told. In a split second he snatched the dagger and the blade stung against my neck, right below my chin. It felt dented, as if it had been used to cut through thick armors.

“You’ll do exactly what I say.” He said with sick pleasure.

I closed my eyes, paralyzed in futile, useless terror. Dead scared.

He walked slowly behind me, keeping the blade in contact with my skin, yet with such precision that I didn’t feel a scratch. An urge to turn and look at him gave me a convulsive impulse. I breathed faster. Tightened my lids. Afraid. Afraid his splendid face had some narcotic effect that would make me surrender everything to him… like Paulina and Raluca had before me. If I was going to die, I wanted to die hating him.

“Do you want me inside of you?” He whispered.

“No.” I lied in defiance. He pulled my hair violently.

The blade went slowly down, then, in a second, it cut off my jacket. It fell off me. I felt the blade again, gliding coldly along my back. Then it disappeared. Replaced by a finger, then a whole palm, smooth and warm, moving toward my chest from behind. Its touch was electrifying, I trembled as it pushed forward, making that yearning spark in my womb. His hand slipped under my bra, cupped my breast. A moan – mine. Then he squeezed, hard. I cried out in pain.

The other hand slid under the dress. A strong finger pushed inside of me.

Moans crept to my ears, girl moans. Man moans. Mingling with laughter and unintelligible conversation – all from the neighbored booths and the main hall.

The finger moved inside me, directly to that place deep within… The sensation clouded my mind, I arched my back, moaned again, unable to control myself. Leant forward, stretched my arm behind me, clasped his wrist. Felt its hard cords moving. He let me lead him until it was close, very close… Then, suddenly, he pulled away. I turned briskly. My inside pulsed, wet and hungry. It hurt with a desire I loathed. I cried in frustration, glared straight into his eyes, into my own reflection. Enraged. Eyes glowing.

He looked at me with an amused expression for a few moments, then brought his face close, eyes on mine, searching. I looked back at him, like in a mirror of myself. A wet finger stroked my cheek – moistened in my own juice.

“You’re not here for your pleasure.”

“No?” I said, amazed again at the softness and musicality in my voice.

“No. You’re here for mine. And I don’t want you to enjoy it.”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want you to ache and scream. The fates of Paulina and Raluca were sweet compared to what I’ll do to you.” He said, the brutishness of a deathsman glinting in his eyes.

Rage inflamed my senses. Rage and a sharp desire to have him sip from the cup Paulina, Raluca and now I had to drink to the bottom.

I kept my eyes fixed on his even as he snatched the blade again and shoved me onto the floor. He kept me down closing a tight grip around my neck and drove the hilt inside of me.

It hurt like hell as the abrasive leather rasped me and I let out an exasperate cry. Tears blurred the sight of the atrocious hunger in his eyes. Then, the sensation started to lessen, as if leather was beginning to rub against leather.

But the will, the need that my heart pumped into my whole body began to inflate, grow stronger until I looked right back into his eyes, obsessive, obstinate on one purpose – to hurt him in his deepest core. In what he held dearest. ‘You don’t know what they hold dear’, Damian’s words echoed in my mind. That instant my eyes stopped on my own reflection again, irresistibly drawn into it. ‘Follow your gut.’

An agonizing gaze, my gaze. I felt my body convulse as my eyes pushed that image down inside of him. It was so much like doing it with my hands, with all the strength I had, only using some other part of my body that I wasn’t even aware I had, like tentacles springing from under my eyeballs. Like in those weird dreams, only more real than any cut in the flesh.

I pushed deep, as if down a swirling, dark tunnel, endlessly, rapidly, I don’t know for how long, until it reached one bright spot. An infinitely small point in a precipice of blackness. Then, it imprinted in my head – a girl with bright eyes, delicate and tender, with fiery locks, turning that dot into a radiating pond of reflection, expanding. My heart stopped. The girl I saw in the mirror. The girl I’d set free…

Before I knew it I spun just as fast back that tunnel, only to find myself lying dizzy on the floor as if something had knocked me in the head, staring into those obsidian eyes above me.

They were now stunned, lips slightly parted, as if he’d suddenly turned to stone. My breath was heavy and my body shook, as if I’d run for miles. I felt drained…

The curtains flapped open and Hector appeared in the arcade. His eyes darted from me to Ivan. He frowned as if this was an image he wasn’t accustomed to. A bitter grin curled one corner of my mouth. Of course, he expected a poor girl screaming in pain, begging for mercy, and an outrageously handsome animal moaning with pleasure, doing her like he would piss on a bush.


No reaction. Ivan’s eyes fixed on mine.

“Ivan.” Hector called again, giving his baritone more volume.

Slowly, Ivan turned. His expression didn’t change. He blinked.

Whatever was happening with him, it must have been good, ‘cause it had stopped him from hurting me. He finally spoke, his voice now weary as if he’d been knocked in the head too.

“What is it?”

“Seraph Mortimer wants to talk to you. Says it’s about Nathaniel”

Something glinted in Ivan’s eyes. Seraph again… Had I been so close to him?

“All right. Tell him I’ll be there as soon I’m done”

Done with me

Hector gave an obedient nod like a well-trained soldier would his general and let the curtains fall shut. My senses drew alarm again. I fixed my eyes on Ivan, preparing to react to whatever he’d do. He was fantastically fast with that dagger, so I had to move out of the way quickly. Run out, fight my way out of that place, run to Ramona, warn her, if it cost my life.



I had no arguments left. And no solutions. All I had was what Ivan was offering me. And that was a lot. I nodded.

“All right. Damian wants out anyway so… whenever he’s ready.” I mumbled.

Ivan smiled and kissed me. Taking delight in every touch, he took my lower lip between his lips, then the upper one, again and again, sweetly, lustfully. My lids were heavy, my head dizzy. I pulled slightly back. He followed, compulsively. His kisses filled me with desire, I could barely keep my hands off those ropy arms. I hadn’t even realized when he’d bared his upper body, standing like a marble angel before me.

My fingers were still caressing his chest as I spoke. My voice was shaking.

“Ivan, I won’t lie to you. I really, really want this.”

His eyes glowed happily, like those of a teenager living his first love. Something I’d seen in foreign eyes on other girls, never on me. The feeling was indeed beatitude.

He bent forward again with thirsty lips. I drew back, although it hurt.

“I can’t. Not while I’m still another’s wife.” I strained, the yearning pulsed deep in me. “I just can’t”

“I see.” He whispered, smiling, “Demiangels”

His tone was permissive, though his gaze fiery. It was hard for him to restrain, I sensed that. And still, he didn’t show the slightest sign of anger.

“There’s time. But at least let me just hold you.” He pleaded, like someone who’d never felt the warmth of another “Just hold you, nothing more.”

With what felt like a pounding heart, I nodded. I didn’t know if I could keep myself under control in his arms…

He glided slowly on the crystal bed and stretched out his hand, inviting me. I followed, put a knee on the bed, expecting it to hurt and eventually bruise. Indeed, the material felt hard against my bone, but only for a second. By the time I put my head on Ivan’s chest, the bed was comfortable as if it were made of the same fabric as my body.

We lay in silence, his arms coiled around me, caressing me all over, his breath intensified. I sensed him hard. Down there. I looked up into his eyes. They were warm, filled with delight. He kissed my forehead then went down, to my cheek, to my neck, growing feverish {…}


One night the threat of blood shedding stung in my nostrils and shook me from that aware sleep that I used to share with my dream of Damian. It was all I had left…

Instinctively, I ran down the marble stairs, into the cavernous tunnels dug behind them, shielded behind a booth. There where I’d sensed Loredana take Damian… My heart shrank at the memory.

There were dungeons, corridors of stone lit with thick smelling torches. They led to what looked like cells on the outside, were actually rooms on the inside, but smaller than mine and restricted to the necessary. Novices were there.

My steps took me to the third room on the left. The door was slightly ajar.

Salma was above Trevor, as if she was riding him, the torn back of her white dress revealing a long, graceful musculature. But there was nothing intimate going on between them. The furniture was splintered, she held a blade at his throat. He laughed like a madman.

“Come on, do it. You don’t have the guts.”

She gave out an aggressive cry, her arm contracted, ready to slide the blade across his throttle. I jolted to her faster than I thought myself capable of. I grabbed her arms and pulled her back. She convulsed and cried out in frustration, leapt with me backwards, slapping my back against the stone wall. My hands loosened off her.

She advanced to him again, but this time he was back on his feet, inviting her with a dangerously pleased grin, his olive-skinned chest bared under an undone shirt. He lifted her in his arms and banged her body against the floor. It cracked at the force.

Salma staggered up, I placed myself between them.

“Stop! You’re not gonna kill each other.”

“This animal tried to rape me! The same way he used to when I was human!”

“You’re still human, Salma, don’t forget that. Both of you are.”

“C’mon, bitch, I’ll show you I can still do you however I want.” He hissed at her as if I wasn’t even there.

In an impulse, I slapped him with the back of my hand. His head yanked to the side.

“I warned you about that language, boy. We’re not in school anymore and I’ll spank you real hard if you use such words again.”

He glowered at me.

“One day, woman, I’ll do you too.”

A grin curled the corner of my mouth.

“Pray you never put me in that situation boy. It could rip your heart apart.”

It took minutes with me pushing Salma out of there until I became aware of what I’d said. I’d spoken without thinking. For the first time I realized… It came in handy to have some weapon to defend myself and those I cared for. Under normal circumstances, there hadn’t been anything I could do. I couldn’t save Paulina or Raluca from death or Salma from mobbing. I’d had only limits. But now I had some openings. I had to use them, learn to use them well… With experience, demis got only stronger. And so would I. Learn and perfect new ways of protecting them. And eventually, even bring down the Nucleus.


The preparations went fast – just four days. And then, finally, it came. The night before the ceremony. It wouldn’t be by far as fancy as their usual events, I imagined weddings weren’t that important after all. A Thesaurus Core of the demidemons would pronounce Ivan and me man and wife and the banquet would be restricted to those of our kind. Again, my stomach turned and for a few moments I thought I’d puke.

Ivan kept his cheer under control too that night, since we were surrounded by hundreds of demidemons. Loredana’s gaze stung me from somewhere in the hall, as did Swetlana’s. I sensed them both. So in the end they didn’t pick on each other. They had another target for their hatred – me.

I needed to be alone and retired to my chamber. Ivan didn’t protest, however long he looked at me, as if it hurt him to see me depart.

I spent hours just staring at the beige dress, sprawled on the bed. Sewn with pearls. Heart-shaped corset and puffed lower part, folds with glittery fringes. There’d be no veil, no bouquet.

I gulped as my gut revolted. I have to do this… for them. The nasty images I’d seen in the main hall during those months, the tortured girls, ran through my mind.

I didn’t touch the dress. Sat in a chair, staring at it. That aware sleep threatened to take me but I resisted. It would have put me in a continuous ‘now’, and I needed to feel time. I didn’t want the moment to come. I wished daybreak would never light up the horizon.

I braced my knees and did the first thing that came to mind. The first thing my mom had taught me as soon as I could speak. Pray. For some reason, I felt the need to. I closed my eyes tightly and prayed and prayed, begged for salvation. Begged to wake up from this all too real nightmare. But reality was sharp. So sharp, that my life before it seemed a blurry, old movie compared to it.

The first, reddish sunrays fell on my face, warming. And searing at the same time. The moment was near…

The door creaked. So soon? I swallowed the knot in my throat and didn’t open my eyes. Kept praying. It would take a miracle to make this life a dream, like turning water into wine.

Strong, heavy steps. A huge shadow blotted the sunrise. Scent of wood and musk. An angry, rebellious heart. More rebellious than angry. My eyes shot open. Turned to my left, to the window. Damian. Eyes molten metal, glowing like no human’s could.

I jumped to my feet. Heart thudded. His face struck me again like the first time. That instant another of my fears was confirmed: you never get used to the sight of them.

“What do you want?” I muttered.

He didn’t answer. Just walked closer, crossing the barrier into what we call the private sphere. A titan looking down at me.

“What are you doing here?” I urged an answer.

He grabbed my arm. His hand was, again, literally as hard as stone.


He sat down too, close to me, forearm on the nylon cover of the small, square table. It was dusty. Like everything around. No one had been there in weeks.

“Look into my eyes, Aurelia.” He said. Softer this time.

Slowly, I lifted my lids. Sighed at the surreal beauty of those steely eyes, of that perfectly chiseled face framed by waves of dark hair. A face that didn’t fit that all too human, abandoned place in the least.

“So. Ivan’s reasons for marrying you aren’t restricted to strategic ones.”

“No.” I admitted.

He nodded – calm before the storm, I sensed.

“Don’t worry about the wedding. Ivan knows what we’re doing now.”

My face drew in surprise. I just had to ask that question again.

“What do you mean?”

He looked deep into my eyes before he answered.

“We had a meeting last night. The Council, the Cleric and the Guard. It seems demiangels have insiders in the Nucleus. Boris thought you one of them but Ivan reacted, said it was impossible. I did as well, because we’ve been married for so long and I knew you couldn’t have had any relations to them. But Boris and the rest of the Council are close to discovering what you are, so Ivan came up with the idea.”

“What idea?” I mumbled, my head blank.

“To use you as decoy to prove your loyalty to the demidemons.” He grinned, yet his expression was bitter. “So far, I’m sure only Ivan and I know about your true nature and I think he wants to keep it that way. He knows you’ve been seeing Dr. Barbu and suspects he might have helped your activation, so you’ll have Dr. Barbu lead us to the cluster of demiangels who are on our tracks.”

“What does Dr. Barbu have to do with this?”

“Come on, Aurelia, can’t you put two and two together? You read his book.”

You’re well instructed in their ‘lore’, I’d said to Dr. Barbu before I’d run out of his office.

“He’s one of them?”

A low laugh.

“No. But he’s the descendant of one. His Core gave him some fits of fever and some unexplainable nights in the hospital but he silenced it down eventually. The reason why he’s researched and written about this is because he wanted people to become aware of their potential and provide guidance to those who switch on naturally. Without guidance things can end up badly. Demiangels and demidemons don’t know how to act in the world and can easily fall prey to each other.”

“Do you know who his… ancestor is?”

“Grabianko’s research on the history of his family leads back to Nathaniel himself.”

“Nathaniel? I’ve heard the name before, but….”

“Nathaniel,” he said, “is the head of an antagonist Nucleus of demiangels. One of the strongest. As our Nucleus of demidemons is one of the strongest. Nathaniel’s been on Boris’s trail for hundreds of years, because Boris uses induction to activate Cores and make demons. Nathaniel and his kind don’t like that.”

“But why didn’t Boris take him head-on until now? His Nucleus is resourceful.”

“Nathaniel’s is as well. And Nathaniel is a Gabriel Core.”

The connection flashed in my mind.

“He has the Core of an Archangel. And Boris can’t beat him.”

“He can now.” Damian said, lifting his chin.

I smiled a bitter smile too.

“Because he now has the Core of Samael on his side, isn’t it?”

He didn’t reply.

“What… what do you want me to do?” I babbled.

“You and I are paying a visit to Dr. Barbu. We tell him we escaped the mansion and need protection for you. It’ll be easy for him to see you’re a demiangel, he probably already knows. He’ll be reluctant, but eventually, he won’t deny you the right to… live.”

I shook my head violently.

“I won’t do it. I won’t bait demiangels so that you and Boris can destroy them.”

He smiled a dangerous smile. More dangerous than Etienne’s. Gripped my face in a flash. It hurt, his fingers threatened to crush my bones.

“And why are you leaving Ivan out of the picture? Do you think he’s any better? Remember where you are right now, Aurelia”

I put my hand on his, as if begging again. Begging him to caress me instead of threatening me.

“Damian,” I pleaded, “I might not know you well, despite our long years together, but I just can’t believe in the monster inside of you.”

“Haven’t you seen enough?” He curled his lip over his teeth, like a predator.

My skin creased. The face of Gino falling dead, stabbed in the head by Damian, the blade protruding through his mouth. Damian’s cruel eyes as he wanted to stick me dead as well. Although closely entwined with fear, hope refused to die inside of me.

“Why would you want demiangels dead? They’re… good folk, so to say.”

“None of us is ‘good folk’. What we are is a rebellion against the programming of all species and common sense. Demidemons and demiangels alike have things too easy, Aurelia. Our existence is wrong.

“If you hate it so much, then why don’t you start by killing demidemons? They’re the ones who induce it on people, who destroy lives. Demiangels didn’t have a choice, they switched on naturally.”

“I belong to the demidemons. I’m one of them. I didn’t have a choice either.”

My heart ached and my mouth went dry. He hadn’t had a choice. It was in him, his Core.

“And you enjoy it?” I burst “You enjoy what they do to people?”

“Those people are there because they choose to be close to demidemons. Like you did.”

“I had to make that choice, I couldn’t just let Paulina and Raluca’s deaths go unpunished, not with everything I knew.”

“I warned you.”

“Sure, you’re a demidemon. You didn’t care.”

His eyes pierced into mine. Angry. Fierce. Dread crept in my veins.

“Demiangels and demidemons shouldn’t exist, Aurelia. If demidemons quit inducing it on people and start killing demiangels to make weapons, which they’ll use to kill more, their numbers will diminish and they’ll eventually go extinct. Then demidemons will turn on each other, they need conflict. They thrive on it. And one day they’ll collapse in their own chaos, having no common enemy left. In the end, we’ll all be destroyed.”

We. He wanted to die too. He wanted to make sure these creatures stopped existing. The angel of death. The very purpose of his existence was death. ‘Incorruptible soul…’‘He wants nothing for himself…’

“And the Blacksmith? What will you do about him?”

“He’ll die too… And you, Aurelia,” he continued, “you and your lover boy Ivan will make no exception.”

“And you’re telling me all this?” I asked, edgy, “Aren’t you afraid I might tell him?”

He bared his teeth in that dangerous grin again.

“Afraid… I’m not afraid. And you won’t tell him. You’re a demiangel, you want demons destroyed too.”

I gulped. Didn’t dare utter anything opposing anymore. He was able to strike me dead on the spot, cut me into pieces in an instant, he’d proven that much.

“But why did you leap with me out the window like that on the dawn of my wedding? If things are like you tell me, we could have walked out the front door…”

“Aurelia, as I told you, demiangels have insiders. To them, it must look like a real escape. They’ll support the story to the ones they report to.”

“And couldn’t you trace the demiangels through them?”

“No. They’re experienced, they know how to cover up. We don’t even know who they are.”

“And what do we do now?”

“We wait until tonight. Let the news of our escape reach their ears.”

I crossed my arms, giving up. At least Ivan was aware of what was happening, so he’d keep his promise. Keep everyone safe. I had no choice but to go along with Damian’s plan.

“And we wait here? Shouldn’t we wait at our own place, so the demiangels believe that we’re really back together or something?”

He tightened his lips.

“No. They’d realize it’s a trap.”

I raised my shoulders, puzzled.


“Our apartment is the first place the demons would look for us, it’s that simple.”

So I didn’t necessarily prove much smarter than when I was a Rooty. I hadn’t thought of that.

“And then?”

“Then we go to the Old University and force Barbu to take us to them… It’s him or all the others from the mansion, Aurelia, you have to sacrifice someone…”

Those words left me speechless. My mind went blank too. I kept staring at him.

His eyes went down to my lips. Slowly, he raised his hand and traced their contour with his thumb again. His lips parted slightly. Something intense emanated from him, something mad and hellish. Possession. I stopped breathing.

Damian bent slowly, brushed his lips against mine. He bit gently into them, gave out a frustrated sigh as if he were restraining. His scent permeated me like the water had less than an hour before. Everything around us shut out {…}


Hope you enjoyed these excerpts from The Blacksmith, a story that will keep you uncovering new mysteries and a dangerous love story to the very end, in a fantasy that is actually possible.

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