DRAFTS – Very first version of The Executioner – “The Blacksmith”

The Blacksmith

A novel, slick with dark passions and tactless truths. Its purpose: shedding light on those aspects of ourselves we don’t talk about… It may be twisted love; the childish dreamer inside that still stubbornly wants to believe the impossible is attainable;  psychological matters like compulsions and obsessions. Yes, we all have them. If you’re of the ‘balanced’ kind, I apologise. Know that you’re the exception, not the rule. You’re special.

As for this blog, meant to further explore the deeper, factual issues  from the book, there is one thing I would like you to know. It is not about key words. This is not about marketing. My purpose when creating this blog wasn’t to get visitors and readers at any cost. It’s about sharing. I’ve been working as a scientific and technical translator for some years now and don’t plan to give that up soon. It’s a job I love and a job that inspired me to write, even though I’m not a particularly creative person by nature.

As a translator I’ve been blessed with access to information that is so fascinating and intriguing that ‘The Blacksmith’ took shape by itself. Mine are books about love, lust, deep psychology and science, meant to give contemporary fantasy a new face. One that is actually possible.

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